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Now all of you know that the JTNorton.com / Try & Keep UP! program is a traveling program. That also takes advantage of it by adding days before and after events to make sure get some other adventures in as we move across the country. I’m thrilled to add Cannondale to the TAKU! 2021 program family. #ridecannondale #tryandkeepup #jtnortoncom

When I ride this year the official bike of our program is Cannondale. We will be on a bike created by the best bicycle company on this planet! Cannondale was founded in 1971 by Joe Montgomery and Murdock MacGregor and has gone on to create every kind of bike that we humans will ever need. Regardless of the size of your pocketbook, skill level, or personal goals, they have a bike for you! A fantastic company that I’m honor to be able to promote as we move through 2021.

http://www.jtnorton.com / http://www.cannondale.com 2021
@ridecannondale (Instagram) @RideCannondale (twitter)
@RideCannondale (facebook)

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http://www.jtnorton.com Try & Keep Up! 2021

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