SDBA World Finals October

South Eastern Drag Bike World Finals presented by ALL State Insurance Down Home Agency. Located in Georgia but they provide services to all of Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama.

Brainerd Motorsports Park 745 Scruggs Rd, Ringgold, GA 30736 A great little track with an outstanding supporting staff.

Allstate Insurance Agent Chickamauga, GA

I was supporting the SDBA and

October 2020

Friday: I got to my daily bike ride earlier in the morning at like O-dark thirty. After some breakfast I would begin heading down the Silver Comet Trail, West of Atlanta. It was a stunning slightly chilly ride which I will give it ” A MUST DO” rating for us bike people. The colors and trail were amazing, looking forward to going back. I got 26-miles and then my 4-mile walk. My shoulder was killing me by the 3-mile mark. My broken collar bone did not like this one bit. I survived got back to the car, took a pain pill and headed on to the track, stopping briefly for ice and to knock out a weird craving for orange juice. ๐Ÿค”

*Biking Location Silver Comet Trail – Mavell Road / Nickajack Elementary Trailhead and headed South

๐Ÿ I arrived around 1:30 pm and was surprised by how close Brainnerd motorsports park is to the Tennessee state line. Friday was a testing day and a bunch of racers showed up to participate. It ran until track closing and everyone was in great spirits. This was an eighth-mile event but the excitement did not disappoint. The testing time went well and I got a lot of shots I’m known for. Now late Friday night the rain came in and cause us some issues for Saturday.

Pablo Gonzalez 2020 6.0 SDBA Champion

Saturday; It took a while for the race to get going so I focused on the pits and our racing family. We would end up getting some racing in before a second of rain came in. Once it kicked in, I went and hung out with the Gonzalez Family and some amazing Puerto Rican food. ๐Ÿ‘€ PAblo’s wife Naeemah is an amazing cook. ๐Ÿ‘€

We sat for hours talking a lot about all kinds of stuff from drag racing to general life stuff. I love these times when I get to learn even more about my friends. Everyone was so supportive of my injury and looked after me as the weekend moved on.

2019,2020 2121

Sunday was a full day of racing and we had pretty decent weather to work with. It finished really late but everyone had a great time. I got some rest because I was hitting a bike route on the way back home in Alabama.

This event was brutal because my left arm kept giving out but thank goodness I’m right-handed. I could not use my left arm and had it in a sling but it would cramp up so I had to take it out. With it out of the sling, the weight of the arm would pull on the collarbone separation and it became extremely painful. I would have to sit down and rest my arm on my leg or the armrest of my car for about 5 minutes. I was good for about another hour before I had to repeat the process.

During street ET which is the largest class, it was really tough. I was doing a live feed and my left arm was hammering away on my collarbone and it felt like there were 800 motorcycles in the class and seemed to take forever to get through the class so I could go sit down. We have to do what we got to do and if I had to do it again I WOULD do it again.


Pro ET Champion Dustin Lee
JR Drag Racer Kaleigh Welch
Street ET Dustin Lee
6.0 Pablo Gonzalez
Super Comp Dustin Lee
Super Stock Patrick Cooper
Top Gas Dustin Lee
V-Twin Casey Smith

Bike: Location for my bike ride heading home Chief Ladiga Trail Holley Farm Rd, Anniston, AL 36206. I would do 43,98 miles total and it was well worth it. A beautiful trail but be careful if your hauling ass there are some pretty serious roots pushing up the trail. Go do this one it is worth the trip.

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