Chapter 5: PushN On 120 – 150 days

Last Edit 01-26-2021: Just as a reminder, I’m doing this for myself and for no other reason other than health, and I enjoy it. I am not looking to set the world on fire or break records, just keeping at it and seeing how good I can get at all this. Have fun, life is a blessing, and we should be grateful every morning we wake up breathing.

Chapter 1: 21 Day Self Goal 01-30  / Chapter 2: Bike on 30-60 / Chapter 3: Keep On KeepN 61-90  / Chapter 4: KeepN Up! 91–120, Chapter 5: PushN On 120–150 / Chapter 6: TryN and Still Flyin 150-180 /  Chapter 7: DropBars and BookN it! 180-210 / Chapter 8: Switching Gears 210-240Chapter 9: RoadTripN and Events 240-270 / Chapter 10: Digging In PushN On 270-320

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Chapter 5: PushN On 120 – 150 days

Cycling: Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday / Saturday: Minimum 22 miles (35.4km) per routine using the same start and endpoint on Tues Wed and Fri so it usually is more like 23 miles. The weekends are my fun days, and when I head out to an event for work, I’ll find a new location, going out, and coming back home. These are not part of my routines, so I do not push these rides. I go and enjoy the ride but always go well beyond my daily quota. 15 benefits of bicycle riding

Walking data: Done every day except on my run days (routine goal 9000k steps) These are not daily totals; I start and stop the app at the parking location. These walks immediately follow my bike ride but are also done on a rest day. I carry an extra 20 pounds. 10 lbs (3.6 kg weight) right arm / 10 lbs (3.6 kg left arm). Fast walk are done on some days and my rest day and only pay attention to pacing on Fast Walks.  10 Benefits of Walking

Run/Jog data: Monday and Thursday (yes, it’s a non-stop run) 10 miles per routine, with a follow up unweighted cool down walk. This is to slowly bring back heart rate back down to normal and relax my body. (shoes are Hokaoneone Carbon x2 and Bondi 7)– 22 Benefits of Jogging

Kayaking: I’m not “supposed” to do this until my doctor signs off on my broken collar bone. That 2nd follow-up is on Feb 5th. I broke it on 10-14-2020 during a bike ride. 10 Benefits of Kayaking 😬 oops!

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* 12-30-2020 Weight Increase walks 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

** 1-5-2021 I have increased my morning at home exercise routine to 45 minutes. There really is no concrete time limit, I just make sure all my sets get done since I’m getting better at it.

*** 1-6-2021 I’m dropping unweighted walks from the routine description since when I’m walking it’s always weighted unless it’s a cool-down walk after a run.

**** Bike upgrade: I have moved away from the Hybrid to a Road Bike on 1-9-2020. I have nothing against Felt, but bikes’ supply is limited right now, and I found a Cannondale full carbon Super Six that I could not pass up Ion. My original plan was to move to a gravel bike, but I realized that it would be a while because I do not want a low-end one.

***** 1-12-2021 adding another ride day to Wednesdays changing it from a rest day.

DAY 150 01-26-2021 Bike ride day, but it’s time for a new chapter. TryN and FlyN 150-180 Click here to keep up.

DAY 149 01-25-2021 (Local trail, Florida) Run day (10 miles/ 16km minimum) Data: Distance: 10.32 miles (16.6km) Pushing NO, Kcal: 1032, Temp 64F / 17C, Humidity 100%, Average speed 7.3mph (11kph) Max speed 9.2mph (14km) Average Heart Rate: 162bpm, Average Pace 8.12/mi / 5.05/km (cool down walk: steps: 8398, 4.2 miles / 0.75km, Kcal 443, I had to make the walk longer than normal to walk this one off)

🏃 Run day Distance: 10.32 miles (16.6km) Pushing NO, Kcal: 1032, Temp 64F / 17C, Humidity 100%, Average speed 7.3mph (11kph) Max speed 9.2mph 🚴‍♀️With the help of an excellent regular trail user, I got some video done today of my run. Ann was on her three-wheel bike (recumbent). She was nice enough to follow me through the run with one of my go-pros on her helmet. I will review the clip and share a portion when done with it. As far as the run itself, I was not that thrilled with it.

🏃My biggest issue was that I could not get myself to slow down. My heart rate control was total crap, and I contribute it to the new breathing technique that clearly I do not have a handle on yet. I will continue at this pace for my next run this week, and unless I see some real improvements, I will not begin pushing the speed anytime soon. I HAVE to get this heart rate under control. I will not do my second run at my standard path and will change it up for the second run this week.

🏥NOW Looking at the data, I did beat my personal best mile-split time on #1 at 7:31/mile, then topped that on #2 at 7:23/mile, which is now my personal best🏆. On mile-split three, I hit another sub-8 pace at 7:44. After that, I finally got myself slow down but still not enough and just kept hammering away at them damn eights. My worst time of the day was mile-split eight at 8:56.

