Relationships a two-way street

I see many memes and postings about how the lady should be the center of his universe. One even goes so far as to say that if he is not posting stuff about you all over his Facebook page, he must have a side chick. I can’t stand this crap because it reminds me of a statement said to me in the past.

“It is not that I don’t trust you, I don’t trust them.”

I absolutely hate this statement because it means you believe I can’t say no to another woman.

I have dated and was even married (once) to beautiful women. I expected men to hit on them because that is what men do, BUT I trusted my girl to say no. I understand some of us have had some shitty relationships but stop taking it out on every guy/girl you meet. I’m not a jealous person and don’t want to be one; I want to trust my partner.

First of all, I’m not on social media to share my personal information about what goes on behind closed doors. I challenge you to look at my platforms and see how much ‘actual’ personal information I have posted? I’m at, what I ate, talking about my kids, girlfriends, sisters, brothers, where I hung out last night, etc… good luck. Mine is about events, art, people, and places. If you think you know me because of these platforms, you’re wrong.

I like many decent guys (Or I try like hell to be decent) do not want a horde of women notched into my bed post, I have only ever wanted one. 100% of all relationships don’t end because of the man they end for a variety of reasons from both sides.

We all come with baggage and things that make each of us an individual person. I do not blame all women for the one woman that cheated on me. I even told one right from the start that if I’m being a dick call me out on it. We all have baggage, ticks or build up defensive habits/bullshit due to what has happened to us. I warned her I may not even realize I’m doing it, So call me out on it.

Even that was not enough because something I said got compared to something from a past relationship. This is where I shake my head because it turns out what she was upset about was in no way even in the same ballpark of “the” moment that triggered the memory for her.

A while later once we had a conversation about it, she then had clarity on the issue and even apologized. But it was after she chose to end the relationship (via a text message) instead of talking to me.

I’m a straightforward person to deal with, but I will shut down in a heartbeat if I can not talk openly with you. I also don’t like to argue, but it happens in relationships, but when I find myself explaining the same thing over and over, I get pissed. I will answer any question from my other half, but if they refuse to believe me because you can’t let go of something Johnny “dipshit” did to them 10 years ago, my hands are tied, and I will close that door. When this baggage or ghosts re-surface, and they always do, we can’t just ignore them. We have to talk about it so WE can put them in the past once and for all.

Here is a another good read for what guys like click here fairly accurate in my opinion.

I don’t want her to be my center of the universe and I don’t want to be the center of her universe because the universe needs to be centered on us.

I ran across a great interview with Will Smith, and now I’m not too fond of words of wisdom from people that have millions of dollars because their lives are far from that of a normal daily person. These words make sense coming from two people that held a marriage together for 20 years in Hollywood. Even with their issues in 2020 but they are still people and have to keep working at it.

My favorite line from the interview is shown on this meme I created below.

Here is a link to his full interview…. click here

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