Chapter 6: TryN and Flyin 150 -180 days

Last update 02-28-2021: “Stop complaining and listening to the noise and enjoy your life, Find your happiness and don’t let it go of it.” – JT

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Pending chapters 330-365. Closing in on that 365!

Chap 6: TryN and Still Flyin 150 -180

Saturday is now an open day for biking, kayaking, hiking, or just make it an extra rest day, etc… A fun day to reward me for sticking to all this. I DON’T DO CHEAT DAYS, so it not one of those days. Sunday is back to being my official rest day.

Run/Jog data: Mon and Thurs (yes, it’s a non-stop run) 10 miles (16km) per routine, (shoes are Hokaoneone Carbon x2)– 22 Benefits of Jogging

Cycling: Tues/ Wed / Fri. Minimum 22 miles (35.4km) per session using the same start and endpoint so it usually more like 23 miles. 15 benefits of bicycle riding this is not casual rides through the park watching flowers, butterflies, and sunshine, I press these routines and work them hard.

Walking data: These are not daily totals; I start and stop the app at the parking location following my daily sessions. 10 Benefits of Walking I also do a Fast Walks where I push the pacing time as low as possible. All walks are weighted with an extra 22.5lbs / 9.9kg

* I was going to change my run and ride sessions beginning in February but decided to leave them as-is. I like the way my sessions plan are currently set up. This puts me one run session behind for February but that is fine my performance is not suffering.

** 2-8-21: Added weighted walks back to my run days. I will finish this week at 20lbs (9kg) of weight and may up it to 30lbs (13kg), I will finish this week first at my current weight.

*** the 45 minute morning exercise routine, like my walks are done every day, even on rest days.

**** 2-14-21: Weight increase; added 3 pounds 1.5 per ankle will keep each arm at 10 lbs for now. Total weight now 22.5lbs (9.9kg)

DAY 179 02-28-2021 (Rest Day/Fun Day) no runs no rides … but let’s see what happens instead. Little Econ River Kayaking

Ending Feb2k21 with a great kayaking run. Start tine 7am – 4.5 hours up stream took lunch break  and then enjoied a great ride back. Off the water at 330ish, A LOT OF GATORS out TODAY so it made the day perfect becasue its my favorite subject.

I have been around these creatures and photographing them for 20 years. I had some great mentors and the education to back up my experience with these animals, PLEASE leave them alone. They are more afraid of you then you are of them, but they will defend themselves if you possess an abnormal amount of stupid. I go out of my way to ensure I do not disturb or stress these creatures. The animal’s well being always comes first, because they have no idea what we are up too. Show respect always- JT @jtnortoncom

Walk Data: Steps: 8650/ Distance: 6.76km Weighted: NO

DAY 178 02-27-2021 (Local Trail Florida) 🏃Run day: (Feb#7 2k21) A session is 16km/10miles minimum. Distance: 18.02km (11.19miles) Pushing; NO, Duration: 01:35:05, Temp: 22C / 71.5F, Humidity 88%, Average speed 11.3km / 7.0mi, Max speed: 13.9km/ 8.6mph Average Pace: 05:16/km – 8:29/mi Max Pace: 04:18/km or 6:56/mi #hokaoneone Carbon x2.

Today was an open day, so I decided to make it a run day and also needed one more run session for February. This also keeps Sunday as a rest day or a fun day, since I’m considering a kayak run for tomorrow. extra reminder; I do not like to stop, so yes this is a constant run.

I went into this run just looking for a solid pace because I knew the Florida heat and humidity was going to rear its ugly head today. The clouds were spotty but I could tell it was not going to give much cover and comfort. This run was going to push me so I decided early on, to push back by adding two kilometers to the session. I would push it a bit but only as long as I could maintain the five minute split goal for the routine. I knew as I closed in on km-spilt 18 that the upcoming hill was not going to go well. I did really well on the other hills and I did not want to tank my day so I just pushed it to 18km.

2-27-21 cool down walk after my run

I had one km-split drop into the four’s #2 at 00:04:54, but I made quick pace adjustments and brought it back into the fives. Again just as a reminder, I don’t run for speed, I’m running for my whole session of 16km. I can pull fours but I know back back half numbers would be in the toilet because of the hills I have to deal with on the return. The times will drop as I get stronger at this. If I can low-five these hills, which I did do today then everything else will drop on future runs.

