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People share this photo and they are quick to judge one guy is better than the other guy. I see this photo and I’m reminded how screwed up the system is. The man below was elected and the man above was elected. Many may automatically say photoshop but for the sake of this observation, it is not.

If you believe the Democrats were so damn awesome, then why did it take just 3 years for Trump and the Elephant ran senate to gut most of what was done? After the death of a black man at the hands of a police officer that created a hell storm. The Democrats came up with a national holiday and an anti-lynching bill …. this is going to fix the problem?

Media Solutions: Blame it all on Donald Trump, Put a black panel on your social media page, The mayor of a city has their street painted in support of protest, lets riot, let’s loot, let’s burn down businesses owned by local people. Then applaud the very politicians that could be doing something as they walks the street with protesters or get on TV to support them. Or the best yet have the balls to say…

“This is why your vote matters even more than ever and you need to make sure your elected officials do what they say!”

… REALLY …. have you people not studied any human history because this very line has been use over and over and over for generations. Your vote does not matter, leadership matters and we have not had serious leadership in a long time.

Votes only matter in electorate states and going after every single state is moronic. The Democrats are ignoring this once again and the news media is not helping their case once again. Don’t be believe me go ask HC-2016 how that popular vote thing worked out for her.

Your movement needs a voiced a real leader and it does not have one right now. People need leadership (whatever your cause is) and without it all you have is an angry mob running around aimlessly posting stupid shit online thinking they made a difference, which is far more dangerous!

If you like the electoral system that is awesome and I’m happy for you but if it does not make you happy, you better suck it up and deal with it because it is not going anywhere. What you have to do it play the system against itself then change it. The Republicans know how to do this but the Democrats do not. A third party would be possible but it would take a massively charismatic person to make that happen because this is more of a popularity contest, than it getting the most qualified candidate.

How does the electoral college work?

Each state has a number of electors in the electoral college proportionate to its population: the sum of its number of senators (always two) and representatives in the House.

Technically, Americans on election day cast votes for electors, not the candidates themselves, although in most cases the electors’ names are not on the ballot.

California, the most populous state, has 55 electoral votes. A few small states and the District of Columbia have only three.

Today, the electoral college has 538 electors, and in all but two states, Maine and Nebraska, all of the state’s electors are awarded to the winner of the popular vote within that state. 

A candidate needs to win 270 electoral votes – half of the total plus one – to win the White House. 

Part of a presidential candidate’s grand strategy entails drawing a map of states the candidate can and must win to gather 270 electoral votes.

Why was the system chosen?

When the United States was founded in the late 18th Century, a national campaign was virtually impossible given the size of the country and the difficulty of communication.

Also, the US at the time had little in the way of national identity, states were jealous of their rights, political parties were suspect, and the popular vote somewhat feared.

The framers of the constitution in 1787 rejected both the election of the president by Congress and election by direct popular vote, on the grounds that people would vote for their local candidate and the big states would dominate.

The Southern states favored the electoral college system under the constitution they were tallied as three-fifths of a person in the census but also keep in mind women and blacks were not allowed to vote.

Foundation of America: July 4, 1776

Blacks given the right to vote: The Fifteenth Amendment  It was ratified on February 3, 1870

Women given right to vote: The Nineteenth Amendment granted women the right to vote. August 18 1920

Electoral Collage

NOTE: Although the United States Constitution refers to “Electors” and “electors”, neither the phrase “Electoral College” nor any other name is used to describe the electors collectively. It was not until the early 19th century the name “Electoral College” came into general usage as the collective designation for the electors selected to cast votes for president and vice president.

The Constitutional Convention in 1787 used the Virginia Plan as the basis for discussions, as the Virginia proposal was the first. The Convention approved the Committee’s Electoral College proposal, with minor modifications, on September 6, 1787.

Here’s a full list of Presidents elected by the Electoral College without winning the popular vote.

Rutherford B. Hayes (1876) Benjamin Harrison (1888) George W. Bush (2000) and Donald Trump (2016)

Total Electoral Votes:  538;   Majority Needed to Elect:  270

Alabama – 9 Kentucky – 8 North Dakota – 3
Alaska – 3 Louisiana – 8 Ohio – 18
Arizona – 11 Maine – 4 vOklahoma – 7
Arkansas – 6 Maryland – 10Oregon – 7
California – 55 Massachusetts – 11 Pennsylvania – 20
Colorado – 9Michigan – 16Rhode Island – 4
Connecticut – 7 Minnesota – 10 South Carolina – 9
Delaware – 3Mississippi – 6 South Dakota – 3
Dist Columbia -3Missouri – 10Tennessee – 11
Florida – 29 Montana – 3 Texas – 38
Georgia – 16 Nebraska – 5 Utah – 6
Hawaii – 4 Nevada – 6Vermont – 3
Idaho – 4 New Hampshire – 4Virginia – 13
Illinois – 20New Jersey – 14Washington – 12
Indiana – 11New Mexico – 5West Virginia – 5
Iowa – 6New York – 29Wisconsin – 10
Kansas – 6North Carolina – 15Wyoming – 3

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