🌎For my non-American followers, there are 16 km-splits in my run session—the first six km-splits were all under 5 minutes, with the best being 4:26. The remaining km-splits of 7 through 16 were all under 5:30 except #12, which came in at 5:39. Now people who like numbers might say I should be happy with this, but I would be much happier if I got these numbers with a lower overall heart rate. 🏥I don’t focus on this, but I know some do, my 5k time came in at 0:23:29 and the 10k time at 0:48:52. Just as a reminder, I run for health, endurance, and consistency, not speed.🌞

I still had a great day, so don’t get me wrong, and having a video of the run session will help a lot. (Thank you, Ann) I know my form and posture were off. I need to be more focused and work on that. Like I’ve said before, not every day is about perfection, sunshine, and butterflies.

I don’t usually have someone with me when I go do all this stuff, which was cool and made this an enjoyable day. 👊I love this stuff.👊 ONE ONE (I use Carbon x2)

DAY 148 01-24-2021 (Apopka, Florida) Rest Day walk 14.51 miles (23km) Calories 1394 steps 27902. Just enjoying the outdoors.

DAY 147 01-23 -2021 (Santos Trail Head and Campground, Ocala Florida) Bike Ride (total miles 45.32 / 72.9km)

🚴 Session #1 / Distance: 31.66 miles (50.9km) Pushing: no. Raining with a Temp 62F / 16C / Head Wind 8mph 12kph – Humidity 100% Duration: 1:51:15 Avg Speed: 17.0mph / 27kph Max Speed: 27.5 mph / 44kph / Calories: 1123 / Avg Pace: 3.30 Max Pace: 2:10 min/mi

🚴 Session #2 / Distance: 13.66 miles (20.9km) Pushing: no. Light Rain with a Temp 62F / 16C / Head Wind 8mph 12kph – Humidity 100% Duration: 0:47:15 Avg Speed: 16.5mph / 26kph Max Speed: 28.0 mph / 45kph / Calories: 476 / Avg Pace: 3.37 Max Pace: 2:08 min/mi

I have been here one other time, but that was on the hybrid bike. I wanted to go somewhere different today and enjoyed this spot last time. It would be my first time here with the Cannondale, and my lord did it get messy💧. As usual, the weather people were wrong, but I still go for it, rain or shine. After today I will need to get a couple of things for my rides to weatherproof me up a bit, mainly for my shoes and socks. I decided on this trail because I can start earlier than most others.


This one can get busy, but the rain kept the visitors down a bit. The path was drenched, but this worked out because it gave me plenty of mileage to get used to riding in wet conditions. The cannondale absolutely knocked it out of the park and stuck to the surface like glue. The clip-less Pearl Izumi attack road shoes and Keo peddles are a godsend. My feet stay firmly planted, which was awesome as we got soaking wet. I have biked in the rain before but without clip-less shoes/peddles, and it was a pain in the ass. Even with the poor weather, it was a fantastic ride and really put a new experience to my riding; if you avoid bad weather, you’re missing out because I had a blast.

I did not hit any personal best this time around but I was not really shooting for any. I did match my best 1 mile lap time of 0:02:55 per/mi, which was cool🏆. There were 31 full splits (miles) in session one, and they all were in the 3-minute window, so I’m pleased with the ride today.

For the non-American Followers🌎, there are 50 splits (km) in session one. 47 of the splits were under 0:02:30 per/km, which is where I like to see them. The two splits that did not cut it were split 1, and 26 came in at 0:03:17 and 0:03:37. 15 of the splits were under two minutes, with the best of the day being 0:01:45 on lap 24.

I had a lot of fun today and look forward to my next ride, love this stuff!


(bike) Cannondale {shoes} PEARL iZUMi

Fast Walking Data: Steps: 7880 / Kcal: 386.9 / Distance: 4.23 miles (8.2km) Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm. Average Pace 15:12min/mi

DAY 146 01-22 -2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Bike Ride- Cannondale Minimum 22miles / Distance: 22.97 miles (36km) Pushing: NO. Temp 59F / 10C / Head Wind 11mph 17kph – Humidity 87% Duration: 1:15:43 Avg Speed: 18.2mph / 35kph Max Speed: 25.0 mph / 40kph / Calories: 824 / Avg Pace: 3.17 min/mi/km.

A very good day and I wasn’t expecting it. I went into this session coming off a long run yesterday but decided to “unplug” for this one. I activated my app/devices for data recording but turned the sound off. Running quiet for this session and looking for a stronger solid pace using the new breathing technique. It was an incredibly comfortable ride, I don’t mean it was easy because that is not how my sessions go but DAMN it felt good. I would end up with a personal best for my 5 mile, 10, 16 mile and total session time. I did a good job keeping the max speed down but pushed the average speed up which did the trick. When my pacing would drop off I would get up and dig in to get it back up. My best 1 mile up to this point was 3 minutes 2 seconds, I would beat that lap time three times and be within 3 seconds of it 6 more times. I would also finally get that pesky two minute lap time mark and would get it deep into the routine on lap 22, coming in at 2 minutes 55 seconds. A very good day indeed that felt great with plenty of room to improve. Hopefully I get a green light in February from the doctor with this collarbone so I can really push these sessions. A very happy Cannondale Camper today! Awesome I love this stuff!

Walking Data: Steps: 10104 / Kcal: 521 / Distance: 5.1 miles (8.2km) Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm. I did this walk first and took a new direction just to change it up a bit.

