Dustin Lee Q&A

2018 Q&A with Motorcycle Drag Racer

Racer: Dustin Lee
Years Racing: 16 years total counting a few in jr. Dragsters
Motorcycle type: 3 2008 Hayabusa’s
Location: Morristown, TN

❓ Favorite win?
🏍️ “Galot 2016 has to be my most amazing accomplishment as a racer with a win and runner up and cashing in on 12k.”

❓ Toughest Race so far?
🏍️ “All races are tough but the one race that rocked my world the most wasn’t the race itself but the drive home from bikes in the valley finals in 2017. Most of yall know the story.”

❓ What series and classes do you participate in?
🏍️ “XDA AND NHDRO possibly a little i65 in my life too. Classes are pro and street et , top gas , top sportsman , super comp , 5.60 and 8.88”

❓ Craziest experience?
🏍️”The return home from bikes in the valley in 2017 for sure…..”

❓ What got you into drag racing ?
🏍️ “Father raced my entire life. It’s in my blood.”

❓What advice would you give someone just starting out in Motorcycle Drag racing ?
🏍️ “Number 1 rule is have fun. Depending on what you wanna do with racing itself but I always say strive to make yourself better and seat time is key!”

❓ What is your day job occupation / industry?
🏍️ “Mechanic , parts and service.”

❓ Now Dustin to say you have won β€œa few” races would be an understatement but what the the official list of wins as of today?
🏍️ “That’s a very good question. I have no idea. I have raced pretty solid the past 3 years nationally I would bet there is over 50 wins in the past 3 years tho.”

❓ How would you describe what it takes for someone who wants to mirror your type of success or even exceed it?
🏍️ “Hard work ALWAYS pays off. It’s not easy to keep yourself and your bike or bikes in check. Consistency is key.”

Team: Dustin Lee Racing
Tuner: Myself and friends
Crew: Wife Tamara, daughter Harper and DRR

Dimey Eddinger and DME
Holley Performance Products
Scott Horner and heads up performance
Dan Rudd And MPS
Scott Casper and shinko tires/ wps
Eric Hochstetler and MTC Engineering
Ray Mancini and xtreme motorsports
Jay Eshbach And APE raceparts
Pmr Components
Schnitz Racing
Dave Conforti and world wide bearings
Marion Ford and FBR shop
Vortex Racing Fan Page and EK
Matthew Silva and vanson leathers
Cole Seitzinger and penske shocks
Web Camshafts

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