My group times were: 5k= 00:25:35, 10k= 00:51:42, 15k= 01:18:23. What I also think is cool is that each 5k group today was pretty close in time. 1st 5k was 00:25:43, 2nd 5k was 00:26:06, and the third 5k was 00:26:42. I would like to see these a bit closer but I’m happy with it. This is not something I have on my run goal list or look at a lot, I just thought it was cool.

There were a lot of people out today which is fine and also expected on a Saturday. I’m always glad to see people outside enjoying the day and it was nice they all seem to have a great grasp on path etiquette. It was a good session and a great way to end February 2021. Bring on March 2k21 I’m ready for ya!

Walk Data: Steps: 14312/ Distance: 11.28km Weighted: YES (6.77km) : 23 lbs (9.9kg): 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm . 1.5 lbs each ankle.

2-27-21 during cool down walk

DAY 177 02-26-2021 (Rest Day) I need to let my body recovery. My run/rides are not casual and require a good deal of work to maintain the goals set for each session. I love doing all this and want to make sure I get it right and don’t hurt anything, I’m not as young as I once was, 🤣 so trying my best to do this the right way.

Walk Data: Steps: 18591/ Distance: 15.21km Weighted: YES: 23 lbs (9.9kg) : 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm . 1.5 lbs each ankle. I made sure to not push this walk because I wanted it to stay a low-intensity session. I managed to keep my heart below 100bpm for 63.2% of the entire walk session. It is a rest day so the goal is to keep whatever it low intensity. I can’t just sit around staring at the ceiling fan all day because it would drive me bat shit crazy so this is how I compromise.


DAY 176 02-25-2021 ( Local Trail Florida ) JT-Cycling: (Minimum 36km/22mi) Distance: 37.17km / 23.09mi, Pushing: NO Temp: 17C / 62.5F, Humidity 65%, Duration: 01:13:31, Avg Speed: 30.3kph/ 18.8mi, Max Speed: 42.5kph / 26.4mi, Avg Pace: 01:58/km – 3:10/mi, Max Pace: 01:24/km – 2:16mi.

Ok, at the start of this session, I had a massive brain fart and could not get my left foot clipped into the peddle to save my life. I did NOT restart the session; it is what it is. I would finally get the damn thing clipped in and was off cycling. I would have a decent day, but it was not as strong as yesterday, but that’s fine; I was cycling, so it’s always a good day.

I would get all 37 splits today under 02:20, and 24 of them would get below two minutes (01:59 or less). The best split of the day would go to #23 at 01:42. Now yesterday, I had all my splits go well below the session goal and even drop below 02:10. Today I did have two that did that well today, and it was #1 at 00:02:13 and #34 that came in at 00:02:15. I may need to set a new session goal, but I will see how next week’s sessions go before making that adjustment.

My km-group times were: 5k 00:09:38, 10k 00:19:39, 20K 00:39:17, 30K 00:59:03. My mi-group times were: 5 miles 00:15:45, 10 miles 00:31:31, 20 miles 01:03:20. It would be nice to get this 20-mile under an hour, but I know it is only a matter of time.

No personal best but a solid run, and they were almost no one out today, which was a nice change. Tomorrow will be a rest day because I have another run for February to get done and want to make sure it goes well.

Walk Data: Steps: 11712/ Distance: 9.56km Weighted: YES: 22.5 lbs (9.9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm . 1.5 lbs each ankle.

DAY 175 02-24-2021 ( Local Trail Florida ) JT-Cycling: (Minimum 22miles / 35km) Distance: 37.08km / 23.04mi, Pushing: NO Temp: 15C / 59.9F, Humidity 87%, Duration: 01:13:04, Avg Speed: 30.4kph/ 18.9mi, Max Speed: 43.4kph / 27mi, Avg Pace: 01:58/km – 3:10/mi, Max Pace: 01:22/km – 2:13mi.

This was a surprisingly good day, only because I was still feeling it that runs from yesterday and was not expecting these numbers. I went into this ride with just a determination to work on my “digging in.” That’s what I call it anyway, and for those just joining me, that’s when my body wants to stop or slow down. Instead of listening, I get off of the saddle and push hard for 10 repetitions. One rep is a full right and left leg rotation. My cycling sessions have two goals: to get each km-split below 00:02:20, and the other is to get as many splits as I can below two minutes, 00:01:59 or less.

