KOG Big 8 Drama 2020

For those that may not understand, here it is in simple terms. Yes, there are no rules for grudge racing except that you can’t use a bike that has shown its times and this is common knowledge. The claim is that a pro street bike was modified and then entered as a no time grudge bike. The event did not stop the use of the bike until the protest started. The bike had at this point made passes and was not disallowed until late into the event when it came down to the money rounds. There is a ton more drama that also sprang as some heated exchanges happened during the protest and ensuing arguments.

This is a public statement put out by Richard Gadson on social media because he was being singled out as the person who started the protest…regarding the Saturday night protest…

“I see a lot of bad ass dudes in here who feel a certain type of way 😂🤣… I’m going to make this one post and be done with it. I never waited until after I lost to protest Chris. The majority of the class wanted proof and I’m assuming they will speak up too. I took my loss and moved on initially. Then the situation was presented to me by MULTIPLE COMPETITORS . I told Chris what I thought of what he was doing early in the day after we shook down together. At the end of the track, privately, just me and him. No cameras or none of you goofies. I’ve been racing with Chris for a long time now and I called myself being respectful talking to him privately like a man. Now I will say this….

I would love to put different bodywork and a longer swing arm on My Pro street GS and come grudge racing with it. But I respect the game more than that and play by the rules like everyone else. I’m the one who lost to that bike and was reinstated, but you can’t blame me for them playing themselves. People aren’t stupid. It’s almost disrespectful to even blatantly do it. Say what you want IDGAF 😂. I was happy to be back in a 90k race, I don’t know a person on here who wouldn’t have gotten back in. Y’all have your fun with it.”- Richard Gadson 12-20-2020

(on The Call out FB page) word for word no edits

To those who where not there an to CJ
Cj Fair you said on your live Richard was protesting chris bike. Where did you get that scenario from ? Making it seems as if he started the protest. Which is totally false. An for those to say after he lost he complained. In reality how many of you know Rich to complain after a loss. He is a racer first an foremost an upstanding guy. But for those to bash him an call him names is totally disrespectful an wrong. But yet you uphold a Cheater. An there are rules in a Shootout Chris knew the rules but chose to pay his money an take a spot in the 16 bike field an pay his $1000 lock in. Then he chose to the pay his other $4000 the rest of his entry fee. Im sure he knew the rules Rasheem came to zello an strictly enforced the rules to enter the shootout. You all say every one is afraid of Chris because he is the fastest lets not forget he is not the only one who has broke records. Rich played by the rules , if any of you going to take winning 90k lightly, you guys are just plain crazy. Out of all the people talking an complaining the only person you guys want to call out is Richard. Smh. Play by the rules then you want have nothing to worry about. Didn’t Chris get kicked out of XDA for cheating? Im not sure just heard about it. Tracy Robinson 12-20

CJ’S reply ..

Scenario came after his win light didn’t come on. I have raced KOG for years and there’s a lot of classes Rasheem did away with because people didn’t follow the rules he came up with for those classes. Everyone knows Rasheem Clark will not inspect anyone’s bike… only reason why some people showed ignorance at this event because of $90k. I have nothing bad to say about anyone. Races I won and lost… no matter what happens I leave it all on the track. But you can’t honestly say that if RG won rnd one. We would not be having this discussion.

Offical response from KOG… WORD WORD FOR NO EDITS

Grinchmas HRP Fabrication BIG 8 Orlando!

Final Statement on DQ of Moore Mafia from the Big 8…

Every bike that enters the BIG 8 knows the rules or stipulations inside and out! If they don’t or have a question about something, believe me I always get a call, email, or message asking. You don’t enter it without knowing them. All Big 8 bikes that sent lock-ins KNEW ALL the rules of this event before hand, no questions about it!

When Chris talked me about locking and entering into the Big 8, it was clear to both parties about the rules and what had to be done if he choose run the same type bike application that he runs in pro street. He knew what I meant about that… short and sweet, not going thru all that technical bs.

I informed Chris thru at least 2 calls and few messages that if he wants to run a turbo 1K in the Big 8 Orlando, that he had to bring Mamba the bike that he rides in prostreet with him.

Meaning both bikes must be capable of going down the track… this the same thing I did with Frankie Stoz back in 2017 Big 8 in Bradenton with his 2 turbo Hondas. He brought both of them, no issues or concerns of being protest or DQ’d.

Every bike knows the rules, ANY BIKE that enters can be protested at anytime before or during the race. Chris knows this, he has protested bikes himself about bikes before at the end of races as well as been protested against on and Hand Clutch bike issue.
So no blame can be put on Richard Gadson, in fact Richard wasnt even the 1st person that came to me that wanted the bike looked at. It’s was several other participants, in which I told Chris in conversation before that this would happen if he didn’t bring both bikes that run. IN FACT, In our last phone conversation about this, he stated that he was definitely bringing Mamba also to make a 1/4 mile pass to flash the board to lower the ET record. I told him that’s great, I would let him make that pass and have Orlando turn on the boards.

With Moore Mafia choose enter the Big 8 and put up the entry money knowing all the stips, rules, conversations, & possibility of being protested and DQ’d. He could not provide both bikes as stated to him… therefore he was DIsqualified from the race.

We did not want to do this… but we must be fair to everyone else that entered the race & knew the stips & rules before hand and understood what could happen. Again we really hated that all this had to happen.

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