Back the Blue NASCAR

At Sunday’s NASCAR Xfinity race in Homestead, Florida, driver Kyle Weatherman debuted a newly designed car emblazoned with the hashtag “Back the Blue” in support of police and first responders.

driver Kyle Weatherman

“A lot going on in the world right now and I wanted to express that most first responders are good people,” Weatherman tweeted ahead of the race. “My uncle is a firefighter and he would do anything to help save lives.” 

Mike Harmon, who runs Mike Harmon Racing, Weatherman’s team, said since the paint scheme went public, the team has received hundreds of emails from the families of officers killed in the line of duty who appreciate the recognition. 

“As far as this week’s paint theme, there’s thousands upon thousands of police officers in this country that serve us very well and they do not deserve to be disrespected and not be appreciated,” Harmon said in a statement to CNN. “We at MHR want to send the message (that the deaths of police officers killed in the line of duty) wasn’t in vain and that they’re not forgotten and very much appreciated.”

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