Chapter 1: Self goal for 21 days Daily Rides & Treks

Chapter 1: 21 Day Self Goal 01-30 / Chapter 2: Bike on 30-60 / Chapter 3: Keep On KeepN 61-90 / Chapter 4: KeepN Up! 91–120, Chapter 5: PushN On 120–150 / Chapter 6: TryN and Still Flyin 150-180 / Chapter 7: DropBars and BookN it! 180-210 / Chapter 8: Switching Gears 210-240 / Chapter 9: RoadTripN and Events 240-270 / Chapter 10: Digging In PushN On 270-300 / Chapter 11: Run, Ride,Live 300-330 / Chapter 12: Light – End -Tunnel 330-365!

Chapter 1: Daily Rides & Treks

This is where it all began.

It would turned into something more than a 21 day self challenge.

Starting 8-25-2020 I decided to start taking a bike ride every day for at least 30 minutes. No more soda, or fast food, and my sweet tea is limited to when home resting. (can’t give that up yet) I will start loading in ride data now that I have the app for it. I’m just focused on riding each day not so much on the data. I’m not trying to break any crazy records, this is just me documenting a goal I have given myself.

Still sharing it so you can see… you can do it too.

Maybe not the traveling part but you can do it too. My kids are grown, not married, no relationship, etc.. so I have the ability to do this other stuff. Even if your thing is writing a book, do one or two pages a day. If you’re working on a car do something small to it each day, no matter how small it ends up being. If you don’t get shit done, you only have yourself to blame. Make the time for yourself even if it’s just 5 or 10 minutes. When you say you don’t have 2 seconds in a day, you’re just bull shitting yourself. If nothing else take a walk but you do have time so stop making excuses – as I did. #noexcuses

  • I added extra days to this because I did not take into account the non-bike days because of the events.

Starting weight 204 lbs once I got into my routine some – 5’11” My max weight in March of 2020 was 214 lbs

A previous ride is not being counted since getting the “new” used Giant bike. 8-24-2020 High Bridge Trail Virginia Conditions Cloudy 7.0 miles roughly and 1.5 hours and I was just goofing off a bit. I got a used bike to keeping my bike cost low to make sure this is something I want to keep doing. It’s a lot of fun I’m sure I will keep at it.

The bridge is so amazing and built on massive railroad steel support so stop being a wimp and go ride it. It will hold your ass just fine. There are no motorized vehicles and the trail is well maintained. I went on a Monday so it was not that busy. maybe 8 people the whole time.

High Bridge Trail State Park 8-24-2020 my first bike ride in this adventure.
GO PRO MAXX 360 High Bridge

Day 1: 8-26-2020 Bike day Florida Conditions Sunny: 47 minutes Ocoee trail west road Ocoee fl westbound going out, saw a cool snake on the path.

Day 2: 8-27-2020 Bike Day Florida Conditions Sunny: 57 minutes Lake Apopka Trail Loop This is always a fun ride but there is no shade so it can get quite hot and humid. The lake is not the cleanest in the world so some days it can smell pretty bad. Wildlife out the wazoo so take your time. It gets bumpy and also watches for loose rocks depending on the bike you have. Lots of Pro-people use this trail and they are always friendly and courteous.


Day 3: 8-28-2020 Florida Bike Day Conditions Partly Cloudy: 32 minutes Ocoee trail west road Ocoee fl east bound going out. Data Avg speed 8.8 mph / Max Speed: 15.2 mph / Calories 250.0 / Elevation loss: 77.8 / Elevation gain 88.6 / AVG pace: 6.50 min/mi.


*** 8-28-2020 Florida had the bike serviced today and replaced both tires, chain, and tube. I expected as much since it was a used bike when I got it. Work was done by Regino Bike and Co, (great rates and he came to me) very happy with the service, and he clearly knows what he is doing.

Day 4: 8-29-2020 Florida Bike Day Conditions sunny then overcast: I headed out today and ended up doing two separate runs. (1st) 6.94 miles 47:18 Minutes (2nd) 4.358 miles 29.09 minutes. The tune-up, new tires, and chain made a WORLD of difference!

Data 1: Florida Bike Day Duration: 47.18 / Data Avg speed 8.8 mph / Max Speed: 13.7mph / Calories 367.1 / Elevation loss: 42.3 / Elevation gain 25.9 / AVG pace: 6.49min/mi.

