Richard Gadson Q&A

2018 quick Q&A with Pro Street

Racer: Richard Gadson
Years Racing: 17

Racing Motorcycle type: 600 Super Sport to Pro Mod…. and anything in between

(Q) Favorite win?
(A) 2016 WPGC Bike Fest Pro Street win onboard Brad Mummert’s nitrous powered GS1100

(Q) Toughest Race?
(A) “Usually any race against Jeremy Teasley… lol …I’m sick of his ass!”

(Q) Craziest Experience?
(A) “A few years back I had a GSXR-1000 have some sort of backfire at around 900 ft. The air box disintegrated and the blast blew the gas tank up and hit me in my chin/chest. Dislocated my jaw and almost knocked me out. My jaw still “clicks” when I chew to this day.”

(Q) ) What advice would you give someone wanting to enter the class of pro street ?
(A) “The advice I would give anyone is simple. Make a lot of laps, take video, and study your craft. We are creatures of habit. Some good, some bad. So we pick up on bad habits when we race as well. Learn to BREAK THEM. What makes or breaks a rider or a jockey is his ability, or inability, to make adjustments when needed to. If you can’t beat those habits, and make changes and adjustments…. then you’re just along for the ride on a pro street bike!”

Team: Mummert Racing/HDFR
Team Owner: Brad Mummert
Team Tuner: Johnnie Locklear / Richard Gadson

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