Bike Goal 10 to the 30’s 2020

( last update 2-12-2021 )

1st: 21 Day Self Goal: 01-30 days / 2nd: Bike on 30-60 days / 3rd: Keep On KeepN 61-90 days / 4th: KeepN Up! 91 – 120 days 5th: PushN On 120 – 150 days

My daily ride: I travel the same section every day during the week to see how low I can get the time. I have decided to separate this from my other riding post. My goal is to get this total distance into the ’30s. I have changed my diet and lifestyle to focus on health. I’m one of those people that needs a goal, so I’m just doing this for myself and not looking to set the cycling world on fire.

I started my biking on a used 26” Giant Boulder mountain bike on 8-25-2020. One of those borderline department store style bikes, then upgraded to a Felt Hybrid Bike, and man, I love this bike. I have now upgraded again to a Full Carbon Cannondale Super Six Road bike. I have also upgraded my helmet, gloves, saddle (seat) and went to clipping peddles. I video step up from the wally-world crap I started with. I also invested in proper riding attire as well, which is making for a better riding experience. 

About a month ago (September 2020) after I got into biking, I started aggressively pursuing this goal because I do better with a purpose. I did some reading, and experts say that pushing it every day could hurt the muscles. So I took their advice and didn’t go it every day. I want to make sure I do this right for myself. Here are the dates that I ride for this specific section of the path, which is right around 10.33 miles round trip. ( Saturday and Sunday relax and ride, hike or kayak new place days)
Walk photo from 10-8-2020

Daily Ride #1 : 9-23-2020 / 10.42 miles / 56.20 minutes

Daily Ride #2 : 9-24-2020 / 10.35 miles / 52.47 minutes

Daily Ride #3 : 9-25-2020 / 10.33 miles / 51.47 minutes

Daily Ride #4 : 9-26-2020 / 10.36 miles / 46.36 minutes

Right about this time is when I did that reading and started not to pursue this as a daily goal based to do this right.

Daily Ride #5 : 9-30-2020 / 10.34 miles / 53.55 minutes

Daily Ride #6 : 10-01-2020 / 10.32 miles / 42.55 minutes

I have noticed that the 10 miles are becoming more consistent at 42-ish minutes. I’m not pushing it as hard as was earlier but still getting good results. It all depends on that first damn crosswalk: if I can get across it quickly going out and coming back, I will get good times. Just need to shave about 3 minutes off it to hit the 30’s. I want to reach this goal three times before I switch to a new section.

I keep a steady pace and do not stop peddling and use the uphill sections and drop into a low gear give my legs a rest, but going downhill, it lowers it into a higher gear and get things moving. I’m focused on this ten-mile section and not a long-distance, so it requires my complete attention to get the most I can out of the workout. The 10 miles overall is getting more consistent, and once I reach my goal, I will need to increase the mileage.

Walk photo

Daily Ride #7 : 10-04-2020 / 10.35 miles / 44.50 minutes

Daily Ride #8 : 10-5-2020 / 10.22 miles / 44.40 minutes

Daily Ride #9 : 10-06-2020 / 10.24 miles / 45.05 minutes – I got stuck at a crosswalk and lost lots of time. I have changed my start point slightly, because where I park there is a crosswalk that is maybe 50 feet away. There is a metal guard rail on the other side of this crossing. I start and end my trip app there now. So you will see a distance closer to 10.23. Not too much a change for my goal.

Daily Ride #10 : 10-07-2020 / 10.23 miles / 42.10 minutes

Daily Ride #11: 10-08-2020 / 10.23 miles 42.10 minutes: I hit the same time and distance the same yesterday; too funny. #doubletap

Daily Ride #12: 10-09-2020 / 10.22 miles / 40:10 minutes – yeah, just missed it damn it, man. 🙂 I knew it was a great run. I could feel that it was a good day and applied pressure to keep a steady pace. I know there are a couple of sections I could have pushed it a bit harder. I also got across that damn crosswalk pretty quick, hopefully, quicker next time.

Walk photo 10-9-2020

Saturday and Sunday are rest and have fun days; it does not mean I do not stop riding; I just have fun somewhere new weather it kayaking,hiking,biking or checking out yard sales. (love stuff people odnt want anymore and you can get some good deals)

Day Ride #12: 10-12-2020 (Monday back at the 10-30 goal) coming into this day, I needed to shave off 1:01 from my best time to hit the 30’s. I came to this run with a different approach. My bike is not a road bike; it’s a hybrid, but I leaned in as if I was on a road bike. Whenever I’m in low gear, I lean down onto the bike. When I feel the leg pressure build or need a shot of cool air, I drop my head and focus on just maintaining my pace. Let’s see what we got…

Got it!!!! Now time to back it up. I am after three runs in the 30’s 1 down two more to go.

