Mac McAdams​ Q&A

2018 Drag Racing Q & A with Mac McAdams​

(Q) What’s your favorite moment from 2018?

(A) “I can honestly say my favorite moment of 2018 was going 8 long rounds in VA pro et Saturday night. To handle and dial in my 7 sec TS bike was so challenging throughout the day! To get the win against Jerry turner was sweet in the end more so having all my team and crew there to share such a great victory!”

(Q) What was favorite (or memorable) match up win or lose from 2018?

(A) “I would have to say my favorite match up this year was racing Robin Procopio in TS 3rd round MD! I have nothing but respect and love for her skill and personality. We had a crazy tight race and getting the win light was exciting.”

(Q) What was the wildest ride or an event experience for 2018?

(A) “My wildest ride/experience has to be at the “King of the Beach” 4.60 race! I had just made my first qualifying pass and was just taking my helmet off at the end. Then before I knew what happened my longtime friend and tuner Boo Brown was coming through the finish line. Then to watch him experience a terrible crash in the shut down area was so scary! To see him in such pain and helpless was hard to see along with all of us shaken/crying! Then to face multiple people encouraging me to not race. We as a team opted to race and the very next day from his hospital bed he called me. He did what Boo Brown does he tuned my bike over the phone for the entire day! We won the race only because of Boo and for Boo so that was emotional for myself and my team! Men like Boo Brown are rare and I’m grateful to have him as a friend!”

(Q) What are your thoughts that you would like to share regarding the 2018 XDA season?

(A) “Our 2018 season was memorable for so many reasons! We won in multiple classes at different tracks and I couldn’t be more proud of my team all around because without them this isn’t possible!”

Mac wants to add…

” I seriously go racing to see my racing family the Shifflet’s/Browns among others to have a great time and we do just that! My daughter Paige has become more involved in our program and well it’s showing! I can’t thank Jason & Chris and the entire XDA staff for all you do to make the best series in MC drag racing happen! ” – Mac McAdams

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