October 28, 2020

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Bike Goal 10 to the 30’s

(Updated 10-13-2020) My daily ride: I travel the same section every day during the week to see how low I can get the time. I have decided to separate this from my other riding post. My goal is to get this total distance into the ’30s. I have changed my diet and lifestyle to focus on health. I’m one of those people that needs a goal, so I’m just doing this for myself and not looking to set the cycling world on fire.

I started my biking on a 26” Giant Boulder mountain bike. One of those department store style bikes, but have upgraded to a Felt Hybrid Bike, and man, I love this. I will eventually move to a gravel bike when my budget permits for

ill find one of them once I can make the upgrade. I have also upgraded my helmet and gloves from the wally-world crap. I have moved into proper riding attire as well, which is making for better riding experience. 

About a month after I got into biking, I started aggressively pursuing this goal because I do better with a purpose. I did some reading, and experts say that pushing it every day could hurt the muscles. So I took their advice and didn’t go it every day. I want to make sure I do this right for myself. Here are the dates that I ride for this specific section of the path, which is right around 10.33 miles round trip. ( Saturday and Sunday relax and ride, hike or kayak new place days)
Walk photo from 10-8-2020

Daily Ride #1 : 9-23-2020 / 10.42 miles / 56.20 minutes

Daily Ride #2 : 9-24-2020 / 10.35 miles / 52.47 minutes

Daily Ride #3 : 9-25-2020 / 10.33 miles / 51.47 minutes

Daily Ride #4 : 9-26-2020 / 10.36 miles / 46.36 minutes

Right about this time is when I did that reading and started not to pursue this as a daily goal based to do this right.

Daily Ride #5 : 9-30-2020 / 10.34 miles / 53.55 minutes

Daily Ride #6 : 10-01-2020 / 10.32 miles / 42.55 minutes

I have noticed that the 10 miles are becoming more consistent at 42-ish minutes. I’m not pushing it as hard as was earlier but still getting good results. It all depends on that first damn crosswalk: if I can get across it quickly going out and coming back, I will get good times. Just need to shave about 3 minutes off it to hit the 30’s. I want to reach this goal three times before I switch to a new section.

I keep a steady pace and do not stop peddling and use the uphill sections and drop into a low gear give my legs a rest, but going downhill, it lowers it into a higher gear and get things moving. I’m focused on this ten-mile section and not a long-distance, so it requires my complete attention to get the most I can out of the workout. The 10 miles overall is getting more consistent, and once I reach my goal, I will need to increase the mileage.

Walk photo

Daily Ride #7 : 10-04-2020 / 10.35 miles / 44.50 minutes

Daily Ride #8 : 10-5-2020 / 10.22 miles / 44.40 minutes

Daily Ride #9 : 10-06-2020 / 10.24 miles / 45.05 minutes – I got stuck at a crosswalk and lost lots of time. I have changed my start point slightly, because where I park there is a crosswalk that is maybe 50 feet away. There is a metal guard rail on the other side of this crossing. I start and end my trip app there now. So you will see a distance closer to 10.23. Not too much a change for my goal.

Daily Ride #10 : 10-07-2020 / 10.23 miles / 42.10 minutes

Daily Ride #11: 10-08-2020 / 10.23 miles 42.10 minutes: I hit the same time and distance the same yesterday; too funny. #doubletap

Daily Ride #12: 10-09-2020 / 10.22 miles / 40:10 minutes – yeah, just missed it damn it, man. 🙂 I knew it was a great run. I could feel that it was a good day and applied pressure to keep a steady pace. I know there are a couple of sections I could have pushed it a bit harder. I also got across that damn crosswalk pretty quick, hopefully, quicker next time.

Walk photo 10-9-2020

Saturday and Sunday are rest and have fun days; it does not mean I do not stop riding; I just have fun somewhere new weather it kayaking,hiking,biking or checking out yard sales. (love stuff people odnt want anymore and you can get some good deals)

Day Ride #12: 10-12-2020 (Monday back at the 10-30 goal) coming into this day, I needed to shave off 1:01 from my best time to hit the 30’s. I came to this run with a different approach. My bike is not a road bike; it’s a hybrid, but I leaned in as if I was on a road bike. Whenever I’m in low gear, I lean down onto the bike. When I feel the leg pressure build or need a shot of cool air, I drop my head and focus on just maintaining my pace. Let’s see what we got…

Got it!!!! Now time to back it up. I am after three runs in the 30’s 1 down two more to go.

There were a couple of sections where I had to back off so I could have done this faster. The crosswalks are my biggest obstacles; if I get across quickly, I will make a good time. There are still two sections that I need to work on maintaining my pace. If I can hit the marks I need to hit, I can get this into the low 30’s. The area I’m doing my workout on is not a heavily traveled area during the week, considering the time in the morning I am going. My diet change has helped tremendously, and I have not felt this good ever. I love it!

Bike Ride (min 10 miles) Local trail
Pushing: Yes (No extra weight)
Miles: 10.22
Duration: 37:45 (Shaved 2:16)
AVG Speed: 16.2
Max Speed: 25.0
Calories: 523.5
Elevation loss: 100.4
Elevation gain: 118.8
Avg Pace: 3:41 min/mi

Day 47: 10-13-2020 I worked on maintaining an excellent solid low gear pace, not pushing for any particular times. I need to have my bike checked because a new sound has come up when in the low gear that wasn’t there yesterday. I also found an issue with my gloves, I have been using fingerless gloves since I began biking and did not relate it to an index finger discomfort. When I readjusted my stance yesterday and took the weight off my hands, the discomfort began to subside. I have ordered new fingered riding gloves and will continue to use my adjusted stance to keep weight off my hands. I will update again in a few days to let you know how this goes.

Bike Ride (min 10 miles) Local trail
Pushing: NO (No extra weight)
Miles: 10.24
Duration: 39:15 (wow I was not expecting this time today because I was not really trying that hard but I will take it.)
AVG Speed: 15.6
Max Speed: 24.2
Calories: 525.6
Elevation loss: 100.4
Elevation gain: 118.8
Avg Pace: 3:50 min/mi

*** Winter Garden Wheel work got my bike serviced and back to me on the same day. Awesome company, it just needs a peddle upgrade the factory ones are crap. Which I kind of figured might be the issue, all good to go for tomorrow morning.

walk photo
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