*I’m changing my breathing technique based on a video/interview I watched with a professional runner.

DAY 145 01-21-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Run day (10 miles/ 16km minimum) Data: Distance: 10.28 miles (16.5km) Pushing NO, Kcal: 1041, Temp 48F / 8.8C, Humidity 98%, Average speed 7.0mph (11.2kph) Max speed 9.4mph (15km) Average Heart Rate: 152bpm, Average Pace 8.30mi / 0.00km (cool down walk: 1040 steps, 0.47 miles / 0.75km, Kcal 59)

Today was a solid run but I started a bit too strong and had to back it down but it was a good day out. The new breathing technique works well but I kept falling back to the old way, out of habit. So it will take a couple of runs to get it to become automatic. I will not do pace increases next week as well and keep to this routine plan. I have control of the heart rate and have it down but it needs to be a bit lower with out a drop in my performance. Once I make that happen I’ll begin pushing the routine a bit more. I don’t think it will take that long, based on how things are progressing. I use a camel pack for hydration and this time only filled it up a quarter of the way. Last time I put more water in it than I needed and it added some unnecessary weight, so this time I just added what I would need for the session.

Next Monday will be my next run routine when Ann is helping me. She has a recumbent three-wheeled bike and will follow me through my entire run. She will have one of my go-pros with her and this will help me review my run properly. I will have one on me as well so I can call out my heart rate and times and review my pacing in the first person. I’m looking into 5k’s events because I want to do one just to experience it. I have never done any type of official run but think it would be cool to have it for my blog. I really don’t care how I do, it should be fun.

Walking Data: Steps: 8860 / Kcal: 531 / Distance: 4.37 miles (7.0km) Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm. I did this walk first and took a new direction just to change it up a bit.


DAY 144 01-20 -2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Rest day they took awhile getting my car done but I got a late walk in. Fast Walking Data: Steps: 8124 / Kcal: 393/ Distance: 4.23 miles (6.8km) Average pace: 0:15:32 Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 143 01-19 -2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Bike Ride Local Trail – Cannondale Minimum 22miles / Distance: 22.92 miles (36km) Pushing: NO. Temp 51F / 10C / Head Wind 14mph 22kph – Humidity 61% Duration: 1:21:24 Avg Speed: 16.8mph / 22kph Max Speed: 28.5 mph / 45 kph Calories: 839 / Avg Pace: 3.33 min/mi/km. (added a short 1.3 mile cool down walk 2642 steps 115 calories)

A good day but coming off a long run yesterday I just decided to focus on getting all splits in the three minute window per mile but I also look at it from a kilometer data point. This is for the metric people that follow me, or as I like to say, those of you that are part of the modern world. My goal is to keep all splits in the two minute window with an target of 2:30 or less. So this for my metric followers, there are 36 km/splits in my routine. I want them in the low 2’s and as close together as I can get them. (Again my riding is not about speed) For today I did pretty good with 35 of the 36 coming in at or below 2:30, the only one decided to be a pain in the butt was split 24 at 0:02:36. Of the 36 splits I managed to get five in the 1 minute window with the best time being 0:01:43. There were some larger gaps that I did not acre for, but hills have a tendency to do that.

Some may ask why pay so much attention to your rides in this way? I’m a person that has to have a goal, but by doing it this way, every ride is different even when I take the same path. I can not be gone all day riding or running because I have obligations. This is my off season and once my work season begin I will be all over the U.S.A and will have plenty of new places to bike and run. So I will focus on my goals for now.

Walking Data: Steps: 9892 / Kcal: 458 / Distance: 5.04 miles (8.1km) Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm. I did this walk first and took a new direction just to change it up a bit.


DAY 142 01-18 -2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Run Day.

Run/Jog (10 miles/ 16km minimum) Data: Distance: 10.28miles (16.5km) Pushing NO, Kcal: 991, Temp 44F / 6C, Humidity 100%, Average speed 7.0mph (11kph) Max speed 10.2mph (16km) Average Heart Rate: 153bpm, Average Pace 8:34 mi / 5:19 km (cool down walk: 2147 steps, 1.1 miles / 1.7km, Kcal 110)

   This was a lot better run than the last run session. I slowed things down to keep better pacing and focus again on keeping my heart rate down. It still needs some work but it’s a whole lot better than last time. I could have focused better during splits at 5 and 6. (10 through 12 km splits)

Realizing that I was “staring at butterflies” too much, I got myself to refocused on the routine. I slowed things down for the closing splits to make sure the routine did not end up in the toilet.

It was a very good day with several personal best at 1k, 3k, 5k, and 10k. I’m not running for speed so it was a surprise when reviewing the data.

FYI: Other than listening for my heart rate I don’t run to the data I run by how it feels. This felt good for the most part but there are some adjustments that need to be made. Maintaining my form is one because, that got away from me a few times. Old habits that are going away as long as I stay focused. A good solid day, so I’m a happy camper!

Walking Data: Steps: 8124 / Kcal: 468 / Distance: 3.5 miles (5.6km) Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 141 01-17 -2021 ( Rest Day ) Walk only. Was a beautiful cool walk but just a Rest day. No rides, no runs, and no weights just an easy walk. (5miles 8km) Working on some team websites, videos templates for 2021 also getting some art work done.


