Frankie Stotz

2018 quick Q&A with Pro Street

Racer: Frankie Stotz
Years Racing: 11
Racing Motorcycle type: Pro-street Honda CBR1000RR turbo

(Q) Favorite win?
(A) “My favorite win would have to be my first national win in Pro-Street back in spring of 2010 at man cup SGMP.”

(Q) Toughest Race?
(A) “The toughest race I think is still yet to come. I think this year will be the closest the class combinations will be together et wise.”

(Q) Craziest Experience?
(A) “ That was being set on fire due to a broken alcohol line. I put the bike on the two step rift before launching the bike. When the bike sees 6 lbs of boost it would start to spray alcohol into the turbo. Well the line was broken so when it started spraying it was spraying alcohol right on the header of the exhaust. Before I knew it I was engulfed in clear flames. Have the clear flame come into my helmet I knew something wasn’t right and jumped off ASAP lol.”

(Q) ) What advice would you give someone wanting to enter the class of pro street ?
(A) “Make yourself as consistent as possible. The Less body movement you have the better. Make sure you don’t do anything to up set the bike on a pass. Hit shift points. Feet on the pegs. Find your target and aim for it. But the biggest thing is to always have fun.”

Team: Honda/Stotz Racing
Team Owner: Kent Stotz
Team Tuner: Kent Stotz, Steve Nichols & Frankie Stotz

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