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Original Posting date November 1, 2018

Mancup is family fun events but they are where families come to compete and your Mancup World Finals will have a well-known family coming to join us in November.

The Babor family will be with us and George Babor was kind enough to share with us how his family has been brought closer together by the sport of motorcycle drag racing but lets back up a bit first…

George Babor began racing at the age of 12 in NY building bikes in his parents garage. Now the Schwins with Briggs mounted to them are far removed from what he races today but we all know the love always starts small. In this case small for Mr. Babor was racing mini bikes at Barr Beach on Long Island with Jon Baugh. He would go onto short track , TT , flat track and more. George’s father supported his son’s love and would drive him to the races on Long Island.

During his talk with JT he pauses at this point and says:

“Racing 50 years… funny, I don’t feel old yet” – George Babor

With Mr. Babor’s note about being at it for 50 years lets take a trip back in time. Imagine a little George Babor sitting in the passenger seat with his dad at the steering wheel. A loving father and excited son just cruising down the road in a Dodge Valiant with a bike strapped to the back of it. It was the start of a long drag racing adventure for the Babor family.

With too many memories to list here we’ll just add that George would go on to pair up with Orient express and Jack O’ Malley. He left home went racing and never had to look back because his mom and dad were supportive and let their son chase his dreams. These days George is still chasing his motorcycle drag racing dreams and his 93 year old mother is chasing waterfalls with his sisters in upstate NY.

After all these years George is still drag racing but is now the proud father of three daughters Ellynne Babor, Christyne Babor and Allisa Babor who are ready for the Mancup World Finals.

We will let the Babor family take it from here…

“A real blessing to have my girls working side by side with me these days. We NEVER lose, we win or learn. They love all the people they meet but my family also includes Scott Mobberlly (Big Scott) who is my friend, helper and muscle man! LOVE him – he is a part of our family on and off the track! I have been blessed to have worked with some the best in the business Jack O Malley -Orient Express, Mike Murdock – M.R.E and Sam Wills Top Fuel legend just to name a few.”

“Christyne is like a Mini Me sometimes and it makes me smile often when I realize what I’m like. Christyne has been a blessing for me @ the shop and I would not be able to 1/2 of what I do without her. She has been the best clutch help & data analyses helper I’ve worked with !!! She is involved in all our decisions, our 4.60 bike and with Rick’s Pro-Mod bike.

See you all at Mancup!” – George Babor

“I never thought I would be a part of something like this drag racing family! These past 3 years have taught me so much and being able to learn from someone like my Father has been an amazing experience. Since our first time at the track, I’ve learned so much from my dad. He’s taught me everything – from how the tree works to how to be an efficient crew member. I’m constantly learning new things about the bikes and would have never thought I’d be where I am today thinking back at the first time I changed a clutch! I’ve learned so much since then and can’t wait to keep making memories at the track.” – Christyne Babor

“We grew up around motorcycles, dirt bikes, fast cars, nitrous, and time slips. My science projects usually involved me running dyno tests with Dad at the shop. We have photos with Evel Knievel holding me as a baby, we’ve met people like Ricky Carmichael and Travis Pastrana, and we’ve hung out with Dad’s friends that are drag racing legends like Larry ‘Spiderman’ McBride. My point? The races are like another home to us. There’s truly not much like that quarter mile stretch. I’m so thankful for each day spent with our family and friends at the track and wouldn’t trade it for the world. As I always say, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the ride.”- Allisa Babor

South Georgia JT/T&KU!

George credits Christyne and Allisa for getting him back into drag racing after he got hurt bad in the dirt that took him a couple years to recovery from.

“Drag racing is way safer at180 …They love it!” – George Babor

Talking with JT Norton / Mancup 2018
right side photos by Allisa Babor

So bring your family and join ours because we are going to have some fun!

42nd annual Mann Hill Garage World Finals presented by Kibblewhite Precision Machine November 15-18
South Georgia Motorsports Park 2521 US. 41, Adel, GA 31627

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