@hokaoneone (I use Bondi 7 and Carbon x2) <- a good pair of shoes makes a world of difference, so make sure you have them.


DAY 140 01-16 -2021 ( Jan Van fleet State trail, Florida) Ride Day @jtnortoncom #jtnortoncom #ridecannondale #tryandkeepup @ridecannondale

Bike Ride – (Session One) Distance: 24.39 miles (39.2km) Pushing: NO. Temp 46.4F / 7C / Wind 6mph 9.6kph – Humidity 58% Duration: 1:27:41 AVG Speed: 16.7mph / 26.8kph Max Speed: 20.8 mph / 33.4kph Calories: 1248 / Avg Pace: 3:35 min/mi/km.

Bike Ride – (Session Two)  Distance: 19.2 miles (38.7km) Pushing: NO. Temp 51.7F / 10C / Wind 15mph 00kph – Humidity 39% Duration: 1:15:40 AVG Speed: 15.2mph / 24kph Max Speed: 19.0 mph / 30kph Calories: 668 / Avg Pace: 3:56 min/mi/km.

   Total Miles (43.59miles / 77.2km) I was going to do a new path today but needed to get some stuff done for my mom and the store closes at 1pm. So I kept to a location that was close to home. Jan Van Fleet Mabel Head trail head again. It was cold so I did not push for any low number, just ran for a solid pace and maintain a 125bpm+ heart rate. I did a good job keeping my max speed down and both sessions felt really good. I still need to make some more bike adjustments. The wind was low on the way out but did not stay that way for the ride back. I was fighting a chilly headwind the whole time but still did pretty good. I had a great time and look forward to the next ride. Saw an otter and a Racoon and some cool birds as always.

Fast Walking Data: (Min 9,000k steps weighted) Steps: 11609 / Kcal: 646/ Distance: 6.17 miles (9.2km) Average Pace: 0:14:55 Weighted: YES:  20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 139 01-15 -2021 ( Local Trail, Florida) Ride Day @jtnortoncom #jtnortoncom

Bike Ride Local Trail – #ridecannondale  (23-mile routine) Minimum 22miles / Distance: 23.71 miles (38.7km) Pushing: NO. Temp 44.5F / 6C / Wind 8mph 12kph – Humidity 100% Duration: 1:20:51 AVG Speed: 16.8mph / 25kph Max Speed: 28.0 mph / 45kph Calories: 851 / Avg Pace: 3:33 min/mi/km. Coming off a hard run yesterday, I decided to go into this run and work on my heart rate. I pushed it a little here and there but more to enjoy the ride. I still need to tweak my saddle (seat) position some more, still a tad low. When the sun came out, it turns into a wonderful ride. Nothing fancy today, just having fun and getting adjusting to the bike. All splits were in the three-minute window, and I wasn’t even trying to do that today. LOL, A good day, I’ll take it. 

I spoke with Ann again today, and she has agreed to help with a running video I want to get done. She seems like a really cool person and is clearly devoted to her riding, so I feel comfortable asking for her help. Ann rides a three-wheel bike, which I’m pretty sure’s called a Recumbent. She will have one of my go pros on it and follow me through one of my 10 miles (16k) running routines. I believe this will help me find issues in my routine and better grasp what needs to be changed to maximize it and make sure I’m doing it right.

Walking Data: (Min 9,000k steps weighted) Steps: 10613 / Kcal: 523.3/ Distance: 5.39 miles (8.5km) Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 138 01-14-2021 ( Local Trail, Florida) Run Day @jtnortoncom #jtnortoncom

Run/Jog (10 miles/ 16km minimum) Data: Distance: 10.28miles (16.5km) Pushing NO, Kcal: 1072, Temp 44F / 6C, Humidity 100%, Average speed 6.8mph (10.9kph) Max speed 9.6mph (15.4km) Average Heart Rate: 160bpm, Average Pace 8:42/mi/km (cool down walk: 7272 steps, 3.83 miles / 6.16km, Kcal 353)


I was going to start doing speed increases next week but after this run I have decided NOT to do that and will run this distance with increases for another week because this one was not any where close to where I wanted it.

The average overall pacing was good but I quickly realized that I had over dressed and had a hard time getting my heart rate under control. That’s what I get for listening to these dumb ass weather people. Even though the session was comfortable and I had no issues completing it, I just was not happy with the average heart rate once it was completed. I can not push a routine if I can not get this heart rate down. I slowed my pacing and did manage to get it down some but was still not happy with session overall.

It’s fine because I know what to do to correct the problems and for now will rest up and get back after it next week. Was still a fun day and as I have said before, not everyday is sunshine, trophy’s and butterflies.

Never a bad day running, they are just a days where we learn how to do it better.

DAY 137 01-13-2021 ( Local Trail, Florida) Ride Day @jtnortoncom

Bike Ride Local Trail – Cannondale (23 mile routine) Minimum 22miles / Distance: 23.08 miles (37km) Pushing: NO. Temp 52F / 11C / Wind 9mph 14kph – Humidity 90% Duration: 1:19:27 AVG Speed: 17.4mph / 28kph Max Speed: 25.5 mph / 41 kph Calories: 839 / Avg Pace: 3.26 min/mi/km.

