Me running my pie hole! (CoVid-19)

Posted 4-6-2020 by JT as a reminder covid-19 is serious and you should be careful.

Are the numbers going to add up to their narrative? You can bet the farm that they will make sure they do!

Once again I remind you to stop and listen to how they are saying things not what they are saying! #payattention

A great tool for seeing data real time John Hopkins

When all this is done, the media & others with an agenda will say, regardless what the numbers end up being, that they are much high than reported or that they could be been much higher. I will remind you at this point that these numbers are #deadhumans.

This is how you build a narrative, so they can say “see we told you so.” also when the numbers do not reach the apocalyptic numbers predicted. Others will spin it and say “We took action and save countless more lives.” Weather they are right or wrong is not my point, it’s what they are saying to sell you who or what they are.

I will throw it out there now, that you will hear at some point in the near future.

1: The death toll was much higher than reported. (We are already seeing this one)

2: Many more lives were saved by our actions and working together.

3: See we overcame this by working together.

4: The media outlets (all of them) will create promos and intros patting themselves on the back for their brave coverage.

5: They will talk about how THEY were there for YOU fighting for YOU.

The verbiage may be a bit different but just wait for it these emerge. (from the left and right)

Meanwhile mothers, daughters fathers, sons grand parents and people you know and love will have their memories used to gain ratings, win elections or create flashy stories for their own publicity gain.

This will begin to subside when we reach an “acceptable level of death.” that society will be able to tolerate. Once we see a consistent down tick in numbers, (#deadhumans) the media and others will begin the roll back. They will also begin to build their own narratives and stories about how they were right and everyone else was wrong.

4-8-2020 Added :

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