Preston Bartlett Q&A

2018 Quick Q&A with Preston Bartlett

Years Racing: 4 years drag racing 40 years riding dirt bikes

Class: Pro Fuel Nitro Harley

Motorcycle type: 2017 HRP

(Q) Favorite win?
(A) “Galot Mancup 2017, My first win. “

(Q) Toughest Race so far?
(A) “Galot racing in 100 plus degree heat. or finishing the bike for the first race of the season, At the track and going to the wire with Michael Ray or a close side by side good ole fashion drag race.”

(Q) What series do you participate in?
(A) “Man Cup and have ran AMRA .”

(Q) Craziest experience?
(A) “In Galot, fuel issue..shut it down, start it back up at the line’ (in 60 seconds) started it and won…phew”

(Q) ) What got you into drag racing ?
(A) “Walter Halonski and Ricky House and Johnny Vickers. I was taking picture first of these guys and got hooked.”

(Q) ) What advice would you give someone wanting to get into Motorcycle Drag racing ?
(A) “It starts with having a GREAT BASE. Great Crew Chief, and an understanding of the machine, of course having money helps…:)”

(Q) What is your day job occupation / industry?
(A) “Custom Wood Work”

(Victories to date )
“2017 Manufactures Pro Fuel Championship.”
“Won the season opener at SGMP Mancup April 6, 2018”

Team: LSR
Tuner: Walter Halonski
Crew: Norrinne Halsonski, Jack Studeville and Sue Bartlett

HRP Hawaya Racing Products
Johnny Leann and Steve
Mirella Estrin
O’Reilly Autoparts
Tradewinds Lounge
Keith and Bridgett Magely
Sterling Home Inspection

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