Sam Green Q&A

Drag Racer Q&A with Sam Green

Location: Warrington, England, UK.

Years racing and motorcycles:

(A) I started in 65 with a 150 Honda in the 175 class, it took the National Fliying Mile speed record in UK in 71 and still raced it on and off until 2014. That was followed with a 73 Yamaha RD250 and that one set 6 National Speed records in 75. In 2012, I drag raced in Finland on the V Rod with no success. The big 76 750 Hondamatic that you know me from, I raced mainly in the Man Cup from 2009 through to that big crunch in 2014 at VMP.

(Q) Favorite win?

(A)My first drag race in 1975, OK, it wasn’t a win but getting to the final in my first ever event was as good as.

(Q) Toughest Race?

(A)They were all tough, if it was that easy, I would have been rich by now, haha.

(Q) Accomplishments you are most proud of?

(A) Finishing 67th out of 194 in the 2014 Man CUP championship despite only competing in one event.

(Q) What got you into drag racing?

(A) Seeing Don Garlits in 1965 when he brought a team over to show the British sprinters what Drag Racing was all about. I got into Sprinting as Drag Racing didn’t take of that quick and it was 10 years before I got into it myself.

(Q) What advice would you give someone wanting to get into Motorcycle Drag racing?

(A) Choose the class you want to run in and the bike you will be comfortable with and can afford. Also, don’t cut corners on good quality riding protection.

(Q) What was the biggest challenge if any racing is there in drag racing in the United States vs across the pond?

(A)None apart from the cost of having to travel there. If you want to race against the best in the World, then you have to cross the big pond.

Team, Sam Green Racing with BentOnRacing.
Crew Chief, Jonathan Weeks.
Crew, Larry Romig and Wilbur Mummey.

Talking with JT Norton /

JT Norton racer Note: I first met Sam in person years ago and after that very same event I posted a photo of him racing (shown in attachment) and his friends were quick to pick on him about the large Tach that is always in his face. They were picking on him about how there is no way he can see where he is going. This friendly and fun poking gave me an idea for a cartoon and when I posted it for Sam it got a great response.

Up to this point my photography and non-photography stuff were always separate but because of the impact Sam Green and his fan base had on me it all started to blend together and become one-thing for me. For everyone that has or will become one of the subjects in a JT-cartoon you can blame Sam Green.

One of the greatest racers and people I have had the honored to meet and call friend.

If you want to be Iconic Be Sam Green.

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