Month: March 2020

Spring Fling Grudge POSTPONED.

Covid-19 puts the breaks on another event again, this time it is The Spring Fling Grudge race. This is a well run event that always attaches some top shelf talent. Brain and Niki run a fantastic program and do a lot for the racers, families, and fans. Every event I have been to runs smoothly […]

Ideas, Ideals, Politicians & Reality.

Ok lets put in context first, Someone posted online 3-31-2020 : Suddenly a universal, efficient health care system (like in Canada) — rather than our for-profit, stripped-to-the-bone by cut-backs one like we have — makes a lot of sense. Biden says he won’t support it. He also says that legalizing a medical tool that is […]

XDA Racing 1st event impacted by Covid-19

PFR Spring Nationals / April 24-26 / MDIR. Cancelled. The first event of the XDA Racing season due to take place at Maryland International Raceway takes a hit as the Covid-19 Federal guidelines are extended to April 30th. The first official XDA race for the season will now be the MTC Summer Nationals / May […]

Indy Layoffs

The COVID-19 crisis is even affecting Roger Penske’s many business interests, including the IndyCar series and Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where pay cuts and layoffs have begun. In a letter to all of his Penske Corporation employees, which numbers 60,000 worldwide, Penske stated that the company’s senior leadership will be taking pay cuts, and RACER understands […]

Daniel Suarez disqualified

First of all this is just weird as hell but anyhow… On Sunday, iRacing hosted the second eNASCAR Pro Invitational event. This week, the race was held on the digital Texas Motor Speedway. Ty Dillon and Daniel Suarez raced down the back stretch. Suarez pulled to his inside and then abruptly turned it to the […]

Fact or Fiction / Pay Raises

No it is not true… First of all – Their salaries are funded through the Treasury pursuant to the Constitution and are not funded through appropriations. The memo that went out after the above meme started going around. Dear Colleagues, In case you missed, below is more detail on the $25 million in the CARES […]

Joe Diffie Passes due to CoVid-19

December 28, 1958 Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S. March 29, 2020 (aged 61) Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. Joe Diffie, a country singer and member of the Grand Ole Opry for more than 25 years, died Sunday in Nashville of coronavirus complications, his publicist announced. He was 61. “Home” (1990) “If the Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets)” (1991) “Third […]

Electric Drag Racing?

It is going to happen like it or not but my thought is to stop fighting it and let’s help make it happen. It will just become a part of the sport, as imports have done. It would simply be another class and we could use it to attract new racers and fans. Aka:! More […]

A Curious Path (politics, wallstreet and Covid-19)

Updated 4-8-2020 I’m still researching November 2019 and January 2020. I will review each month as additional events unfold. A Curious Path to where we are today. What got me to look at everything this way was how democrats responded with their bill and then how the money is being allocated in the final bill. […]

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