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Manufacturers Cup is close to kicking off and we have battles brewing throughout the classes that will absolutely rock the ManCup weekend.

One of these classes is the Grothus Dragbikes sponsored 4.60 class which has a field of some of the most powerful machines on the planet and is always a fan favorite.

Man Cup spoke to our points leader Tony Mullen today who is sitting squarely at the 1st place spot in points with 272. When you look down at the entire roster of racers in this class it’s clear that the Mullen Brothers Racing is performing extremely well for the Man Cup 2018 season.

Now some may say Mullen Brothers Racing has this locked-in but Tony is an experienced drag racer and knows that anything can happen. They come in focused on two races, winning the 4.60 class for the event and then winning the 4.60 points championship. Mullen Brothers Racing may have won this class championship in 2017 but he was quick to comment that they are facing the most talented and powerful competitors in the business and they can never be taken lightly.

Mullen Brothers Racing comes in with a much smaller machine compared to other bikes in this 4.60 class.

“Our bike is small with only a 67’ inch wheel base so we’re going up against monsters! It’s like we are bringing a knife to a gun fight.” -Tony Mullen

Mullen Brothers Racing might be bringing a knife but it’s clearly razor sharp and anyone lining up against them would be foolish to underestimate this team. Tony’s goal is consistency and they’re so serious about it that they tear down the motor after every single race. They go through every inch of it to make sure it’s ready to go for the next race. The upcoming Grothus Dragbike 4.60 showdown is no exception because they once again are coming in with test passes complete, a fresh motor and were supported by George Babor / BPM Racing Engines though it all. The admiration and respect for George whom he has known since 1990 was clearly apparent as we spoke with Tony.

During our talk it was very clear that BPM Racing Engines is a vital part of their program.

“I could not race much less compete in 4.60 if not for George Babor.” – Tony Mullen

Tony was also quick to bring up that any success is due to the collective teamwork and support he has received from BPM Racing Engines, Robinson Transmissions, Schnitz Racing, Murdock Racing and Inductive Solutions who provided their specialty nitrous system. They clearly are making “Bola De Fuego” which Tony has owned since 1997 a consistent and competitive machine.

Ok we will pause here because we did ask … Bola De Fuego?

“The 1st race of 2017 we grenaded the motor and it gave me and Hayley (his daughter) a name for the bike. Bola De Fuego which means Fireball and was a great fit and it was perfect also considering we both also love the Fireball beverage as well lol “ – Tony Mullen

Mullen Brothers Racing has two key people that will make things happen once they get to Man Cup / SGMP. Jimmy “The Chief” who handles the tuning and Donnie “The Wrench” who handles the clutch and everything else. Now if you get confused when you stop to say hi to Team Mullen don’t think you’re going crazy because Jimmy is in fact Tony’s twin brother.

This will be Tony’s 12th drag racing season running in sportsman’s for points. If they come away with a 2018 Grothus Dragbike 4.60 championship it will be Tony’s 11th championship.

“ I could have not accomplished what I have without George Babor of BPM Racing Engines, Robinson Transmissions, Schnitz Racing, Murdock Racing, Inductive Solutions, Jimmy and Donnie. They give me the gun and it’s my job to pull the trigger.

Every win means so much more because I also have the support my daughter Hayley and my wife Jeri. Jeri bought an air conditioner from my brother and I ended up marrying her, Man I made out on that deal! Lol.

We are eager to see all our friends again and are ready to go Man Cup drag racing .” – Tony Mullen

Talking with JTNorton / Man Cup 2018

42nd annual Mann Hill Garage World Finals presented by Kibblewhite Precision Machine November 15-18
South Georgia Motorsports Park 2521 US. 41, Adel, GA 31627

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