JT’s Pan-Florida Challenge Cancer Ride March 2021

Dear Family and Friends,

Official JT Pan Florida Page .

I recently accepted the challenge support the Pan-Florida Challenge Cancer Ride (62 mile). Pan-Florida Challenge is an organization that engages the community in cancer prevention and patient support. They also provide nutritious, cancer fighting food to hungry kids. PFC partners with local organizations to provide financial and emotional support to cancer patients of all ages. Please help me by contributing generously.

Cyclists like me will be riding short and long distances on March 27-28, 2021 to draw attention to the plight of cancer in our community. Consider these statistics:

  • Studies show that there is a significant link between chronic hunger and the propensity to get cancer.
  • Research shows that 70% of lifetime risk of cancer is within our power to change, including diet
  • In just six years, Pan-Florida Challenge has provided over six million meals to hungry children. 
  • 2,300+ children will receive PFC Power Packs this school year. PFC feeds children at more than 34 sites in six Florida counties.
  • PFC has more than 4,000 donors, 50 sponsors, and 350 volunteers working with all their hearts to help those in our community.

It is fast and easy to support this great cause by making your tax-deductible donation online using the link below. If you prefer, you can mail your contribution to the address below. Please note on your donation that you are supporting my ride!

For information about the Pan-Florida Challenge organization and its programs, you can visit www.PanFloridaChallenge.org

 Just $25 will stave off a child’s hunger for an entire month. $100 will pay the electric bill of a cancer patient whose finances were burdened with the diagnosis. Every gift of every size will support research and education activities at partner organizations including Moffitt Cancer Center, Cancer Alliance of Naples, and She Will Fight. Whatever you can give will help – it all adds up! I greatly appreciate your support and will keep you posted on my progress. 

I ride to to help those in need. Take the challenge. Join my fight.

Jack “JT” Norton

To make a donation online, visit my personal page. Or mail your donation to:
Pan-Florida Challenge
2097 Trade Center Way, Suite D
Naples, FL 34109

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