Jt-TrippN’ 2 VMP August 2020

This write-up is just me spilling some brain matter about my trip up and back to this VMP XDA event. Since I’m officially not affiliated with any series don’t take my rambling as event gospel. I help them out if they need it while we are there. If you come looking for juicy details or drama, sorry because anything I may know stays private because I’m NOT a reporter – I’m a supporter.

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Les Stimac Vance and Hines 4.60

 Getting to this event is about an 11-hour ride for ordinary people traveling from the gator infested swamps I dwell in, but since I tend to take side trips, it’s usually a bit longer for me. The drive up was excellent, and I did manage to squeeze in some photo detours along the way. I always plan one extended stop on the way in and knew I would not make it to VMP before 9 pm. (gate closing) My extended stop would be a place I know well, Santee Wildlife Refuge, South Carolina. 

A few pics below

 Travel note: People not familiar with JT do ask from time to time if I’m worried about COVID. No, because I travel alone and don’t interact directly with people. Since I prepare my road meals in advance, my only stops are fuel or a bathroom break. Once at the race, I’m rarely standing still very long and don’t socialize with people after my “workday” is complete. Not because I don’t want to, it’s just to minimize contact with other people for my mom’s sake once I return home. I also get tested between each event at a local walk-in. (I will not be the cause of someone else getting this crap) 

Anyway, back to the trip

I arrived at the Virginia Motorsports park gate around 3:30 am Friday, which meant I got to crash out for a few hours and rest. The evening temperatures were in the low 70’s, which made for a fantastic weekend. Well, except for the suite I used because the AC did not work and it caused me numerous EQ problems. I had to go outside to cool off and ended up just grabbing my phone for live streaming Sunday because of overheating issues. I have a solution, but it will take time and money to make that happen. We got tons of compliments and, at one point, had 1200+ people sustained watching our stream on Sunday. We had people check in from all over the USA, Australia, Germany, Japan, UK, Aruba, Puerto Rico, Brazil, New Zealand, and France.

This XDA event by MTC Engineering was a beast with 791 motorcycles. (that is not double entires – a real bike count) That is also with COVID travel restrictions keeping racers away racers that generally would be here from places like Aruba, UK, Canada, and Puerto Rico. MTC Engineering Bike Bash would also be the most extensive bike event VMP has ever had. What was great to see is that we had a pretty good spectator showing, which is usually low for motorcycle events here in the states. Everyone did a great job adhering to the COVID guidelines and maintaining distances. The XDA/VMP staff were continually reminding everyone to adhere to these guidelines all weekend.

Virginia Motorsports Park 2020

The event would get underway, and the predicted wash out weather forecast I saw for Friday did not show up until late in the day. There was a ton of testing done Friday, but unfortunately, the evening Gamblers race would get canceled as the weather decided to appear finally. When the wet crap eventually did come in Friday night, it came in like a water hose with no off switch, and the evening sessions would not happen.

The XDA and VMP staff got to work getting the track surface dry Saturday morning, but a few pain in ass small showers Saturday morning kept delaying our start time. Once things got going Saturday, the staff and racers needing to keep it moving and not screw around, and they all worked together did just that. Jason and Chris had to make some adjustments to the Saturday schedule, and yes, it did favor the pros and grudge. (which is in fact what they were working on in the picture below) 

Jason Miller and Chris Miller

Now some racers may want to start complaining instantly, but at the previous event in Maryland, the Pros and Grudge took he hit for the sportsman, so they were going to be fair and not double smack them. I agree with the call and applaud them for being fair to the racers. The Sunday double entry and double payout were designed to help the sportsmen out for Sunday and be as appropriate as possible. These changes would make Sunday one of the busiest Sunday’s I have seen in awhile for motorcycle drag racing. We media people knew it would be a long-ass day, but that does not bother us one bit!

