August 13, 2020

Teamwork makes Dreams Work!

Creativity Taken Seriously!

I provide media support to any kind of team, person, event, series, or venue that wants their passion promoted in real-time. I post, drive, and push content as the partnership I’m support clients by using their own media outlet(s) 24/7 or as I’m needed. You want people to come to you not go somewhere else to see you.

Partnership for 2021 are now open, any that come on now will be included in the reminder of the 2020 program. Exclusive partnerships control my 2021 schedule.

Dave Vantine / Top Fuel Motorcycle

What I do is about ”you”, not me, and I have the, artistic abilities, photography, video, equipment and editing software necessary to support whatever level of support your passion desires. This is also backed up by 18 years of person to person customer service industry experience. All information released/posted is done in the way you want it done. I’m not a reporter and do not portfolio the content because it’s your content.

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You have to stay out there or you will get swallowed up by the onslaught of noise. I help you stay out there so you can focus on your passion. It does not matter what your passion is. We work together, so the content is a reflection of you, your company/brand, or even the image you want the public to see.

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360 Daddio 7-25-2020 by JTNorton / / Schnitz Racing
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News and Updates

XDA June 2020

🔥 XDA Ignites with First Time Winners at Bike Fest This past weekend 799 motorcycle…

Daily JT-Toons resets each month and each one is done each day not using stock drawings. Click this link for buying options not all are available email me if you have any questions

360 Ryan Schnitz 7-25-2020 by JT Norton / / Schnitz Racing

July 2020 Maryland International Raceway.
Instagram did not return a 200.