This is the first routine day on the new bike and going clipless, so I decided not to push my luck and go for a solid ride and practice more with the clipping in and out at my turn arounds points. As far as form and consistency, holy fart cows while standing batman downwind, I was all over the damn place today. I did get all my splits into the three-minute window, except the split one. It came in at 4:30, so apparently, I had decided to fall back asleep for the first lap.

It was still a good day because several things became clear quickly. First I needed to adjust the saddle (seat) up with a slight forward tilt and when we put the clips on the shoe we set them at a neutral position, I needed to move it forward a bit. I love the bike and the pacing today is much easier to maintain on the Cannondale. I will need to adjust my riding style because it is much faster than what I had before. I was fighting some Hybrid riding habits but that is to be expected being that I rode that thing for as long as I did. It was a good ride and overall a decent day.

Even with being all over the place today, split five came in at 17:59 and Split 10 came in at 34:14. I still managed a personal best single split time on split 23 at 3:04. So it’s clear once I get adjusted and find the right setup, I’ll be getting some more goals accomplished and then be able to set some new ones. #ridecannondale #tryandkeepup #jtnortoncom

Walking Data: (Min 9,000k steps weighted) Steps: 10593 / Kcal: 521.9/ Distance: 5.31 miles (8.5km) Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 136 01-12-2021 ( Local Trail, Florida) Run Day

Run/Jog (10 miles/ 16km minimum) Data: Distance: 11.50miles (18.5km) Pushing NO, Kcal: 1002.2, Temp 63F / 17C, Humidity 89%, Average speed 6.5mph (10.4kph) Max speed 8.9mph (14.3km) Average Heart Rate: 150bpm, Average Pace 9:06/mi/km (cool down walk: 2717 steps, 1.39 miles / 2km, Kcal 147)


I knew as soon as I got out of my car this was not going to be any kind of personal best day. The air was thick with moisture and the humidity was well into the suck zone. So I went into this run focusing on a slower pace and more on my heart rate. I wanted to keep it in the 140 to 150bpm range because have noticed (for me) that if the BPM is in the mid 140s the entire session goes very well and this will allow me to speed increase on future sessions. I will not speed increase until next week, because I want to see how the second run session goes this week first.

The Samsung active two watch decided to be stupid again and when I did not get the split one update I glanced down and it had paused the workout shortly after the start of the run. The first split data was now worthless but I got it going again and just kept my pacing. I had activated an app as a backup so I still had that data because I’ve been here more than once with this damn watch.

Split two and three were eight minutes so I had to slow the pace down to bring it closer to nine minutes. Focusing on breathing was a priority because my heart rate was a bit up and down. I finally got it under control and settled into the session at about split 4. It got really comfortable around split 6 so it was a good run. I got stuck at a crosswalk going out and coming back and it caused me to stop briefly and I DO NOT like stopping, so I added another split to the session. It was a decent day, I had fun, and that is what this is about. #tryandkeepup #jtnortoncom #run #walk #health #excerise #hokaoneone #noexcuses #embracethesuck #jt #adventure

@hokaoneone (I use Bondi 7)<- a good pair of shoes makes a world of difference, so make sure you have them.

DAY 135 01-11-2021 ( Local Trail, Florida) Normally a run day but I have to bump it to Tuesday. I can’t do a 10mile run backed up against 64+mile bike ride. This will be a fast walk instead aka: a rest day.

Fast Walking Data: (Min 9,000k steps weighted) Steps: 15,270 / Kcal: 911/ Distance: 8.12 miles (8.5km) Pace: 14:49 Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.


I won’t do two heavy routines on back to back days. The fast walk is what I do as an insert on rest days with a goal of getting the lap time down as low as possible but maintain a walking pace, posture, heart rate, and breathing.

Too fast and it becomes aerobic and if you want weight control you have to slow the pace down but caution because too slow and it just becomes a low-intensity workout which in my opinion is as worthless as tits on a boar.

For me if I keep it in the 15+ minute per split window with an average heart of less than 120 Bpm it comes in at Weight Control but once I drop into the 14+ minute per split window with and average heat of 120bpm it become aerobic. So you’re going to having to test yourself and see what your after. For me anything 17+ per split comes in at low intensity which is what I do for 2 miles after every run (with no weights)

DAY 134 01-10-2021 ( Jan Van fleet Mabel Trail Head , Florida) This will be the first Bike Ride on the new Cannondale Roadbike (PB = personal best)

Bike Ride Local Trail – New bike Day (23 mile portion routine) Minimum 22miles / Distance: 23.13 miles (37km) Pushing: NO. Temp 37F / 2.7C / Wind 6mph 9kph – Humidity 87% Duration: 1:16:08 (PB) AVG Speed: 18.2mph / 29.2 kph Max Speed: 23.9 mph / 38.4 kph Calories: 812 / Avg Pace: 3:30 min/mi/km.

This was fantastic and a long day of riding on the new Cannondale using the new clipless shoes and peddles. Let us talk about some stuff I’m proud of because I hit so many personal best, and this was a straight flat run with no hills to assist me.


