Real happenings 3-25-2020

Real Happenings….Bear with me a bit on this one..

I have numerous partnerships that allow me to be out there for all of you. With my own investment in place it also allows me to do this full time and be here for my mom. #blessed

Our team contains couple that are “silent Partnerships” which means the assistance or access they have, they do not require or they do not want it to be made public/mainstream.

*but with their permission.

I got an email this afternoon, one of these silent partners that has do quarterly reports and is doing a 2019 report for a large meeting they have coming up. The JT/T&KU! 2019 program is now part of this internal report because of our larger 2020 partnership. (note; they are not even involved in motorsports)

During the process of building their report, they ran across some interesting numbers they wanted to share with me. They have resources/access to data that I’m not in position to obtain on my own.

They looked at the whole JT/T&KU! 2019 program and discovered that with our combined partnership strength we reached

😱 27.6 million people in 45 countries in 2019.😱

They were impressed because they said 96.8% of this was organic reach. {which means we didn’t pay for it}

The owner called me about twenty minutes after I got this email and once we were done with a discussion about something else we spoke about the numbers they found.

He made a nice comment at the closing of our conversation

“For a one man band that pretty damn impressive! God help us when you advance the program.” – Silent Partnership #1

” Thank you sir but without my partnerships supporting me I would not be a band – just a man”

#teamwork #jtnortoncom #tryandkeepup

2019 Partnerships Dave Vantine / Schnitz Racing / Michael Balch Balch Racing / Ape Raceparts / AFM Racing / WHATAGRAPHIC / Robert Parker Racing 211 / / Andie Rawlings / Four Silent Partnerships

Thank you all so much for putting up with me and allowing me to be there for you. I truly do enjoy every minute of it. I’m blessed for the hospitality and friendships we share when we are together. You all are awesome people. – JT Norton

🏍👊special shout out to the late Joey Sternotti
8-11-73 to 6-29-2019

Joey was the first national racer I approached at one of my earliest big events. I asked what would he like to see, that he is not seeing from others when it comes to media coverage.

” You’re already doing it by shooting my family and crew, the fact your asking is a sign you truly f*cking care. Just keep showing up to races and prove you really do, just like we have to!” – Joey Sternotti…

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