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E20: Mac McAdams XDA Virginia Motorsports Park 2021 JT Try and Keep Up!

E20: Mac McAdams XDA Virginia Motorsports Park 2021 Mac McAdams would go on to win the VANCE & HINES sponsored class 4.60 INDEX  Sunday, May 23, 2021. He had to defeat Ronald Procopio.Q12 MAC MCADAMS | DUNKIRK MD | 18 SUZUKI | 1150 | .011 | 4.60 | 4.623 | 148.95mphvs Q5 RONALD PROCOPIO | WAKE FOREST NC | 10 SUZUKI | 1570 | .063 | 4.60 | 4.593 | 156.3mph2021 XDA Schedule <- for full series and event details.PFR Spring Nationals / April 23-25 / MDIR MTC Summer Nationals / May 21-23 / VMP **(recorded at this event)Superbike Showdown / June 18-20 / MDIRWPGC Bike Fest / July 23-25 / MDIRBike Bash / August 20-22 / VMPBike Brawl / September 10-12 / VMPDME Racing Fall Nationals / October 8-10 / MDIRThe session is sponsored by Schnitz Racing.—————————————————–www.jtnorton.com via  JT / Try & Keep Up! 20212021 Partnerships Include Dystany Spurlock / Schnitz Racing /  Pablo Gonzalez Racing / APE Race Parts / JT’s Auto & Cycle Racing / Vantine Nitro-Sports / LSR Nitro-Harley / Dragbike.com, and WhatAGraphic. 3 Silent Partnerships – Please visit my Partnership pageIf you would like to support this podcast and help me reach more people please email me at jaked35mm@hotmail.com. I can&apos;t do this alone and need your help.  – Thank you, JT Norton 
  1. E20: Mac McAdams XDA Virginia Motorsports Park 2021
  2. E19: Joey Gladstone with Cory Reed ZMax May 2021
  3. JT Sunday Edition: Talking about the June 20k run and 50k July walk
  4. E18: JT-Talk with Blake Gann of Gann Custom Speed
  5. E17: JT-Talk with Dave Dunigan & Daddio also an extra J-Talk with Jason Dunigan

News and Updates

Personal Best and other stuff.

Last update 7-29-2021: I pulled this off my daily blogs for my routines, to reduce clutter on those pages. The photo above is from a 2019 kayaking trip, Cave Run Lake in Kentucky. Spent 8 hours on the north shore of the lake. I do not really pay much attention to data by miles anymore, … Read More

Run, Ride, Live 300-330

Last Update 7-29-2021, (Header Image is from a cycle ride I took on an Abandoned turnpike, June 2021 Pennsylvania) My routines are not written in stone, and the events I do require that I modify them at times. I keep track of data because I just prefer to use metrics, this is what works for … Read More

Try And Keep Up! Podcast

Updated: 7-29-2021 : Try & Keep Up! THE PODCAST is live!!!! Podcast channel partnerships are now available and can include your company branding and mid-session 30sec-ad insert on all sessions at a full partnership level. I can create an ad or you can provide us an ad spot to be read on your behalf. I … Read More

My First 20K June 2021

I figured why not share this experience to help others find ways to do it or not do it for themselves. If you love pain like so many of us that run harder than most, then let’s go. Now for the record, before any nitwits, try and say, “but JT said I could do it”…. … Read More

Fact or Fiction Lincoln and slavery.

Meme Suggesting Abraham Lincoln would not have freed slaves if he had the option. He understood his position and limitations because of how the constitution was written at the time. The meme is false because it takes a small segment of what he wrote “said” and takes it out of context. It creates a false … Read More

Digging In PushN on! 270-300

Last Update 7-2-2021, my routines are not written in stone and the events do require that I make modifications to them at times. I pay attention to my body and how’s it’s recovering and don’t push it. I would rather skip a day than not be able to run or ride at all. I focus … Read More


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AHDRA 4-17-2021 Atlanta Dragway LSR Nitro Harley Pro Fuel