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DiskGolfN Podcast listing

Last Update 1-23-23 DiskGolfN Podcast- All done in 2022 / 2023 – Image Riverside Village Explore Park Virginia DisKGolfN Podcast Episodes are Active or pending Podcast Episodes Scheduled – Every Tuesday and Thursday 8 am. 1st play Course index #001 is the oldest in UDISC

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JT Places 2023

Last update 1-22-2023 : Something I found online, Visiting all 50 states is something that everyone would love to do, but studies show that out of 50 states, eight is the average most people have visited. Sadly, many never leave the state in which they were born. The original post counted airport visits but not…

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Real Happening: Keep Trying

 Last Edit 1-16-23 (a moment in Jan 2023) A few days ago, I was in Starbucks using their Wi-Fi to get some work done and have a hot coffee. I notice people because that is what I do for a living. I saw a guy communicating with someone on his phone while sitting at a…

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Disc Golf 2023

Last edit Update 1-20-23 Here is where I keep track of my disc golfing training and games for 2023, it’s a way to watch my progress as I move through 2023. 01-20-2023: Debary Disc Golf practice putting 1 hr then two games 18 Barwick and 19 alpha Then, I practiced a new throwing form for…

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Galleries & Viewing

Last update 1-7-2023: People don’t buy enough prints so I stopped posting public galleries but a few still appear on my FAA or ShootProof sites. Email me at jaked35mm@hotmail.com if there is something you’re after. Messaging me via social media is NOT A GOOD way to reach me. I’m a part of a lot of…

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2023 JT-Partnerships

Last Edit – 1-1-2023 Hold tight we are NOT done yet!… standby. Vantine Nitro-Sports 2023 is back once again by my side and I could not be more thrilled. There have been many changes behinds the scenes with my program and some have been difficult to put it mildly. Vantine Nitro-Sports has been a key…

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