Cory Reed 2018 with JT

2018 Quick Q&A with NHRA Pro Stock Drag racer Racer: Cory Reed

Years Racing: “Currently 3rd season in NHRA, been racing since I was 8 started in JR dragsters transitioned into racing motocross raced 2 season of AMA Areanacross earned my supercross license and AMA motocross license due to injuries I never competed in either.”

Motorcycle Type: “Buell body with S&S engine”

Location: “Texas born, Colorado raised, Florida living”

(Q) Favorite win?
(A) “None currently going to change that very soon! But any first round is a great win that’s my main goal at every race besides winning the event.”

(Q) Toughest Race so far?
(A) “All of last year (2017) such a struggle just felt like we got kick while we were down at every race and wasn’t due to a lack of effort from anyone just one of those years.”

(Q) What series do you participate in?
(A) “NHRA”

(Q) Craziest experience?
(A) “When I was racing amateur nationals (motocross), I went out for the morning practice on the first lap i doubled an uphill triple and the guy behind me tripled and I got landed on it was such a shock! somehow I didn’t get hurt but i was so pissed ha ha that was the nature of the beast out there though, never knew what was going to happen.” – Outside of racing going to Poland with my girlfriend who is from Poland, Such a crazy experience being the only person in a group that can’t communicate with the rest of the people.

(Q) What got you into drag racing?
(A) “Family, my mom and dad. More my dad Jim Whiteley because when him and my mom met I was 6 or 7 and he had a bad ass ’69 Camaro that he would bracket race in Grand Junction almost every weekend. He got my brothers and I junior dragsters, so sweet to have race car when your kid.”

(Q) What advice would you give someone wanting to get into Motorcycle Drag racing?
(A) “Always have fun that’s the main reason anyone races but sometimes people forget that and anyone can do it no matter what limitations they may think they have.”

(Q) What’s your day job occupation / industry?
(A) “I’m very lucky to work in the shop everyday on the race bikes and the race program trying to make it a business.”

Extra NHRA question:

(Q) Racing in the NHRA it clearly a different experience but can you define “the moment” when it 1st really hit you that you are now racing in the world’s most famous drag racing series?

(A) “In Gainesville 2016 when all people piled into the stands to watch all of the PRO classes which doesn’t happen at every event ha ha (most tracks have good crowds for all the classes but sometimes it’s all about Nitro) it’s a big deal there’s a lot of fans that love it and follow it religiously.”

Sponsors: FireAde, PSE, Ynot Racing, World Wide Bearings, Jesel, APR, Moldstar, Impact helmet.

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