4.60 Racer Mike Ostrowski

Event Series: XDA Racing series
Track Video Location: Maryland International Raceway
Driver: Mike Ostrowski
Class sponsor: Vance & Hines 2018,2019,2020

Mike Ostrowski 2019 by JT/TAKU!

4.60 motorcycles run to the eight mile and all bikes are expected to run this number.

Is this class awesome well… HELL YEAH! Let’s take a look back at a great weekend for Mike.

It is a wonderful August weekend at Virginia Motorsports park in 2018 and Mike would end up with one for his memory books. Mike progressed though this weekend and would end up in the finals against Richard Gadson.

Richard Gadson JT/TAKU!

When I spoke to Mike on 6-8-2020 this was one of his favorite XDA weekends, so let’s take a look at why.

Mike would quailify number two with 4.604 in a field of 29!

Round One ran 4.600 at 149.36 mph defeating Douglas Robinson
Round Two ran 4.615 at 147.42 mph a by-run (solo pass)
Round Three ran 4.608 at 148.1 defeating Tyler Cammock
Semi finals ran 4.607 at 149.30 defeating Micheal Thyen

Then the big show was Mike vs Richard

Richard hammered Mike at the light with a reaction time of .012 to Mikes .026 now that to some (non-motorsports people) may seem like not very much but when you running an eighth-mile at these speeds it is huge.

Mike would end up running 4.661 at 143.38

Just look at the names of the people Mike had to battle against to get to the finals, we can see why Mike loves this weekend so much.

Note: Mike also wanted to give a big shout out to Richard Gadson who would go on become the Vance and Hines 4.60 XDA 2018 series Champion

The whole team JT/TAKU!

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