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News and Updates

DropBars and BookN’ It. 180-210

Most cyclist don’t do their cycling like this and no I’m not training for any kind of race or event. There is a personal aspect to all this but that story is for another day. I’m doing this for myself and want to see how good I can get. I do better when I set … Read More

TryN and Flyin 150 -180 days

Last update 02-28-2021: “Stop complaining and listening to the noise and enjoy your life, Find your happiness and don’t let it go of it.” – JT 1st: 21 Day Self Goal 01-30 days / 2nd Bike on 30-60 / 3rd Keep On KeepN 61-90 days / 4th KeepN Up! 91 – 120 days, 5th PushN … Read More

Personal Best and other stuff.

  Last update 3-02-2020: I pulled this off my daily blogs for my routines, to reduce clutter on those pages. The photo above is from a 2019 kayaking trip, Cave Run Lake in Kentucky. Spent 8 hours on the north shore of the lake. I’m refining this page and correcting some issues but it’s close … Read More

JT-Partnerships 2021

(last update 02-23-2020) I’m pleased to announce that many of my 2020 partnerships are with my program for 2021. Our program will be on the Midway for all Seven XDA events. Our host partner for this series is Schnitz Racing. The XDA series averages over 600 racers per event and routinely tops off at 800 … Read More

JT Sessions 2k21

Updated; 2-25-2021: I’m not counting any cooldown rides and walks, but the (DAB) Daily Activity Burn will include burn data because my watch saves it activity calories. I do not datalog my morning exercise routine that is now 45 minutes long. My morning excerise routine is not included I do not log that data. September … Read More

Suzuki Hayabusa 2022 Gen3

Pricing for the 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa starts at $18,599 and “all new” motorcycle that Suzuki claims they have changed over 500 parts. Suzuki claims the 2022 Hayabusa is quicker in an 1/8-mile drag race and from a standing start to 62 mph (100 km/h). The 1/8-mile time drops a tenth to 6.8 seconds, and the … Read More


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