The 23 split routine duration two days ago on the Felt Hybrid was a personal best with at 1:20:00. Today I beat it with 1:16:08 (PB) and also had an overall average pace of 3:30 min(PB). Every split logged in under 3:30 and 15 of the splits were under 3:20. My 5 mile (8km) mark was a personal best 0:16:01, 10 miles (16km) a personal best of 0:32:17 ( I’m after a sub 30min time), 16 miles (25km) a personal best of 0:49:04.

Honorable mention: My personal best individual split time to date is 3:06, which I got on 1-8-2021. Using the Felt Hybrid on a downhill run to pass a slower rider. Today I hit 3:07 three times on splits two, four, and ten.

Total Distance: 64.58 Miles (103km) Average pace Going out 3:30 and 4:29 coming back. Calories burned 3321.1 – Jan Van fleet Mabel Trail Head , Florida. FYI: I stopped the data tracking after I clear 23 miles and then restart it for the remainder of the day. I was very happy with the day and look forward to my next session, I love this stuff.

1-10-2021 snack time 25 miles out
Upgraded 1-9-2021

DAY 133 01-09-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Normally a leisure bike ride day but had to pick up a new bike, so it’s a fast walk & rest day instead. I now have all the water bottle holders and go pro mounts moved over. I will take it out tomorrow and get a feel for it and practice with the new clip-less peddles and shoes. I will not push for any numbers until I get used to the bike, shoes, and peddles; my goal tomorrow is not to bust my ass. I’m going to a place that does not have a lot of curves or crosswalks.

Fast Walking Data: (Min 9,000k steps weighted) Steps: 9959 / Kcal: 489.5/ Distance: 5.30 miles (8.5km) Pace: 15.36 Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm. Did this after I went to get the bike and it was nice doing it a bit later too. The trail was not that busy and there was a lot of sun and a cool breeze.

DAY 132 01-08-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Bike Ride

Bike Ride Local Trail – Routine day Miles: 23.04 miles (37km) Pushing: NO. Temp 57F / 10C / Wind 4mph 6kph – Humidity 85% Duration: 1:20:00 (Personal Best) AVG Speed: 17.3mph / 27.8 kph Max Speed: 23.7 mph / 38.1kph Calories: 1178 Elevation Loss: 224 (68meters) Gain: 240.8 (73 meters) / Avg Pace: 3:28 min/mi/km.

Ride Notes: This was a good day, and the ride felt good but with a few areas that need improvement. I was working to keep all splits in the three-minute window and was successful at doing just that. The path was really wet, so I had to be a bit cautious in the corners because of all the algae and moisture. The routine focus is 22 splits, and as mentioned above, all 22 were in the three-minute window, with 14 of them 3:30 and below.

The best split was sixteen at 3:06, so I’m still closing in on that two minute split time. LOL. Due to the type of bike I’m using, it’s not one of my goals right now, so it will be cool whenever it happens. I did not control my heart rate very well during one section, and it maxed out on me, but I dropped my pace and used my breathing to get it back down. Not focusing hard enough on an uphill section has a tendency to do that. There were areas that I could’ve also held my line and ride posture better. I’m still thrilled with the ride today. YES, I’m still looking at a bike upgrade; I’m just really picky, so that it may take a while.

Walking Data: (Min 9,000k steps weighted) Steps: 10282 / Kcal: 504/ Distance: 5.26 miles (8km) Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 131 01-07-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Run Day

Run/Jog (10 miles/ 16km minimum) Data: Distance: 10.27 miles (16.5km) Pushing NO, Kcal: 982, Temp 51F / 10.5C, Humidity 99%, Average speed 7.3mph (11.7kph) Max speed 9.4mph (15.1km) Average Pace 8:11/mi/km (cool down walk: 9959 steps, 5.11 miles / 8.2 km, Kcal 471)


OH WOW! I’m over the top happy with the run routine today. Just as a reminder, I do not run for speed; it’s about consistency and bio-data like heart rate, breathing control, and split time gaps (the smaller the gap, the better). On my run earlier this week, I changed several things about how I run, like correcting posture, doing some new warm-up movements, and making sure I stopped heel striking, which required the posture change.

The previous run went very well, and it took me a few splits to get the form right, but my body adjusted quickly and liked it. On this run, I picked up where I left off, making sure I kept my form right from the start, and the numbers surprised the hell out of me. I was not pushing for numbers, but every spilt was not only in the eight-minute window but 8:31 and less.

8:31 was my worse split time of the day, but I HAD THREE consecutive splits in the seven-minute window. Two (7:38), Three (7:38), and Four (7:56). The following splits were also very good at Five (8:11), Six (8:17) Seven (8:14). The form makes a world of difference, and you should really look at yours and make sure it is correct. Just because you run X number of miles, that does not mean you’re doing right. Focus on making sure you do it right and pay attention to how you’re doing it.

One of my running goals has been to get each split (mi/km) in the eight-minute window while controlling my biodata. I got it done today and was not even pushing for numbers. It was a great run and felt awesome for the full 10 miles (16km) distance. Even though today was a very good day for me, I still will not change my plan. I will not be pushing for numbers and will maintain “non-pushing” pacing through next week to ensure my form and body are not overstressed, so the run is safe and effective.

