XDA 2021

Schnitz Racing is JTNorton.com’s official partner for all seven XDA events. This is the biggest and baddest motorcycle drag racing series around. A massive field of talent that is simply amazing to be a part of. We are going to make sure these men and women at every level get the recognition they deserve.

Number One Qualifiers, please see me once you’re confirmed to get a photo so I can get it to Chris and Jason for the XDA page. I will be on the midway, so it will easier to get to me. You all get crazy busy, so I will make it really quick, but we want to brag on you. This is a tough field of racers; it something to be extremely proud of.

Try & Keep Up! First to Perfect Cash Bonus! .000

  • Saturday and Sunday XDA for all Seven Events:
  • JTNorton.com Try and Keep will offer up a cash bonus of $100.00 to the first racer to get a .000 reaction time.
  • Whether you win or lose it does not matter perfect is perfect. .000
  • If both Racers get perfect reaction times, the winner gets the bonus. .000
  • Your time must be publicly displayed (sorry grudge people)
  • Come see me in the midway for your money, photo and JT Tshirt
  • If you win it Saturday everything resets for Sunday and you can win it again.

2021 XDA Schedule Supporting JT-partnerships or event support request are still available for this series.

  • April 23-25 at MDIR
  • May 21-23 at VMP
  • June 18-20 at MDIR
  • July 23-25 at MDIR
  • August 20-22 at VMP
  • September 10-12 at VMP
  • October 8-10 at MDIR
  • (MDIR) Maryland International Raceway
  • (VMP) Virginia Motorsports Park

Classes running for this event: Pro Street, Real Street, Pro Xtreme, Super Stock, Nitrous Bulls, Monster Bulls, DMV Bulls, Grudge, 4.60 Index, 5.60 Index, Top Sportsman, Pro ET, and Street ET! And on Saturday Night the Afterdark Underground comes to life with even more Grudge Racing

www.jtnorton.com Try & Keep Up! 2021

2021 Media JT Norton / Schnitz Racing / Dragbike.com


2021 Media Jack T Norton Schnitz Racing Dragbike.com http://www.jtnorton.com Try & Keep Up!

Supporting partnerships or event coverage request are still available for this series.

Additional 2021 JTNorton.com Partnerships Include:

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LSR Nitro Harley 2019,2020,2021
WHATAGRAPHIC 2019,2020,2021
JT’s Auto and Cycle Racing 2020,2021
Ape Raceparts 2019,2020,2021
Dave Vantine / Vantine Nitro-Sports 2019,2020,2021
Andie Rawlings 2019,2020,2021
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I have one silent partner 2019,2020,2021,2022,2023.

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