Session Goal #1: I would have 37 km-splits today all were below two minutes twenty seconds and in fact, all but one was below 00:02:10. The one that did not make it was #24 which came in at 00:02:12.

Session Goal #2: of the 37 km-splits I would get 21 got below two minutes. The best km-split of the day would be #23 at 00:01:41.

No personal best for today but a solid day, and I will take that any day of the week. My km-group times were; 5k= 00:09:37, 10k= 00:19:48, 20k= 00:39:25, 30k 00:58:48. My mi-group times were; 5 miles= 00:15:48, 10 miles= 00:31:46, 20miles= 01:03:01. I also had four mi-splits drop into the 2-minute window, and they are becoming easier to get the better I get at managing my ride

Walk Data: Steps: 11422 / Distance: 8.86km Weighted: YES: 22.5 lbs (9.9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm . 1.5 lbs each ankle.

DAY 174 02-23-2021 (Local Trail – Florida) 🏃Run day : (Feb#6 2k21) Running (a session is 16km/10miles minimum) Distance: 16.56km (10.29miles) Pushing; NO, Duration: 01:26:55, Kcal: 1000, Temp: 17C / 62.5F, Humidity 90%, Average speed 11.4km / 7.1mi, Max speed: 13.9km/ 8.6 mph Average Pace: 05:16/km – 8:26/mi Max Pace: 04:07/km or 6:56/mi #hokaoneone Carbon x2.

I got some rest yesterday, but last night some issues arose with my day job. I woke a bit frustrated but got my morning routine done before headed out for my run. I was planning on pushing the back half of this run but had an issue staying focused. These work issues kept creeping up, I would refocus, but I would find myself drifting back to them after a bit. I will not push myself if I can’t stay completely focused on what I’m doing. I would rather wait to fight another day than ruining a solid routine or run the risk of doing something stupid.

The session went very well, and all 16 km-splits made the session goal of being within the five-minute window. The splits time separation across the board was also satisfactory because there was only a 3-second difference between #2 through #12. It jumped up a little bit on #13 (00:05:20), but I got it back down to the teens after that. The worst km-split was #1 coming in at 00:05:41 and the best being #10 at 00:05:04. With average pacing of 00:5:14, I’m still happy, considering how I was really not all there today. Sometimes you have to get it done, and I got it done. The run put me in a better mood to deal with what needs to get done. I love running.

Funny story: Real Happenings: Bear with me…

I run, walk, and or cycle every day. During the week, and use the same start and stop location to get my workout routines done. As with any location, you have regulars always out there, doing whatever works for them, Walk, Rollerblade, bike, walk dogs, or Run, etc.…

I see two older African American ladies out here about three to four times a week doing their walking. We always say hello in passing, and after all these months, we have passed each other countless times.

Since I’m focused on what I do, we have never officially stopped and talked, so I don’t know their names. From time to time, I will see only one of them because, for whatever reason, the other lady has life things to deal with and can’t make the walk with her friend.

NOW with all that said…

🏃‍♂️I had made my run out and was on my return run and saw one of the ladies walking up ahead. She was on her phone, talking via speakerphone to someone. I think it was her walking friend because as I passed, she comments to whomever it was.

“Hang on the white boy with the nice ass just passed me.”

I chuckled and extended my right arm and gave her a thumbs up. 👍

She comments “Oh shit, he heard me!”

😂 I did not look back but I’m sure she’ll be blushing the next time we pass on the trail.

Walk Data: Steps: 8460 / Distance: 6.76km Weighted: YES: 22.5 lbs (9.9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm . 1.5 lbs each ankle. Done after the run.

DAY 173 02-22-2021 REST DAY – I have been working at all this steadily lately. Morning routine is done and I will do an unweighted walk. Reduced diet plan for today. Slowing down is the toughest part of all this but the body needs the rest. Normally a run day I will bump it to tomorrow, then get back on schedule.

Once the race season kicks in, it’s going to mess up my daily routines so I’m getting what I can done now. I will still get my workouts in, but I’ll just have to change the pattern.

I’m need to replace my gloves, my riding stance is more agreesive than on the Felt Hybrid. The gloves I got back then are great for casual riding but not for an aggressive stance for longe periods of time, (Like when I ride) shopping around now for some new ones. The old ones are causing hand discomfort, which is an issue I have earlier on and a glove upgrade corrected the issue. I just ride a lot more aggressive now.

