Electric Drag Racing?

It is going to happen like it or not but my thought is to stop fighting it and let’s help make it happen. It will just become a part of the sport, as imports have done. It would simply be another class and we could use it to attract new racers and fans. Aka:! More money!

Larry McBride Top fuel Nitro-Methane. pic JT/T&KU!

Use the media attention it will provide to help support the entire sport and individual event(s). The imports did not replace domestics and kill the sport. Electrics will just be another part of drag racing and also not replace “kill” anything.

We need to embrace new technologies and their popularity to expand the fan base. It will not replace drag racing completely as many diehards like to imply, but we can use it to expand the growth of the sport which is exactly what imports have done.

A consulting firm Deloitte study presents for the auto industry. The firm expects 21 million battery electric vehicles to roll off assembly lines over the next decade as EV prices fall below comparable gasoline and diesel models by 2024. So there will be a fan base for it.

Stop being so resistant because we can use electric cars to expand the sport. Help figure out how to do it and embrace what will keep our sport alive. If you personally don’t like them as they roll into the staging lanes, just go to the concession stand grab a burger & soda while the electric racers/ fans do enjoy the show.

Unless you feel 21 million new fans don’t have anything to offer that would help our sport?.

Sep 29-2019 : the world’s fastest street-legal all-electric car, reached a top speed of 210.2 mph, which tops its previous mark of 209 mph (which was set by the same car) Genovation GXE,

Genovation GXE,

Genovation GXE, an all-electric 800-plus-horsepower sports car based on the C7 Corvette.

NOTE: Rimac Concept S is considered the fastest but has not proved it in an actual run.

Rimac Concept S

The Buckeye Bullet 1 held the record for the world’s fastest electric car, with a top recorded speed of 321.834 mph (517.942 km/h). It held the U.S. electric land speed record at 314.958 mph (508.485 km/h) (Class III/E).

Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3

SR-37 Electric Dragster At the Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida, this was enough power to catapult the SR-37 down the strip in 7.25s, with a trap speed of 184.01mph in May 2014. This is in fact a Don ‘Big Daddy’ Garlits machine and he was the first man to break the 200mph barrier in a petrol dragster.

SR-37 Electric Dragster / The SR stands for Swamp Rat

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