DAY 130 01-06-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Rest Day Walk Only

Fast Walking Data: (Min 9,000k steps weighted) Steps: 15890 / Kcal: 896 / Distance: 8.45 miles (13.5km) Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm. Temp 42F / 5.5C Wind 6 mph 9.6kph Humidity 90% Now, since I don’t think I have described what the hell a fast walk is, let’s do that now. A normal routine walk, which is common after a run or bike ride, is about 17 to 18 min per mile (km). I’m just walking at a casual pace doing some basic upper-body reps. On a fast walk, I’m pushing my pace but keeping it a walking pace. If you have ever been trying to get through an airport to make your connecting flight, you know what a fast walk is. My pacing on average 14 to 15 minutes, but I’m trying to push each full fast walk routine into the 14-minute time slot. As it stands today, I usually can keep it in the 14-minute window up to about 6 miles. Split seven and eight are usually in the low 15’s, 15:02 & 15:37 today. This pacing pushes my heart rate up and burns a bit more calories but does not stress my legs and allowing me a light workout day.

DAY 129 01-05-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Bike Day

Bike Ride Local Trail My Routine path
Pushing: NO. Temp 48F / 8C / Wind 8mph 12 kph – Humidity 85%
Miles: 23.43 miles (37km) Duration: 1:36:38
AVG Speed: 14.9mph / 23.9 kph Max Speed: 21.5 mph / 34.6kph
Calories: 1206 Elevation Loss: 260 (79meters) Gain: 266.7 (81 meters) / Avg Pace: 4:07 min/mi/km. Ride Notes: I took an easier pace this time and did not push the routine. It was still a good run at decent pacing; I just decided to change it up a bit and try a new section of the trail, which ended up not worth much. Lol. Not every day has to be about busting out numbers, so I decided to have some fun and enjoy the ride.


Walking Data: (Min 9,000k steps weighted) Steps: 10903 / Kcal: 590 / Distance: 5.32 miles (8.5km) Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm. A good morning walk, nothing out of the ordinary, was an enjoyable morning. I’m giving my arms a thirty-second stretch break every 1 mile/km. Temp 48F / 8C Wind 8 mph 12kph Humidity 85%

DAY 128 01-04-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Run Day

Run/Jog (10 miles/ 16km minimum) Data: Kcal: 966 Distance: 10.37 miles (16.6km) Temp 46F / 7.7C Humidity 96% Average speed 6.5mph (10.9kph) Max speed 8.8mph (14.1km)

This was a really nice run today because I manage to get my max speed down some but kept the average up. Breathing and heart rate were once again controlled and right where I wanted them to be. The plan was to slow things down to make making adjustments to my running style. After watching some running tip videos and then watched several videos of runners, I noticed, I was heel striking during my stride. When you land heel first you are “putting the breaks” on the stride and your body has the lean back in to regain momentum. So I corrected my posture and running stance and made sure to mid-strike my steps back under me and the run was a lot more comfortable. When you flat-foot it, this maintains your forward momentum and also does not beat the shit out of your knees and legs. It did not take long to adjust and by split three I settled into it and the new form is working out great but I will be mindful to make sure bad habits don’t come back.

I also picked up a camel pack for hydration and to free up my hands. I should have picked up one of these things a long time ago. It took a bit to adjust to having something strapped to me, but I forgot it was thereafter about spilled four. It was a chilling morning, but it turned into a gorgeous run when the sun started coming out. I will finish this week and next routines at this pacing and then should be ready to push things a bit harder for a better number. When doing my bike rides, I’m not after speed; I’m after consistency thought the routine. The effectiveness of the routine is far more important than how fast I can do the routine. When it gets too easy, I bump it up, but I can keep this distance for a while because I have a lot of work to improve it.

Walking Data: (cool down walk) Steps: 4596 / Kcal: 238 / Distance: 2.35 miles (3.7km) Weighted: NO

DAY 127 01-03-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Rest Day (Morning Exercise & walk only)

Walking Data: (Min 9,000k steps weighted) Steps: 16199 / Kcal: 736 / Distance: 8.16 miles (13.1km) Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm. A good morning walk, nothing out of the ordinary except I got rained on the last 3 miles (4.8km). Gave my arms a thirty second stretch break every 1 mile / km. Temp 68F / 20C Wind 9 mph 14kph Humidity 96%

DAY 126 01-02-2021 (local Trail, Florida) Routine day:

Bike Ride Local Trail My Routine path
Pushing: NO. Temp 67F / 19.4C / Wind 11mph 14.4 kph – Humidity 97%
Miles: 23.12 miles (37km) Duration: 1:21:57
AVG Speed: 16.9mph / 27.19kph Max Speed: 24.6 mph / 39.5kph
Calories: 1191 Elevation Loss: 253.0 (77meters) Gain: 259.3 (79 meters) / Avg Pace: 3:31 min/mi/km.