DAY 172 02-21-2021 Van Fleet Trailhead Mabel – Florida 🚴 Total daily Ride Distance 77.88km (48miles) Normally a rest day but I decided to bumped it to a session / casual ride. I pressed my pacing to get my 30k under one hour and got it down to 00:59:27. Not a personal best but it confirms that I can do still it without any hill assist. There are no hills on this trail to help me out, so it’s a straight run, which means it’s all me and the cannondale. All 36 km-splits were below two minutes twenty seconds session goal, but I also got 20 of them below two minutes. (00:01:59 or less)

One year ago I weighted 211 lbs

I managed to keep my sub two minute pacing and would come away with some solid groups. Km-Spilts #3 through #7 and the Km-split group #9 through #15 would all stay below 00:01:59. The best spilt of the day was 00:01:54. I would also manage some more of them deep into the session. Even though I did not get any personal best, this is still by far one of my best runs to date. My groups times: 5k=00:10:08, 10k= 00:19:50, 20k= 00:39:33, 30k= 00:59:27 – The best 5k group of the day was km-splits #6 though #10 it came in at 00:09:42. The best 10k group would be #11 though #20 at came in at 00:19:43. My average speed for the day was 30.0kph with a max speed of 36.3kph.

Walk Data: Steps: 12099 / Kcal: 556 / Distance: 6.1miles (9.92km) Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 171 02-20-2021 (Open Day – Florida) 🚴 JT-Cycling: 54.59 km (33.9 miles) 🆕️ 👉 I did Three 17 Kilometer sessions with a two-minute completely off-the-bike break between each session. I used a different start and stop point than I did on 2-19-21 which increased the distance. The first run I stay off the drop bars and tried to just cruise along at a steady pace. The second session took a bit to get going because the Samsung operating platform is garbage. I had to abort the ride about 3 km in and go back and restart everything. Once I got the second run officially going, I came down on the drop bars a bit more but mixed it up. In the third session, I pushed it a little bit by this time there was just too much traffic. There was also an unusual amount of stupid people out and about thinking there was no one else out there except them.

1st 17k (10.5miles): Distance: 17.62, Duration: 39:50, Avg pace 00:02:16/km, Max Pace: 01:25/km, Avg Speed: 26.4km, Max Speed: 42.0km.

2nd 17k (10.5 miles): Distance: 18.50, Duration: 40:26, Avg pace 00:02:11/km, Max Pace: 01:28/km, Avg Speed: 27.4km, Max Speed: 40.5km.

3rd 17k (10.5 miles): Distance: 18.47, Duration: 38:51, Avg pace 00:02:06/km, Max Pace: 01:30/km, Avg Speed: 28.5km, Max Speed: 39.7km.

NO walk for today! Have a run coming up, letting my legs recovery a bit more. The ride, morning routine, and afternoon routines are enough for the day.

DAY 170 02-19-2021 (Local Trail – Florida)🚴 JT-Cycling: 45.57km (29 miles) Decided to do something different today. 🆕️ 👉 I did Three 15 Kilometer sessions with a two-minute completely off-the-bike break between each session. I also used a new start and stop point. If I use my normal one, I would more than likely go ahead and do a normal workout session. Today was about having fun, and there were no goals set for these. I applied pressure, just rode easy, or kicked it up a notch when I felt like it. Just a fun day on the bike, a rest day. Total distance 45.57km (29 miles)

1st 15k (9miles): Distance: 15.24k, Duration: 36.50, Avg pace 00:02:20, Max Pace: 00:01:30, Avg Speed: 24.8km, Max Speed: 39.9km.

2nd 15k (9miles): Distance: 15.16k, Duration: 34:02, Avg pace 00:02:14, Max Pace: 00:01:22, Avg Speed: 26.7km, Max Speed: 43.8km.

3rd 15k (9miles): Distance: 15.16k, Duration: 31:52, Avg pace 00:02:05, Max Pace: 00:01:20, Avg Speed: 28.5km, Max Speed: 44.8km.

NO walk for today! After my run yesterday I need to give my legs a rest.

