Kayaking 5-31-2020 JT

Sunday morning was a day set aside for kayaking, feeling a bit “blah”, probably from sitting around too much. I almost talked myself out of going. The urge to be on the water as usual got the upper hand. I had looked though possible spots Saturday night as some Hallmark movie stiff rambled in the back ground on the TV. I was looking for something new with a public boat ramp. The possible launch choices were then refined by using starlight maps to see water way and side areas to explore.

5-31-2020 Kayaking

Experience level : Any

Kayak Rating: Above average because of the places I could go back into to explore.

Boat traffic: Light (Sunday Morning out for 4.5 hours saw one boat)

Animals Seen: Gators, Red Bellied Sliders, MO loop Wolf Spiders, Great Blue Heron, Great Egret, Snow Egret, Rhesus Monkey, Soft shell, Damsel Flies, Dragon Flies, Teri color Heron, Night Heron , Red shouldered Hawk, Snail Kite. To name a few

I settled on a spot west of Palatka, Florida and my launch spot would be Johnson Field Boat Ramp in Fort McCoy Florida. Choosing this because it’s open 24/7 and is free access.

5-31-2020 Ocklawaha River Florida

The physical address is 2315 FL-19 Fort MCCoy Florida and there is plenty of unpaved parking, a trash bin but no restrooms. The launch is pretty straight forward and can handle only large boat at a time event though it stated on their website says double concrete. Me the kayak were no problem. The exit out onto the main waterway is narrow and if your not an experienced powered boat user, it could cause you some problems since its pretty narrow at times. Kayakers or the like will have no issues getting in or out of the water. There is a lot of fallen trees and branches just under the water so use caution. What I love best is the side channels that are all over the place. There are tons of places to explore and have a good time. Take the main body East and it will dump you onto the Saint Johns River, just North of Little Lake George, Mud Creek Cove and Buzzard Roost Cove.


Had a great time and helped knock the dust off because it had been awhile. Trip video coming soon.

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