Now every event ends up revolving around a class or two when it comes to storytime. Like at the last XDA event in Maryland, DME Racing Real Street was making all kinds of racket, but this time, Pro-Street, sponsored by Orient Express Racing, came in screaming its 200+mph head off. Now there was a ton of exciting stuff going on in numerous classes, including Real Street again, but something always stands out just a bit more. Chris Moore started it during testing by making a massive statement with his Moore Mafia Pro Street Machine.

Chris Moore / Moore Mafia

Now, as we know all too well, there is a ton of talent in this class, and the Pro Street competition always answers, and Jeremy Teasley of DME Racing would be the first to step up and respond in a way only drag racers know how to do.

Jeremy Teasley / DME Racing

These two men would end up in the Orient Express Racing Pro-Street finals, and Jeremy Teasley of DME Racing would come away with the final win light.

Awesomeness note: Rodney Williford driving the Williford Racing GSX-R1000 would break into the 6.4’s during competition. Congratulations on his 6.457. (Bike not shown below I just like this picture better)

DME Racing Real Street racing did not drop into cruise control and quietly take a back seat. It was flat out putting on a show of its own. Spencer Claycomb held the RS record coming in, but Jeremy Teasley decided he wanted it and snatched it away from him. Then some “other guy,” known as Brandon Teasley (yes related), would come screaming in and like a typical pain in the ass, brother, and take the RS record away from Jeremy with a 7.516.

Now what you don’t get to see behind the scenes is the family rivalry that I love to watch when any Teasley vs Teasley race battle unfolds. I’m sorry to say to Jeremy that there were many people during the live feed rooting for Brandon. These two would indeed battle away and end up in the Real Street finals against one another. Brandon Teasley would bring home the big prize, but you can bet your exhaust pipes Jeremy will be coming back after that record when we roll into Maryland in September. A Teasley does not like losing to another Teasley, so this battle is sure to pick up right where it left off. I’m quick to remind you that I have already had a few conversations with Spencer Claycomb this year, and you can bet a gold plated beard trimmer that he wants that record back!

Some JT stuff…

I had a long general conversation with Mr. James Farmer Saturday morning because he had rolled in with a new machine this season. During our conversation, he says,

 “This thing is a completely different ride than that thing {referring to the bike shown below sitting in the trailer}, and I’m just coming to see what I can do with it this weekend.” – James Farmer 

  Now I know Mr. Farmer well enough to say he always race smart, safe, and is humble because he came away a winner on the very same bike at PFR Bike Fest Maryland on Saturday in July, defeating Bill Maturo Jr (winning MPS Pro ET). Now Maturo broke in that final at MDIR, but in racing, a win is a win, and breaking is part of racing. The line of Wallys on display in Mr. Farmer’s trailer says a lot about what this man is capable of and has accomplished, and he takes nothing or no one lightly. The man is simply a top-shelf racer.

James Farmer
The Farmer Clan (lol)

Now seeing Mr. Farmer on the “red thing / 1PBJ” is still odd, and for most people seeing what you can do, means something very different. When it’s James Farmer, he ends up in the finals again! This time Mr. Farmer would have to face off against Stephen Knight, but he would not come away with the final win light and stop Stephen. 

I was talking with Mr. Farmer late Sunday night, and he was thrilled with his weekend performance. He also made an excellent statement while we were talking regarding Stephen Knight and his team.

 “I tell you what; those people are the nicest group of people you will ever meet. I have never had an opposing team cheer for me as hard and as loud as they did. They are a great group of people!” – James Farmer / Sunday Night 8-23-2020

Let’s move over to Robert Parker, who is the guy that brought me into the larger world of motorcycle drag racing back during the MiRock Days. Over the years, we’ve had a ton of adventures together and look forward to many more. Robert and I were talking Friday afternoon, and if I remember correctly, it was right after Kenan’s 457th test pass on her Kawasaki ZX6RR

Kenan Dorsey

Robert was focused Friday on getting the future Mrs. Parker as much seat time as they could. We did talk about his plans and the refinement of his racing style. Robert is paying a lot more attention to finite details of every single pass on his Kawasaki ZX14R, even to include weather effects on each pass. Robert does all the work and tunes both motorcycles and records every detail that could affect his passes.