DAY 169 02-18-2021 (Local Trail – Florida) 🏃 Run day : Feb#5 2k21 (10/mi – 16/km minimum) Distance: 10.36 miles (16.67km) Pushing; NO, Duration: 01:27:17, Kcal: 1100, Temp 71.5F / 00.0C, Humidity 92%, Average speed 7.1mph (11.4km) Max speed 10.5mph (16.8km) Average Pace 8.25/mi or 05:14/km Max Pace: 5.42/mi or 3:33/km.

I went into this run session with the same mindset as I had for session Feb #4. Today is hot and muggy and knew I needed to slow it down right from the start and run smart. I wanted a solid run that would give me a workout but also set me up to begin pushing the routines again. The session went very well and I’m happy with it. Even though I did get hung up for about 20 seconds at that damn crosswalk again. (but they did fix it anyways) I got back up to speed and into my pacing quickly so it did not impact that lap too bad. I need to focus a bit harder, but I have a lot of stuff coming up and I need to focus on clearing it out when running. That is life because there is always something to work on, we just have to buck up and work on it.

🇺🇸 The 10-mile splits were all in the eight-minute window, which is what I wanted. Mile-spilt #4 dropped to 00:08:04 so I have to adjust my pace to bring it down and back to the 00:08:20’s. This is where it stayed until #8, #9, and #10 when they move to the 08:30’s. Once I cleared 10 miles, I did another full sprint for the remaining distance and handled it with no problem. Progress is awesome!

🌎 My 16 km-splits all were solid and came in below the 00:05:30 time mark except #2 it dropped a bit too low and hit 00:04:59. I made some adjustments and got everything back inline. My group times: 5k= 00:25:42, 10k= 00:51:39, session time 01:18:14. Next week I’ll begin pushing these routines again but only on the back half of the session.

Walk Data: Steps: 8387 / Distance: 4.23 miles (6.81km) Weighted: YES: 22.5 lbs (9.9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm . 1.5 lbs each ankle.

DAY 168 02-17-2021 (Local Trail – Florida) 🚴 JT-Cycling: (Minimum 22miles / 35km) Distance: 23.01miles (36.91km) *see notes on distance. Pushing: NO Temp: 60.7F / 15.5C / Humidity 83%, Duration: 01:12:22, Avg Speed: 19mph / 30.6kph, Max Speed: 27.5mph / 44.3kph, Avg Pace: 3.09/mi – 01:57/km, Max Pace: 2.10/mi – 01:21/km. Distance extra-note: I added an extra lap to this, but it is not included in the data since it was a cool-down ride. (total ride distance 29.37 miles / 47.27km).

🌞Today was a solid day; I have a run coming tomorrow, so I was not pushing too hard. I worked on the form and the bike more. I slid the saddle back a bit and adjusted my clips forward to two marker notches. It solved the foot issue, but I’m still moving around in the saddle too much. It not uncomfortable, but I need to find “that” spot that will work for me.

🚧 I also worked on my “digging in,” or at least that is what I call it. When I get to the point that my body wants to slow down or my pace drops off, I get up off the saddle and drive down with my legs as hard as possible for 10 repetitions. I also make sure to do it once per kilometer, but I also still every time my body tries to drop off my pace, even if going uphill. It is not something done to increase speed; it’s for motivation. I also make sure to hold my line; I don’t want to rock the bike back and forth too much or drift left or right; the goal is to dig in and maintain my line.

🌎 Of the 36 km-splits, all of them were below the session goal of 00:02:20. I also would get Twenty Two of them at or below 00:01:59, with the best of the day going to #23 at 00:01:38. A well-controlled routine with areas that still need refining. Very happy with this session, and as always, I‘m looking forward to my next ride.

My groups times: 5k=00:09:29, 10k= 00:19:23, 20k= 00:38:56, 30k= 00:58:19. extra note: When looking at my 10k split session clusters, it was cool to see they were close together. 1st 10k was 00:19:23 2nd 10K was 00:19:33 and the 3rd 10k was 00:19:23. My seven 5K groups were similar the best was 00:09:29 the worst was 00:09:55. Not something I focus on a lot but just thought it was cool.

🇺🇸 A solid day for the empirical numbers as well. Of the 22 mi-splits, all of them were below the session goal of 00:03:30… except#23, which came in at 00:03:38. I know where my focus drooped off and will try harder next time. The two-minute splits are still showing up, and this time and I would get four of them. The best was mi-split #3 00:02:50, and the worst was mi-split #7 at 00:02:57.

