Chuck Buckler Q&A

2018 Q & A with the Artist of Daisy and Cooter
The Mac McAdams Motorcycles

Name: Chuck Buckler

(Q)How many years have you been doing this kind of artwork?
(A) “Lol, over 30 years.”

(Q)What was your first paid automotive art piece?
(A) “It was the Looney Tunes Road Runner on the door of a United Van Lines moving truck cab.”

The Daisy Motorcycle

(Q) From concept to completion how many hours went into completing her?
(A) “Daisy took about a week.”

(Q) Doing the female form can be difficult how much of her is guidelines, base stenciling, reference material or is it all free hand?
(A) “I create a base drawing and scale it to the size I need and then use that drawing as a guide for my hard lines by cutting a make shift template to airbrush with and then go back fill in freehand.’

(Q) Is it all planned or do you change you mind as you are working though a project like her?
(A) “Hard to describe, easier to do. I create a color rough and as I’m doing the job it sometimes takes on a mind of its own. It’s really great when the customer gives me total control and cuts me loose.”

(Q) What was the toughest part of creating Daisy?
(A) “Besides sitting on the computer for hours trying to find the perfect reference pictures to use, the hardest part would probably be trying to make the design look like it belongs on the car or bike I’m doing.”

The Cooter Motorcycle

(Q) From concept to completion how many hours went into completing him?
(A) “Cooter again took about a week There’s always another job waiting in the wings so to speak.”

(Q) With the character Cooter you went a black and white why not color?
(A) “I used black/white cuz I was going for a vintage photo look.”

(Q) Cooter is holding a bottle and pushing the NX button, With these special elements in the design How much is left up to you or how much input did you need from MacAdams to come up with these ideas?
(A) “Mac gives me all the elements he wants to include and I make it happen.”

(Q) What was the toughest part of creating Cooter?
(A) “The hardest part of the Cooter bike was believe it or not was making the rebel flag look convincing on the bike body.”

(Q) Do you have a team of people or it is just you?
(A) “I work with some very talented guys who do the body work and put it in base coat (usually white) and I take it from there. Then they come back clear, wet sand and buff it. Everybody always comments on the art but without good body work and finish work it’s not complete.“

(Q) Who would be the artist that you admire or the person that inspired you to do what you do ?
(A) “I only had one art class and that was 7th grade. The teacher was a big influence and became a long time friend until her death from cancer. Frog was her nickname. Frank Frazetta (fantasy/sci fi artist) is my other.”

(Q) Of all your work done to date what took you the longest to complete?
(A) “The longest job took me 2 months. It was a series of Native American murals on a pickup depicting Custards last stand, a buffalo hunt and various Native American portraits and a blessing of the hunt.”

Chuck Buckler of Chuck B Designs.

Talking with JT Norton /

Dragbike Posting Note: We created a larger than normal image size so you can appreciate the amazing skills Mr. Buckler possess.

“I did automotive paint work from 10 until I was 29 (nothing like this) and have seen my fair share of artists over the years. Mr Buckler’s work is by far the most creative and well applied automotive artwork I have seen to date. You really need to see these two machines in person Chuck B Designs sets a standard that will be hard for anyone to match.” – JT Norton

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