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updated post 2-03-2021 *I use one app for running & walking and another app for cycling. I also use an active 2 Samsung watch for my data on all three sessions. The numbers are not written in stone but they all are pretty close when I compare them. The numbers are used to give myself a goal and see how I’m progressing. I can run the same path over and over and it is never the same ride. Once my race ‘work” season begins we will begin traveling to new locations. I set goals for myself throughout my session like 3k, 5 miles, 5k, 10 miles and best lap time, etc… so if a session starts out bad. I have the motivation to keep pushing to hit another goal. #nevergiveup

August & September: I was not really using an app in September and was doing more bike riding than anything else.

October Walks and Runs: Calories: 30217 / Daily Average Kcal 974.7 / Steps: 586,913 (See Run note below)

November Walks and Runs: Calories: 25810 / Daily Average Kcal 860 / Steps: 501,639

December Walks and Runs: Calories: 30217 / Daily Average Kcal 974.7 / Steps: 586,913

January 2021 Walks and Runs: Calories: 27102/ Daily Average Kcal 874.3 / Steps: 538,064

August Cycling: Calories: 1,484 / Distance: 28 Miles (45 km)

September Cycling: Calories: 10,530 / Distance: 201 Miles (322 km)

October Cycling: Calories: 18,432 / Distance: 357 Miles (574 km)

November Cycling: Calories: 22,357 / Distance: 435 Miles (700 km)

December Cycling: Calories: 20,685/ Distance: 403 Miles (648 km)

January 2021 Cycling: Calories: 13,219/ Distance:258 Miles (415 km) * this is a low number because the app gave me several issues in Jan.

Walking data: I did not start daily walks until late September when all this turned into a fitness thing for me. I walk a lot during events so this is part of why the numbers is so high. At events I will usually do 6 to 10 miles of walking per day, depending on the size of the event.

Run/Jog data: I did not begin running until after I broke my collar bone October 14, 2020

Bike rides: I did not begin doing daily data routines until September when I began setting goals for myself.

Some photos from my Riding walking and running…

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