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Here at Man Cup we’ve talked before about having motorcycle drag racers that just can’t seem to sit still at an event. These devoted drag racers must keep moving and do so by competing in numerous classes. It’s a daunting task for a racer because they must come around and get ready sometimes instantly for their next pass in the another class.

Next weekend we will once again see more of these multi-class racers compete. They will run their pass then immediately come back around to their trailers. They do a quick diagnostic / tuning checks and then jump on another bike and head off the staging lanes.

Now some people not that familiar with this might ask why we are not showing his another two motorcycles in the image. Well that is because this is a Man Cup’s heavy hitting triple class threat that uses only one motorcycle.

Dusty Brazel.

MTC Super Comp, C&S Street ET and Worldwide Bearing Crazy 8’s

Let’s talk with Dusty about his 2018 Man Cup Points season performances.

MTC Super Comp

(Q) Dusty you have been one of the heavy hitters in MTC Engineering LLC / Super Comp this season. You’re sitting second in points, but you have a heavy hitter Jeremy Teasley to contend with for the number one spot. What are your thoughts coming into South Georgia Motorsports Park with one tough competitor in front of you but also with another one Spencer Claycomb right behind you?

(A) “In super comp, I’m not worried about who’s in 3rd, but Spencer and myself are both shooting for Jeremy hoping he goes out early enough for us to catch him. If he goes rounds, we don’t have a chance at catching him. Super Comp has been a great class this year and I love seeing street bikes take the top positions of a “anything goes” slider and wheelie bar class.”

C&S Street ET

(Q) Now you clearly made your presence known in C&S customs Street Et. You’re one of our strongest multi class racers and placed squarely 1st in points in this class. Bob Burt is close and going after the big prize. What are your thoughts with this match up?

(A) “We’ve been blessed for sure with going rounds consistently in Street ET. Bob is a tough one for sure but it’s not over till the fat lady sings. With Bob that close on our tail I will go at with everything i have and hope she is singing for Team Brazel in the winners circle. This class will be up in the air and we will not know who won the points Championship until Sunday afternoon at the finals, so I’m focused on the event class win first.”

Worldwide Bearing Crazy 8’s

(Q) Your dominance in World Wide Bearings Crazy 8 is pretty amazing with 110 point lead over 2nd place points holder so our question here is what’s your secrete and how many cases of energy drinks do you consume during an event?

(A) “Secret? No secrets here! Lol, the secret this year has been swapping from MR12 race fuel to pump gas with a little shot of nitrous. It has been crazy consistent, and the nitrous as has been there for the not perfect pass. Probably the biggest thing I started doing was racing both ends of the race track. Listening to the other experienced racers has allowed me to get a true understanding of what bracket racing and index racing is all about.”

In our discussion Dusty also added

“This will possibly be my last year running a national series like this as we are expecting our 3rd child, and our first little girl is coming into the world in December. I’m going to at least take a year to spend more time with the family. I want to give a big shout out to Hardcore Cycles for providing me with a great chassis setup from the swing-arm to sub-frame to the bodywork.

Rob Bush at https://shoprobbushmotorsports.com for getting me the parts we need and being there for us during race weekends.

Whatagraphic for the decals and allowing me to drag in some Monday mornings later than I should.

Matt at Vanson Leather for keeping us safe with an awesome quality suit. https://vansonleathers.com/ ” – Dusty Brazel

Talking with JT Norton / Man Cup 2018

Come meet all our racers and enjoy some outstanding family fun excitement!

42nd annual Mann Hill Garage World Finals presented by Kibblewhite Precision Machine November 15-18
South Georgia Motorsports Park 2521 US. 41, Adel, GA 31627

Online streaming from Moto Mania Tv Nov 16-18

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