Because of the new year transition and my weekly routine schedule got messed up, so I decided to do a full routine day today. Ride & Weighted Walk. I got every spilt into the three minute window, making it a great first ride for 2021. I had a couple splits that were in the high threes but that’s fine, it gives me something to work on. My breathing and heart were on point and it was a soild steady ride. Even though speed is not what I work on, I did have one split (22 @ 3:06) almost drop into the two minute window. I had to speed up to pass a slower rider before he went into a set of curves ahead of me and messed up my day. lol I’m very happy with this ride and will even proably hit the two minute window before I upgrade the bike.

Walking Data: (Min 9,000k steps weighted) Steps: 10280 / Kcal: 530 / Distance: 5.68 miles (9.1km)
Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 125 01-01-2021 (Silver River Ocala, Florida) Kayak Day: Ray Wayside park. Start 650am / End 315pm Distance: 11.00 miles (17km) I was doing some underwater stuff so I have to let the camera sit for about 25 minutes each placement. Did four placements and I was not in a hurry overall. Got some more gator photos and kayaking is a relaxing thing for me. My shoulder held up pretty well.

DAY 124 12-31-2020 (Local Trail Florida) Run Day

Walking Data: (cool down walk from run)
Steps: 4417/ Kcal:198 / Distance: 2.21 miles (3.55km)
Weighted: NO

Run/Jog (10 miles/ 16km minimum) Data: Kcal: 1000 Distance: 10.26 miles (16.5km) Temp 68F /10.5C Humidity 84% Average speed 6.6mph (10.6kph) Max speed 7.8mph (12.5km) The last official run day for 2020 and was very happy with it. I was looking at split data from my eight-mile runs and then compared the data to the first 10’s that are completed. I was still running to the eight mile distance so I backed off the pacing and ran for the ten-mile distance. I settled in around split two and began hydrated at spilt four and each mile thereafter, unless I was going uphill. I hydrated again before getting into the two hills on the return trip and once I cleared them if needed. I brought my max speed down but kept my average pacing from the previous run. The routine felt great and my body is adjusting to it nicely. I’m figuring maybe four or five more routines at this distance and I should be able to start pushing for better numbers. It was nice to close out 2020 with a routine I’m happy with.

DAY 123 12-30-2020 (Local Trail Florida) Rest Day

Walking Data: (Min 9,000k steps weighted)
Steps: 10280 / Kcal: 530 / Distance: 5.68 miles (9.1km)
Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 122 12-29-2020 (Jan Van Fleet Florida) The last Daily ride of 2020 decided to go big. My focus on these rides is my heart rate and I try and keep it over 125BPM. Average today was 126bpm. Miles: 65.55 miles (105.4km) Pushing: NO. Temp 50F / 10C Wind 9mph 14.4 kph – Humidity 99%
Weighted: yes 4lbs
Duration: 4:33:49
AVG Speed: 14.4mph / 23.1 kph Max Speed: 20.0 mph / 32.1 kph
Calories: 3379.4 Elevation Loss: 307.7 Gain: 298.6 / Avg Pace: 4:10 min/mi/km

Tomorrow is a rest day Thursday is a run day. Heart rate was good, held a consistent pace on all 65 splits. Took my breaks and enjoyed a beautiful day. Was a great day riding and it’s always a gorgeous ride out here. I love this stuff, bring on 2021.

Selfie time if I have to go it alone I will go it alone. 😆

DAY 121 12-28-2020 (Local Trail Florida) routine day

Run/Jog (10 miles/ 16km minimum) Data: Kcal: 1028 Distance: 10.28 miles (16.5km) Temp 51F /10.5C Humidity 94% Average speed 6.7mph (10.7kph) Max speed 9.1mph (14.6km)


On my last run, 12/24/20, there were some technical issues, but this time, things ran a lot smoother, pun intended. I also was considering dropping this back to eight miles (12k), but I have decided to stay with the 10 miles (16k) after this run.

You will notice more information appearing above because I’m paying more attention to the data and will begin working to improve these numbers. I will not push for lower numbers for a couple more runs to make sure my body has completely adjusted to this new distance. Keep in mind this is only my third run at this distance; I used the same process when I moved from routine distances of four, six, and eight, which has worked out fine. One goal will be to get this routine below one hour, which I don’t see an issue achieving, considering this one was at 1:31:55 and was not doing any speed increases or pushing my pace.

The one thing that changed on this is my hydration pattern, which I tried out on this routine. My body has started settling into the routine around split two, so I focus on pacing from split one to four. At split four, I hydrate but not a lot, just a couple of shots. Then I do another small hydro shot at split 5. I then work on pacing because I have two hills to deal with coming back. I do hydro shots again before I get into these hills. Once pasted these two hills, I drop my speed slightly and get settled back into my run. Split eight, my body settles in once again, and the final two splits went very well.

Now I did have three splits that did not make the eight window, but that’s fine because they are just outside the mark in the low nines, so after a few runs, it will be no issue bringing them down. My breathing was okay, but I could have done a bit better to keep my heart rate down, but this is common when I move to a new distance. I Will get it next time, and I am pleased with the routine. A GOOD DAY I’LL TAKE IT!

The Hoka One One Bondi 7 shoes are feeling better and better the more they wear in, I’m very happy with them and recommend you go with their products.

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