My groups times: 5miles= 00:15:29(PB), 10 miles= 00:31:10 (PB), 15miles= 00:46:57(PB), 20miles= 01:02:25(PB) – My Personal Best Page have been updated.🏆

Walk Data: Steps: 8618 / Distance: 4.27 miles (6.75km) Weighted: YES: 22.5 lbs (9.9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm . 1.5 lbs each ankle. This walk was done after the run session.

DAY 167 02-16-2021 (Local Trail – Florida) JT-Cycling 26.74 Mi/43.03km. I changed it up today and just went riding, no times, no pacing, just enjoyed a casual ride. I kept it simple and stayed off my drop bars, which is more difficult than it sounds for me. 🤔 No walk today only a ride.

DAY 166 02-15-2021 (Local Trail – Florida) 🏃Run day : (Feb#4 2k21) Running (a session is 10/mi – 16/km minimum) Distance: 10.3 miles (16.52km) Pushing; NO, Duration: 01:27:33, Kcal: 966, Temp 69.8F / 21C, Humidity 96%, Average speed 7 mph (11.3km) Max speed 9.0mph (14.5km) Average Pace 8:29/mi or 05:16/km Max Pace: 6:37/mi or 04:07/km. #hokaoneone Carbon x2

🌎 16 km-splits in this run session, but it has been raining for two days. I knew it would be a repeat of last Thursday’s nightmare run if I didn’t get a handle on it right out of the gate. When done, it still looked like I’d gone swimming because every inch of me was drenched in sweat. BUT …. it was a great run! 💪 I slowed things down, paced everything out, and made sure to focus on form and breathing to keep my heart rate under control. The best split of the day was km-split #2 at 00:05:01, and the worst was 00:05:36 on #13, and this type of time separation is exactly what I wanted. A solid routine that I controlled from beginning to end, making me very happy with today. Once I cleared km-split #16, I accelerated into a full sprint for the remaining distance to my stopping point and had plenty of energy to pull it off. If the next session goes this well, I will start pushing this routine again. My group times are: 5k= 00:25:48, 10k=00:52:14, 15k= 01:19:10. No personal best for today, but that is fine I was not pushing for any. I want the next run to be better than this one and so and so forth, but it does not have to be faster to be better. Like my cycling, I don’t run for speed; I run for consistency and endurance. I would rather have sixteen 5’s than a few fours and be half dead when I’m done.

🇺🇸 This was a well-controlled run session on my part. I did it to make sure it did not turn out as brutal as the last Feb#3 run session. All 10 mi-splits were in the eight-minute window, and that is what I wanted. I slowed things downright from the start, managed my form, breathing, and kept my heart rate under control. Once I cleared the 10 mi-split, I pushed the pacing into a full sprint 🚀until I reached my stopping point. I had plenty of energy to pull it off, so I’m delighted with this routine. If the next session, (Feb #5) goes this well, I’ll start pushing the exercises again. A good day and one pleased runner!😊

Walk Data: Steps: 8618 / Distance: 4.27 miles (6.75km) Weighted: YES: 22.5 lbs (9.9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm . 1.5 lbs each ankle. This walk was done after the run session.

DAY 168 02-14-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) 🚴 JT-Cycling: (Minimum 22miles / 35km) Distance: 23.01miles (37.03km) Pushing: NO Temp: 71.5F / 21.6C / Humidity 90%, Duration: 01:13:10, Avg Speed: 18.5mph / 29.8kph, Max Speed: 26.4mph / 42.6kph, Avg Pace: 3.14/mi – 02:00/km, Max Pace: 2.15/mi – 01:24/km.

🌎 Decided to bump this from a rest day to an extra cycle session for the week. I wanted to try something new before the session to see if it would help the routine. It was humid, hot and a typical Florida nasty icky ride. A reminder, the new session goal effective today is all km-splits should be 00:02:20 or less and they would indeed come in below that goal … except #22 it would come in at 00:02:23 but I’ll get it next time. Eighteen of the splits would come in 00:01:59 or less with the best of the day being #16 at 00:01:39(PB). This is a personal best🎖by 1 second so I will most definitely take it. A good day with an extra cool down lap just for good measure (that extra ride time is not included in this data)

My group times: 5km= 00:10:02, 10k= 00:19:49, 15k= 00:29:51, 20k= 00:39:32, 30k= 00:59:38. That’s is three sub-one hour 30k’s but now I need to start doing it consistently. I did not get sub-one hour on my last cycle session and missed it by nine seconds.