There were a couple of sections where I had to back off so I could have done this faster. The crosswalks are my biggest obstacles; if I get across quickly, I will make a good time. There are still two sections that I need to work on maintaining my pace. If I can hit the marks I need to hit, I can get this into the low 30’s. The area I’m doing my workout on is not a heavily traveled area during the week, considering the time in the morning I am going. My diet change has helped tremendously, and I have not felt this good ever. I love it!

Bike Ride (min 10 miles) Local trail
Pushing: Yes (No extra weight)
Miles: 10.22
Duration: 37:45 (Shaved 2:16)
AVG Speed: 16.2
Max Speed: 25.0
Calories: 523.5
Elevation loss: 100.4
Elevation gain: 118.8
Avg Pace: 3:41 min/mi

Day 47: 10-13-2020 I worked on maintaining an excellent solid low gear pace, not pushing for any particular times. I need to have my bike checked because a new sound has come up when in the low gear that wasn’t there yesterday. I also found an issue with my gloves, I have been using fingerless gloves since I began biking and did not relate it to an index finger discomfort. When I readjusted my stance yesterday and took the weight off my hands, the discomfort began to subside. I have ordered new fingered riding gloves and will continue to use my adjusted stance to keep weight off my hands. I will update again in a few days to let you know how this goes.

Bike Ride (min 10 miles) Local trail
Pushing: NO (No extra weight)
Miles: 10.24
Duration: 39:15 (wow I was not expecting this time today because I was not really trying that hard but I will take it.)
AVG Speed: 15.6
Max Speed: 24.2
Calories: 525.6
Elevation loss: 100.4
Elevation gain: 118.8
Avg Pace: 3:50 min/mi

*** Winter Garden Wheel work got my bike serviced and back to me on the same day. Awesome company, it just needs a peddle upgrade the factory ones are crap. Which I kind of figured might be the issue, all good to go for tomorrow morning.

**** I did upgrade the peddles and seat and it made a would of difference.

walk photo

DAY 48 10-14-2020 ( Local Trail / Florida) Went down hard at 4 miles broke my left collar bone. I had to get back on the bike and ride it back to my car and drive myself to the hospital.

DAY 98 12-05-2020 ( Van fleet trail / Florida) I got a bit closer 10 miles in 32.24!

Bike Ride Part 1 : 16-mile minimum (25.7km) Pushing: YES… pushing pace hard but after 16 mile (25.7km) went to normal ride mode. Miles: 16.06 miles (25.84km) Weighted: No Duration: 0:52:33 / Calories: 883.2 / Elevation Loss: NA Gain: NA / Avg Pace: 0:3:16 min/mi/km. TEN MILE (a personal 16 mile best but I also got the 10 miles (16 km) at 32.24 personal best.


12-30-2020 I’m still hovering in the low 30’s consistently but I also can not really push it as hard as I want with the collarbone and they have not cleared it yet. That 2nd followup Feb 2020. The Ten Mile 34 and 37 minutes is common for me now. The five mile mark hovers around 17 minutes.

DAY 134 01-10-2021 Van fleet trail / Florida TEN MILE (a personal 16 mile best 49:04 but I also got the 10 miles (16 km) at 32.17 personal best)

( Jan Van fleet Mabel Trail Head, Florida) This will be the first Bike Ride on the Cannondale Roadbike full carbon super six (PB = personal best)

Bike Ride Local Trail – New bike Day (23 mile portion routine) Minimum 22miles / Distance: 23.13 miles (37km) Pushing: NO. Temp 37F / 2.7C / Wind 6mph 9kph – Humidity 87% Duration: 1:16:08 (PB) AVG Speed: 18.2mph / 29.2 kph Max Speed: 23.9 mph / 38.4 kph Calories: 812 / Avg Pace: 3:30 min/mi/km.

DAY 160 02-05-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Cycling This was a solid run and managed to get the average speed up but kept the max speed down. I did trim a little bit off my 5-mile target time of sub 15 minutes as it came in at 16.02. I also closed up that pesky 10-mile sub-30minute target time as it came in at 32:16. Now I could push harder to hit the goals, but keep in mind I’m riding for the entire 22 miles (36km) not just a section of it. Every mile-split (Or km-0split) time is very important because I want to maintain time throughout the entire session.

Almost there !
PB (bike) 05-mile 0:15:43 2-10-21 15 thru 20
PB (bike) 10-mile 0:31:38 2-10-21 1 thur 10

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