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2018 Q&A with Top Fuel Drag Racer

Racer: Chris Hand

Racing Class: Top Fuel

Years Racing?
(A) “I have been racing in one form or another for 51 years.”

Motorcycle Type:
(A) “Supercharged nitro based on Kawasaki KZ format. Sam Wills chassis.”

(Q) Favorite win?
(A) “Owing to their rarity, all the wins are favorites.”

(Q) Toughest Race?
(A) “Toughest race probably SGMP 2009 . There have been many tough ones.”

(Q) What was the first drag race you ever saw?
(A) “Winston County Dragstrip . Saturday Racer: night, country dragstrip. 1967.”

(Q) Early on who did you look up to or who influenced you?
(A) “Jim Clark”

(Q) Craziest Experience?
(A) “Ride in T-6 with Denny Hickman at the controls doing aerobatics.”

(Q) What advice would you give someone wanting to run Top Fuel?
(A) “Take a long look. All serious endeavors require a heavy commitment, TF is no exception and not to be taken lightly. All that said, it can be very rewarding at times.”

(Q) What does Chris Hand like to do when not drag racing or working?
(A) “At this point in life I like the rare moments of peace and quiet.”

***Let’s ask just one more because come on people this is Chris Hand!

(Q) In your 51 years in the sport what memory or memories really stick out over the rest?

(A) “JT, that’s actually tougher than I initially thought. I have played back many memories of racing today, both good and bad. I will close the door on the bad and try to distill the good down to a small percentage. Bowling Green, mid 70’s. Injected nitro Honda wouldn’t run on fuel. Sam Wills showed me how to change rotation of pump. Watching E.T.’s 6.06, The 1997 season unforgettable. Presented with my Conductor’s Hat .Witnessing the first five … from the other lane. Monaco 1990, Senna’s qualifying lap…..Danny MacAskill , Way Back Home ……

Probably the most memorable was the night at Indy when we finally managed our first five. Actually the most striking part for me was the reaction of the people. I was moved by everyone’s response and will always remember and appreciate it. The memories of everyone who has given of themselves to keep the Red Bike running; those are Solid Gold. I thank you all.”

Team :
Sharon Hand
Dick Boxel
Steve Legendre
Jim Fox
Chuck Huneycutt

Team Owners are Chris and Sharon Hand
Chris does most of the tuning, but the team is big part of decision making.
Crew Chief: Sharon Hand

Special thanks to Denny Hickman and the entire Peco Foods Family .

Denny Hickman / Peco Foods
APE – Jay and Dianne Eshbach
Advanced Sleeve
CP Carrillo
Halbrooks / Huneycutt Engineering
PR Factory Store
Mickey Thompson
Rob Bush Motorsports
Rod rance
Sam Wills Racing Innovations
Vanson Leathers
Web Cam
Hand’s Performance

“Thanks to everyone who has helped us over the years and thanks to all the fans, It may not seem so at times, but I appreciate you all!!”- Chris Hand

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