Please Take time or ask

If you’re going to argue your point, please take time to read/listen to both sides of the argument. Statistics help validate what you are reading or listening to. Yes they can be manipulated but when you compare them to more than one source it becomes clear pretty quick who is full of shit and just talking to yet another bobble headed narrative.

This was posted to Reddit and people think it might be real.

I’m VERY familiar with editing software especially mobile ones and I knew the source of this one instantly. Here are my versions of this same topic. I do like that the person posting it to social media did ask for help verifying the original image above.

If you do not have time to research it, just ask people like me that have the time to look stuff up. Listen to your side but then listen again to how they are saying it. You’ll quickly discover your side has the own pile of bullshit they’re shoveling from.

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