Data 2: Florida Bike Day Duration: 29.09 / Data Avg speed 9.0mph / Max Speed: 13.2 mph / Calories 231.4 / Elevation loss: 20.8 / Elevation gain 30.8 / AVG pace: 6.39 min/mi.

Ran into a speed bump today lol 8-29-2020
Morning sunrise was a pretty one. 8-29-2020

Day 5: Florida Bike Day 8-30-2020 just left right from the house today but it was raining so it was an interesting ride this time around. Duration 34 minutes Avg speed 10.4mph / Max Speed: 21.0 mph / Calories 314.6 / Elevation loss: 112.2 / Elevation gain 110.6 / AVG pace: 5.44 min/mi.

5 day Weight Check beginning of the 6th day ride. Weight Unchanged

Day 6: Florida 8-31-2020 Bike Day Conditions: raining 6.11 miles and nothing special just a ride around the neighborhood and holy crap. I have not really been around it this way since I was a kid. Man this place has changed a lot, in many cases not for the better.

Activity note: I’m going to have to increase the mileage because this is way to easy but I‘m going to stick to my game plan for the next couple days. I have a road trip coming up and know the milage will increase when I make my road stops. (The bike is going with me)… update …. I did not stick to it had to increase the time.

Day 7: Florida 9-1-2020 Bike day Conditions: Sunny a few shattered clouds. I ate some crappy food last night and decided to work it off today. I also went later in the day (1pm) so I could sweat my butt off. I broke the trip in stages because I was curious about the mileage for the area I was riding in.

Path 1: 4.04 miles Duration 25:04min Data Avg speed 9.7 mph / Max Speed: 18.3 mph / Calories 212.4 / Elevation loss: 32.2ft / Elevation gain 21.3ft / AVG pace: 06.12 min/mi

Path 2: 2.22 miles Duration 16:17min Data Avg speed 8.2 mph / Max Speed: 11.5 mph / Calories 118.2 / Elevation loss: 20.7ft / Elevation gain 16.4ft / AVG pace: 07:19min/mi

Path 3: 1.61 miles Duration 11:00min Data Avg speed 8.8 mph / Max Speed: 10.0 mph / Calories 85.4 / Elevation loss: 1.6 ft / Elevation gain 12.1ft / AVG pace: 6:49min/mi

Path 4: 2.75 miles Duration 18:05 min Data Avg speed 9.1 mph / Max Speed: 18.3 mph / Calories 144.9 / Elevation loss: 17.1ft / Elevation gain 8.5ft / AVG pace: 6.35 min/mi

Path 5: 2.00 miles Duration 12:48 Data Avg speed 9.3 mph / Max Speed: 13.2 mph / Calories 105.1 / Elevation loss: 22.0ft / Elevation gain 24.3ft / AVG pace: 6:25 min/mi

Distance 12.62 miles / Calories: 666

Day 8: Florida 9-2-2020 Bike Day Conditions: Sunny with Cloud evening ride Duration:11:32 miles Data Avg speed 9.7mph / Max Speed: 19.1 mph / Calories 594.3/ Elevation loss: 52.3 / Elevation gain 71.9 / AVG pace: 6:10 min/mi.

* When I was having my bike serviced back the 28th, I described what I was doing and how I wanted to ride. Regino suggested I look into a gravel bike. Me being new at this, had no idea what that was. I looked them up and yes indeed that is the bike I would like to eventually upgrade to. During this ride, I ran into a nice man from a group that has passed me earlier. He was on a Specialized Gravel bike and was kind of enough to let me ask some questions about it. That is the bike I will go to when I get pass this self goal. (and get the money) The rides are way too easy at this point I will switch to mileage and do a minimum 10 miles a day when possible, but alway the 30 minutes.

My evening ride has a great view. 9-2-2020

Day 9: 9-3-2020 Florida Conditions: sunny some clouds Duration: 34 minutes Had to get driving for an event so I just made a trip around the neighborhood

Day 10: Tennessee 9-4-2020 Conditions: clouds some light rain Duration:5.57 miles Data Avg speed 8.2 mph / Max Speed: 15 mph / Calories 300.5 / Elevation loss: 98ft / Elevation gain 82.3 / AVG pace: 7:19 min/mi.

