Animals and Thugs

Watching social media blow up and run with no serious thought process yet once again is enough to make a person want to jump off a cliff. To start with just because I ‘m white does not mean I should shut up and I won’t. We have a problem and it will take all of us working together to make it better. It will never be 100% eliminated because too many dumb ass hatful humans will always exists.

One problem is people thinking throwing money at it is not going to fix this. I do believe African Americans and other minorities do get treated unfairly and we should all work together to do everything we can to help each other.

Not all cops are animals and thugs, (which is what O’Meara below is saying) just because your x-husband is an asshole does not mean ALL men are assholes. Just because your x-wife was a cheating slut does not mean all woman are sluts.

Hold up before you start with X’s don’t kill you… well you are wrong, but just like cops not all X’s are crazy ass fruit loops looking to dump a clip of 9mm rounds into you.

Let take what Michael O’Meara, said …

“Stop treating us like animals and thugs. And start treating us with some respect,” O’Meara told reporters at the New York City gathering. He added, “We’ve been left out of the conversation. We’ve been vilified. It’s disgusting.”

At the conference, O’Meara — standing in front of a lineup of what appeared to be mostly white men in masks — pushed back against the many Black Americans who have come forward to say they are fearful of law enforcement in the wake of the killing of George Floyd.

“We all read in the paper all week that in the Black community, mothers are worried about their children getting home from school without being killed by a cop,” O’Meara said. “What world are we living in? That doesn’t happen. It does not happen!” – Michael O’Meara, head of New York State’s Police Benevolent Association. He is saying not all of us are bad stop it.

A young African American jogger was chase down and murdered and the world did not burn to the ground, yet somehow another African American is killed by a white cop a month later it causes a national uproar. A person (cop or otherwise) who is racist and those that turns a blind eye to what he or she is doing is complete trash. I watched as an MSNBC reporter walking with protestors as the police advanced but was talking like they were an invading army in a third world country but said nothing about the looted stores and burning vehicles.

I pay attention and find some of the reactions to everything very odd but when people accept and embrace it … I find it really f**king mind boggling!

We now have now seen mayors, governors, Lt governors, distinct attorneys, judges, senators, and a slew of other elected and appointed officials side with the protest and people are applauding them for it.

These elected officals are trashing ALL police and they are ones that have had the power to do something. Seeing the likes of (R) Mitt Romey and others, walking with protesters makes me want to puke. NOT because he is doing it but because the protesters accept it, are you people really that fucking stupid? This guy has been in politics 1993 which make him a part of the system you want changed and He is not the only one!

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