Month: April 2020

In case you missed it merger

After nearly two years of waiting to close their $26.5 billion merger, T-Mobile and Sprint have crossed the finish line and completed its quest to combine the third- and fourth-largest national wireless carriers. The merger comes less than two months after a US District Court gave the green light to the deal in a ruling that went […]

How they say things…

Reminder …… How they “say” things. All I am suggesting is that your remember these people on both sides of the fence are driven off ratings. They need to keep you attention and build their programs to cater to their audience. Just take a step away from whatever herd you are following and look at […]

Do art Advice ….

Do not compare your “level of success” against other artists. Gauge your value against your client/fans/audience. If you do it just for yourself then don’t bitch when you don’t get any likes, shares or website vists. (Be honest with yourself about why your doing what you do) If you want to be noticed, focus on […]

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