9-4-2020 Falls Great Falls State Park Tennessee

Also got some hiking in. STEPS 13472 6.38 miles 484 calories burn

9-4-2020 Tennessee Virgin falls

Day 11: Tennessee 9-5-2020 Conditions: SUNNY gorgeous day, I was at my event working from 6am to 1130 pm so I could not get my ride in for the day. I did get some walking in so I still got my burn time in. Steps: 16,395 6.43 miles calories burned 1285.7


Day 12: 9-6-2020 North Florida Great Shoals State Park Conditions Sunny with Some Clouds : Duration: 45.8 minutes 8.3 miles . Was just to get ride in did not run the data this time. Just keep riding until I could feel my legs burning a bit. Horse flies SUCK!


Weight Check 194 lbs

Day 13: Florida 9-7-2020 Conditions: Cloudy and then I got dumped on a lot but got my 30 minutes Duration: 32:52 Data Avg speed 11.1 mph / Max Speed: 24.5 mph / Calories 317.1 / Elevation loss: 73.8 / Elevation gain 58.7 / AVG 5.24 miles/min


Day 14: 9-8-2020 Florida Conditions: Raining cats and dogs Duration: 32 minutes trip around the neighborhood

Day 15: 9-9-2020 Florida / Conditions: Sunny some cloud 16.35 miles Duration: 1:50:29 / Max Speed: 24.49 mph / Calories: 864.9 / Elevation loss: 190.3 / Elevation gain 175.5 / AVG pace: 2.26 min/mi. (walking data logged in 19,012 paces)

9-9-2020 speed bump
9-9-2020 Lake Apopka run this sucked was hot has hell! but was a long one 16+

** moving closer to the traveling part of all this mess I decided to change my eating habits as well. Cereal and fruit or oatmeal and fruit in the morning. A salad or light snack for lunch. Dinner can be what ever I’m in the mood for but it will not be fast food.

Day 16: 9-10-2020 Georgia 10.2 miles Georgia Jekyll Island Conditions: sunny some clouds Duration: 1:25: Two data logs:

Ride data 1: This took me out onto the beach, I got done and could not feel much of the ride so I added to it. Distance: 51:53 Avg speed 6.7 mph / Max Speed: 13.3 mph / Calories 311.1 / Elevation loss: 28.9 / Elevation gain 36.1 / AVG pace: 8:57 min/mi.

Ride data 2: This took me out through the residential areas of Jekyll Island some beautiful homes that are kept up very well. Distance: 24:46 Avg speed 10.2 mph / Max Speed: 12.4 mph / Calories 220.8 / Elevation loss: 39.0 / Elevation gain 39.0 / AVG pace: 5:53 min/mi. {Walking data logged in at 6106 paces}

9-10-2020 love this place the morning is really tricking awesome
selfie Jekyll Island 9-10-2020

Day 17: 9-11-2020 North Carolina Kayak trip 2 .5 hours bike ride : 7.87 miles Duration: 54:54 Data Avg speed 8.6 mph / Max Speed: 22.7 mph / Calories 417.1 / Elevation loss: 151.6 / Elevation gain 171.6 / AVG pace: 6:58 min/mi.

Also, Day 17 is Day one of the ManCup Event in Rockingham North Carolina – Conditions Hot & Humid as hell and the house flies were horrible all weekend. I shit you not people, it was like some weird-ass plague. Lots of testing got done and then the rains came in hard and I mean hard, like your girlfriend’s dad’s fist when you bring her home at 2 am. Friday night was a flood of AUQA and it turned the place into a swimming pool, glad I had my kayak! {Walking data logged in at 7641 paces}

Had to go to work Rockjngham North Carolina Friday 9-11-2020 Mark Reduluk Shown in this JT-pic

Day 18: 9-12-2020 North Carolina No bike ride – Day Two of the Mancup Event in Rockingham North Carolina – Conditions: Over cast all day and it tried a couple times to rain but the only thing were light sprinkles but not enough to even stop racing for. {Walking data logged in at 12899 paces}

Day 19: North Carolina 9-13-2020 No bike ride – Day Three of the Mancup Event in Rockingham North Carolina – Conditions: Sunny some Clouds but comfortable all day. This was the best if three days for this event. Due a low bike count because people are still dumb enough to believe a weatherman, so we did wrap thing up early. The flies still sucked donkey balls and I would spend the next two days trying to get the damn things out of my car. (I accidentally left my door open) I’m not joking, because I got the last one out yesterday in a Walmart parking lot here in Maryland. {Walking data logged in at 12603 paces}

