April 10, 2020


Creativity Taken Seriously!

I’m not above throwing it out there that contributions are appreciated here at JTNORTON.com. email me at jaked35mm@hotmail.com or PayPal via jack@jtnorton.com. Full partnerships are also available where you have access to content and services all year long. With your help we can go further faster. Thank you – JT

Partnership Announcements: JT/T&KU! 2020: We have two more partnerships but I’m holding off for a bit on the official announcements. We will get past all this and more forward because we NEVER give up. If you are one of the ones that wants to throw your arms up and quit, that’s your choice. We and millions more out here know that with team work we will get past this. Never Quit, Never Surrender, because Life is damn sure worth fighting for.
United We Stand!
My buddy Clint winning NHRA Top Sportsman’s Atlanta 2019 John ask to be in the picture. A REALLY NICE GUY!

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