How they say it!

Just pay attention!

They are ALL doing it!

It did not “double to over” and it surpassed 2k and there is a HUGE difference it the way that sounds. At time of this posting : 2,236 in the USA

“CDC Issues a travel advisory as the corona deaths surpasses 2000.” Doesn’t have the same punch does it!

Pay attention to HOW they (media) say things not WHAT they are saying.

DO Pay attention to experts and listen to WHAT THEY are saying!

Then do your part and keep yourself and love ones safe. We WILL GET PAST THIS because OUR country has been though far worse and experiences far worse every year.

*this is not an anti-CNN thing – they are all doing it. {media that is}

But as always …. you can subscribe to what ever level of intelligence, stupidly, paranoia or conspiracy that you want to, since you live in a free country.

(This last part is sarcasm in case you missed it) #takeitseriously #dontbethesheep

Again how they say it

Georgia cases rise to 2,683, 83 dead! OR you could say 83 people have died in Georgia bringing the U.S.A death total to 2,683.

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