Nitro Harleys Getting ready to go at it.
Sportsman save the day thanks for coming out

Day 21: 9-14-2020 North Carolina 18.13 miles Cape Hatteras National sea shore outer banks Conditions: cloudy windy 14-17 mph. This bike ride was a pain in the ass, because the strong winds coming off the ocean made you feel like you were getting sandblasted at times. A strong headwind for the first 10.1 miles of the bike ride made it a bit tougher than normal. The ride back was so much nicer. Duration: 2:02:15 Data Avg speed 9.1 mph / Max Speed: 20.3 mph / Calories 978.9 / Elevation loss: 90.9 / Elevation gain 92.2 / AVG pace: 6:35 min/mi. {walking data show 6599 paces}

9-15-2020 Outter banks Hatteras National Seashore
9-15-2020 Brodie Light House

Day 22: 9-15-2020 Maryland, This was a busy day with 2.2 hours kayaking then took a shoreline and trail walk maybe an 1.5 hours. “ISH” {Walking data shows 9067 paces}

Day 5 of the traveling JTNorton 9-15-2020

Bike ride 26.23 Maryland miles total with only a short water break between trips maybe a 3-minute break if that. Charles County Indian head Trail Maryland Conditions: sun some clouds. Was a beautiful ride. I broke this bike ride into two data trips, I wanted to check the website data going out and coming back.

Going Out- 13.13 miles Duration:1:10:27 Data Avg speed 11.2 mph / Max Speed: 15.7 mph / Calories 684.8 / Elevation loss: 215.2 / Elevation gain 114.8 / AVG pace: 5:21 min/mi.

Coming Back – 13.06 miles Duration:1:26:16 Data Avg speed 9.1 mph / Max Speed: 16.1 mph / Calories 689.8 / Elevation loss: 185.4 / Elevation gain 311.0 / AVG pace: 6:36 min/mi.

26.19 miles done – Charles County Maryland
#bikeit #noexcuses

Day 23: Poolesville, Maryland 9-16-2020 Conditions: Sunny with some clouds. This was a great ride as I started out from the Rileys Lock (Lock24 ) and headed to the south. Right from parking in case my directions are messed up. It a slightly gravel bumpy trail but nothing, not even your kids could not handle. Based on a few mud puddles I’m willing to bet it gets messy here after a rain. The scenery is amazing with the canopy of trees hovering over me the whole time. The sounds of birds and the wind made for a peaceful trip. Sparrows, cardinals, and other birds were out and about doing their thing. A small turtle down in the ditch resting on a log watched me cruise on by. On the way back I saw several deer in the pathway as well a great blue heron fishing in the ditch. A few animals worth seeing, just not as many as I see when biking in Florida. I really did enjoy the view of the Potomac River and there are several spots where you can just stop and enjoy the view.

Now I had a bald guy moment when I paused my biking app. I did not resume it properly so the Data one is a bit off. It should match up to Data two, maybe a tad more because I took a few side trips but should not be enough to throw it that far off. I will leave the data recorded as is and just remember how to resume an app properly in the future. I have not got a fitness watch for this yet so my phone will have to do for now. I pushed myself a bit today and logged in some extra miles. My back is telling me I should back off a bit. So right now 20 miles is a good good number to keep it too until I get stronger. Next few rides I will not take the extra weight I’m carrying on these trips. It is a beautiful place and I would love to do more but will not be back this way until next year. Will put it on my to do list. I will take it easy tomorrow and give my body a rest. I will still do my 30 minutes regardless but do just 30.

Data 1: Duration: 10.54 miles Data Avg speed 10.2 mph / Max Speed: 16.1 mph / Calories 552.6 / Elevation loss: 105.3 ft / Elevation gain 129.9 / AVG pace: 5:51 min/mi. ( data one is low because I screwed up resuming the app. It should mirror data two)

Data 2: Duration: 12.69 miles Data Avg speed 9.5 mph / Max Speed: 15.8 mph / Calories 668.3 / Elevation loss: 144.0 ft / Elevation gain 122.4/ Avg pace: 6.19 min/mi. {Walking data 2926 steps} I’m going to be doing a lot of walking this weekend not worried about my step count.

