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Last Update: 11-30-21 A kayaking trip for me is a minimum of four hours. Many locations are shown I have done more than once over the years: I probably have missed a few will recheck from time to time and make sure. The average trip length for me is about 6 hours. The longest to … Read More


Last edit : 11-31:21 I plan on returning to this location and each visit will get noted on this posting. These 2021 trips were made possible by the support of Energycoil 2021. BANKS LAKE NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE was established in 1985, Banks Lake has more than 4,000 acres of freshwater wetland made up of open … Read More

Personal Best and other stuff.

Last update 11-14-2021: I pulled this off my daily blogs for my routines, to reduce clutter on those pages. The photo above is from a 2019 kayaking trip, Cave Run Lake in Kentucky. Spent 8 hours on the north shore of the lake. I do not really pay much attention to data by miles anymore, … Read More

405-5.0 Keep on Booking

Last Update 12-01-2021 just daily notes, I will be ending these at the close of the year so Dec 31 2021 will be the final day of logging. I will still do post for my events and putting but they will individual segments not a daily log. In 2022 there will be greater focus on … Read More

2022 Racing Partnerships are Open

Hosting partnership locks in dates jaked35mm@hotmail.com(1) .000 1st to perfect bonus for the racers applies to any event I have a host partner for. Except for the NHRA because their media rules do not allow it and my role there is much different than other events.(2) 1st come first serve on availability.(3) additional dates other … Read More


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AHDRA 4-17-2021 Atlanta Dragway LSR Nitro Harley Pro Fuel