Robert’s Kawasaki ZX14R equipped with Brocks Ti-Winder exhaust, Sprint air filter, Brocks clutch mod, APE Trac King clutches APE valve springs, APE oil cooler delete, Adams oil pan. M2 rear shock and cut forks, Evilswingarm and their braided brake lines, MPS air shifting kit, MPS lanyard, MPS shift kill box, Power Commander, Vortex sprocket, Daytona WEGO/ Kenans 2003 ZX6RR – MPS lanyard, Evilswingarm, braided brake lines, Akrapovic titanium exhaust, Power Commander, and Vortex sprockets.

Robert Parker VMP 2020

Now you can call me bias, but this is my site, which means you’re going to have to deal with it. Robert Parker is one of those racers that you really can’t “game around with” at the beams because he focuses so hard on what he needs to do. Robert does not care who is the other lane. It can be a bar bike, car, drunk storm trooper on a speeder, truck, a toaster, Rickey Bobby on fire, a delay box bike, or even a multi-world champion drag racer. He focuses on what he needs to do. During the pass, he’s very much aware of his competitor, but that’s bracket racing. His approach would all come together for a great weekend as Robert would indeed win Crazy 8’s. Robert would also do it against Spencer Claycomb, and buddy, I tell you what that is no small feat because that is one badass bearded drag racer!

Robert Parker Wins Crazy 8 August 2020

MTC engineering Bike Bash XDA August 2020
DME Racing Real Street Winner – Brandon Teasley
Runner-up – Jeremy Teasley
#1 Qualifier – Jeremy Teasley 7.525
ET Record – Brandon Teasley 7.516

Pro Xtreme Winner – Travis Davis
Runner-up – Shane Eperjesi
#1 Qualifier – Shane Eperjesi 3.977
ET Record – Rob Garcia 3.961
MPH Record – Shame Eperjesi 188.1

HTP Performance Super Stock Winner – David Fondon
Runner-up – Jeremy Teasley
#1 Qualifier – David Fondon 8.834
Record – David Fondon 161.96 mph

APE Nitrous Bulls Winner – Lavar Delee / Catch 22
Runner-up – Jeremy Teasley

Nipsy Hustle
Vance & Hines 4.60 Winner – Boo Brown
Runner-up – Mac McAdams
#1 Qualifier – Wes Hawkins 4.604

The FBR Shop 5.60 Winner – Jimmie Miller
Runner-up – Shayne Proctor
#1 Qualifier – Robert Johnson 5.604

Crazy 8’s Winner – Robert Parker
Runner-up – Spencer Claycomb
#1 Qualifier – Ben Helland 8.88

Mickey Thompson Performance Top Sportsman Winner – Michael Parsons
Runner-up – Art Lawrence
#1 Qualifier – Wes Hawkins 7.182

MPS Racing Pro ET Winner – Stephen Knight
Runner-up – James Farmer

Brock’s Performance Street ET Winner – Derrick Milbourne
Runner-up – John James

JT / Try & Keep Up! 2020

Let’s wrap this up.
Anyone that knows me in the real world, you know, I always make a stop on my way out of these events. I got myself organized and got some rest before heading out the next morning. Before dawn, I was on the move and headed over to High Bridge Trail State Park for some bike riding. Afterward, taking a more scenic drive route back to 40 then I-95.

Standard Video
a 360 camera – go to You tube or the you tube app you can pan around

It was a fantastic day exploring some of Virginia before heading home. On my way back through North and South Carolina, it was a mess as it rained the whole time. With a top speed of 55mph and then two big traffic jams in Florida, it made for a long ride home. Here are a few shots I snapped up on the way back.

Until next time folks, thanks for keeping up. – JT Norton 8-2020

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