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Florida’s Fastest 5k FloDash event 2022

Last edit: 1-22-2022: content, grammar, and structure. – Here is my media posting. Works for me 😃 🏆 5k – 3rd in my age group – 21st all runners @flodashevents (facebook) I held a six minute pace for three fricking miles, Hell yeah! #oldguysrule Personal best coming in was 22:04 safe to say I hammered […]

Chapter 17 January 2022

Last Edit: 1-22-22: (Jan 1 – Jan 31) I have reached some goals but now it is time to make the next change and focus a bit more on my work. I need to figure out how to combine the two and manage my days better. A plan that includes the routines that I can […]

Book of Boba Fett Disney

Last edit : 1-19-22 (WARNING : bad language) I have always been a Star Wars fan and have seen every movie good or bad on the day of its release. This includes the Original three all the way up through to these Disney streaming shows. Good or bad I have seen them and some I […]

Personal Best and other stuff.

Last update 1-22-2022: I pulled this off my chapter postings, to reduce clutter on those pages. The photo above is from a 2019 kayaking trip, Cave Run Lake in Kentucky. I spent 8hrs on the North shore of the lake back in 2019, would like to go back again was a great location. Personal Best […]


LOCKED IN: Platinum Fleet Repair April 22-24 MDIR / MTC Engineering May 20-22 MDIR / FuelTech June 17-19 MDIR / WPCG 95.5FM July 22-24 MDIR / Bike Bash Aug 26-28 Vmp / DME Racing Sep 23-25 MDIR Schnitz Racing IS BACK AS OUR official HOSTING partner for all six XDA events in 2022. The XDA […]

A1 Cycles 2022 with JT

What an AWESOME way to start the new year because I’m excited to announce a brand-new 2022 partnership with the Try and Keep Up family! A1 Cycles.net and JT Try and Keep Up 2022! (Motorcycle shown in photo was built by A1 Cycles) Website: http://www.a1cycles.netFacebook: A1 Cycles.netInstagram: @a1mike Wow, where to start? The company is […]


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AHDRA 4-17-2021 Atlanta Dragway LSR Nitro Harley Pro Fuel

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