Potomac River runs along the trail

* I changed my diet and now when I go to the stores there is a ton of stuff I can’t eat. It is amazing how much crap food there is in these stores. Anyways, I love Chipotle and have not eaten there in a while. I don’t eat out a lot anyway. I need a new charger cord for my phone. I went to the phone company and Chipotle was next door. I got my usual dark rice, chicken no cheese bowl. I got back to where I’m staying and never realized how much food this really is. The next morning I felt bloated so needless to say I won’t be doing that again anytime soon. I’m snacking on healthy items, fruit gain bars, and using popcorn as a replacement for chips. I do feel a lot better and have plenty of energy.

Day 24: Maryland 9-17-2020 Conditions Taking a bit of a rest today since I will be on the move this weekend. This is day one of the XDA RACING series pro-only testing day. (also my check-in/setup day at the track)

I did get my Bike 30 minutes in – duration: 5.25 miles Data Avg speed 10.1 mph / Max Speed: 25.2 mph / Calories 275.5 / Elevation loss: 150.6 ft / Elevation gain 161.1 / Avg pace: 5:56 min/mi. This was just a get my 30 minutes in a bike ride. The uphill crap here in Maryland is rough but I used a couple of side roads to give my legs a break.

Day 25: no bike ride Maryland 9-18-2020 Day One of the XDA RACING series testing day. A great day of testing with a slight delay drying the track from the Thursday Night Rains. It got going and was awesome the turnout is huge as always with XDA AND it’s going to be a fun weekend. No bike ride for today because I was event walking 14161 steps. Not a busy day by my walk-event records but I’ll take it.

Love how some of these racers set up there trailers
Schnitz Racing is a JT 2020 Partner

Day 26: no bike ride : Maryland 9-19-2020 Conditions Day Two of the XDA RACING series. pretty damn cold today, but then again I am a Florida native so what is cold for me is much different than for the folks up here. The temps were not that bad once I got moving around. I did not do as much walking as usual today but still exceeded my daily goal 9786

Mike Ostrowski XDA Maryland

Day 27: no bike ride Maryland 9-20-2020 Conditions: Day Three of the XDA RACING series. It was a fun day if racing and championship drama that unfolded. Walking data: 10540 step calories 377 (a low count day)

Jason Dunigan and his son – Maryland
XDA racing Maryland Sunday

Day 28: 9-21-2020 16:38 miles: I was heading home but took a side trip to get the bike ride in. Neuese River Greenway Railegh, North Carolina. Conditions: sunny some clouds Duration: 1.32:40 miles Calories 745

On a small off road section beautiful place
Pit stop enjoying the view

Day 29: 9-22-2020 I am back in FLORIDA. Got back in 815am got unloaded took a computer to the repair shop and then got the bike ride in. 32 minutes 5.78 miles local bike trail.

Weight check 192

Day 30 9-23-2020 Back in Florida after some rest now focusing on 10 miles a day and got it in at 10.42 / 11.1 mph / 29.6 mph / 543.4 calories / 121.ft loss / 132.9ft gain

using the same start and endpoint for the 23rd and 24th, I find it weird the elevation levels are so different. I go out to a specific turnaround point then come back the same way. Will do it again on the 25th and see what we get.

Day 31 9-24-2020 Florida 10 miles a day and got my ride in at 10.35 / 11.8 mph / 20.8 mph / 537.9 calories / 119.8 ft loss / 110.6 ft gain

Day 32 9-25-2020 Florida 10 miles a day and got my ride in at 10.33 / 12.0 mph / 20.4 mph / 536.7 calories / 115.2 ft loss / 112.5 ft gain

Weight check 191

9-25-2020 will end this blog but to keep following along.

Chapter 1: 21 Day Self Goal 01-30  / Chapter 2: Bike on 30-60 / Chapter 3: Keep On KeepN 61-90  / Chapter 4: KeepN Up! 91–120, Chapter 5: PushN On 120–150 / Chapter 6: TryN and Still Flyin 150-180 /  Chapter 7: DropBars and BookN it! 180-210 / Chapter 8: Switching Gears 210-240Chapter 9: RoadTripN and Events 240-270 / Chapter 10: Digging In PushN On 270-320

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