Pablo Gonzalez 2020

Meet Pablo Gonzalez, most of us have had a crazy year, but Pablo had an off the charts crazy year. It was great seeing him all over the place, including his first-ever XDA Races. Pablo has Six Puerto Rican Championships, and I will add that so does his father, and now has six U.S.A Championships for a total of 12. The Gonzalez girls were right there cheering him on as he moved across the country, hitting race after race, talk about a family road trip.

Let’s take a look at where Pablo was this year and how he did.

*Bradenton First points race of the year
Street Et Win πŸ†

*Orlando Speedworld First and second points race
3rd round loss on both

*Second SDBA race Crossville,TN
3rd round Pro Et
4th Rd Street Et
2nd round 6.0 index

*3rd SDBA Knoxville, TN
32 Shootout quarter finals
6.0 Win πŸ†
Pro Et Quarter Finals
Street Et 3rd round

*5th Orlando Speedworld NHRA points race
Win πŸ†

*XDA Virginia
First Super Stock Race
Qualifying #9 and 2nd round finish
Quarter Finals Pro Et
3rd street Et

*6th Race Orlando Speedworld final race
Win πŸ†

*SDBA 4th Race Crossville, TN
32 Shootout Semifinal
Pro ET Quarter-Final
Street ET Semifinal
6.0 index Win πŸ†

*Music City Raceway Nashville, TN
Semifinal Pro Et
4th rd Street Et

*ManCup Rockingham, NC 1 Qualifier Street Fighter

Win πŸ† Street Fighter
Win πŸ† Pro Et Saturday
Win πŸ† Pro Et Sunday
Quarter Final Street Et Saturday
Quarter Final Street Et Sunday

*XDA Maryland #4 Qualifier Super Stock 8.86

43rd Pro Et
Quarter Final Street ET

*DRC Race Bradenton Motorsports
2nd round Pro ET

*NHRA Division 2 Finals
Going to 3rd round, canceled due to rain

*Final SDBA Race Brainerd Motorsports In GA
32 Shootout Runner up πŸ₯ˆ1 Qualifier Super Stock

Win πŸ† Super Stock
Win πŸ† Street Et
2nd round Pro Et
2nd round 6.0 Index

Mancup World Finals Georgia
Street Et THC
Win πŸ†πŸ₯‡ with the Super Stock ZX14
Quarter Final Pro ET
Quarter Final Super Comp
1st rd Street Fighter

*Turkey Bash Bradenton Motorsports
Quarter Final Pro Et
Win πŸ† Street Et Friday
Win πŸ† Street Et Saturday

Pablo closes the season with the 2020 Southeastern Drag Bike Association – SDBA 6.0 Index Championship

MPS – Motorcycle Performance Specialties Pro ET Man Cup 2020 Championship

Liska Racing Street ET Man Cup 2020 Championship

There are so many talented and devoted racers out there and clearly, Pablo Gonzalez is one of them. This dedication is what makes our sport so amazing because like so many others, Pablo is doing this with no supporting sponsorship. We are eager to see what he does in 2021.

** Pablo is (my) JTNorton’s mentor in drag racing. He helped me learned the basics and we move up to my first ever passes down our home track of Orlando Speedworld Dragway. I have made six passes under his mentorship and they were all green lights. πŸ˜†

Pablo mentoring JTNorton

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