September 20, 2020

Try and Keep Up!

Creativity Taken Seriously!

As part of the, you are the first to be notified when we do something extra for our sport. A Perfect reaction time is always something to be proud of and the JT / TAKU! the program has decided to offer up an extra bonus for next Saturday and Sunday in Maryland next weekend.

βŒπŸš€ / Try and Keep Up! Media Support Services is Awarding $200 CASH at XDA’s 20th annual Platinum Fleet Repair Bike Fest on July 24-26, 2020

πŸ’΅ JT Norton will award $100.00 to the first racer that hits a perfect reaction time Saturday and then another $100.00 again for Sunday.

πŸ’΅ DETAILS πŸ’΅ – Applies to any class displaying their times.- If no one hits it Saturday, it rolls over to Sunday.- If a racer hits on Saturday, you can win on Sunday as well!

πŸ€ Good Luck Racers and thank you for the support! – JT Norton

πŸ™ This Bonus is made possible by and their partnerships: JT’s Auto and Cycle Racing / Schnitz Racing / LSR Nitro Harley / Dave Vantine Nitro-Sports / / AFM Racing / F@ST Andie Rawlings / WHATAGRAPHIC / Michael Balch Nitro Harley
Try & Keep Up! Media Support Services 1994-2020

Richard Gadson 2019 by JT Norton
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