Just as a side note on my group times because they are logged and noted as personal best (PB) based on my starting point. So it’s the first 5k, 10k 15k, etc… For example, my best 5k group of the day was split group 16 through 20 came in at 00:09:40 BUT I don’t log it for myself as a personal best. Back on 2-12-2021, I did the same group at 00:09:38, the first 5k it what gets logged as (PB), the same applies to my mi-splits times and groups.

🇺🇸 It was a sweaty icky day humid day but let’s get to it, The session mi-split goal is 00:03:30 or less. All 22 would come in below that mark except #21 it would drop in at 00:03:31.🤬..really one damn second! That’s ok, I will get it next time but I did well with the two’s and got three mi-splits below 00:02:59 with the best of the day being #16 at 00:02:45(PB)🎖and it is a personal best by 6 seconds under my last time.

My group times: 5-Miles= 00:15:48, 10-Miles= 00:31:43, 15-Miles= 00:47:17, 20-Miles= 01:04:09.

I did a cool-down ride after this session so the full cycling ride was a total of 28.76 miles (46.28km) The session above was stopped on my watch but left running on the app, so I did not mess up my data.

Walk Data: Steps: 8527 / Distance: 7.06 miles (7.06km) Avg Pace: 15:44/mi – 10:02/km. Max Pace 12:37/mi – 8:22km Weighted: YES: 22.5 lbs (9.9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm . 1.5 lbs each ankle and the walk was done before this cycling session.

DAY 167 02-13-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Rest Day: Walk only – Fast Walk Data: Steps: 17441 / Kcal: 857 / Distance: 9.06 miles (14.58km) Avg Pace: 15:44/mi – 9:46/km. Max Pace 12:37/mi – 7:50km Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

The weather people called it right this time and when it came down, it came down hard. I ended up doing the last three miles in the pouring rain and for a bit, I could barely see 50 feet in front of me. everything is drenched but thankfully waterproof. Got it done, stayed in form, and kept a soaking wet steady pace. #noexcuses #gotitdone

My poor car seat

DAY 166 02-12-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) 🚴 JT-Cycling: (Minimum 22miles / 35km) Distance: 23.01miles (37.03km) Pushing: NO Temp: 71.5F / 21.6C / Humidity 90%, Duration: 01:13:10, Avg Speed: 18.5mph / 29.8kph, Max Speed: 26.4mph / 42.6kph, Avg Pace: 3.14/mi – 02:00/km, Max Pace: 2.15/mi – 01:24/km.

🌎 Metric followers go first today; I had 37 km-splits for this cycling session, and it was another solid ride. I’m coming off a brutal run from yesterday, so I was only looking to have a good workout making sure to stay at or below my session split goal. All 37 km-splits were well under 00:02:30, but in fact, they were all below 00:02:20, so I will make that my new session goal for future workout rides.

   ⌚ Of the 37 splits, seventeen were below 2 minutes, with the best km-split of the day going to #23 at 01:41. My heart rate and breathing were controlled, consistent, but I did get off my posture “line” a few times. I’m always looking to do better, so I’ll focus on it next week when my workout ride sessions kick off again. I’m pleased with this session today and did a lot better than I thought, consider how tough that run was yesterday. My group times for the day; 5k= 00:09:57, 10k= 00:19:53, 15k= 00:29:56, 20k= 00:39:57, 30k= 1:00:08. A happy bald cycle dude today!

🇺🇸 Today’s session consisted of 23 mi-splits, and all of them were below the session goal of three minutes and thirty seconds. Only two of them dropped below into the two-minute window, and that was on #7 at 00:02:55 and #22 at 00:02:56. They’re becoming more commonplace, and it’s nice to see because it’s one of my goals. It was a good session, and that is all I wanted coming off that beating I took yesterday on my run.

🚦 There was some traffic on the trail, and for this, I finally installed a bell on my bike. Of course, they still don’t pay any damn attention to it. What is worse is when there is more than one pedestrian or “casual” rider together because some of them are too busy running their pie holes to hear a train horn, much less a passing bell.🤬 A little bit of venting, but it was a good day🌞 and a great week of riding and running. I managed to get some personal best, improve on some goals, and learn how to do this shit better. My group times were; 5 miles= 00:15:50, 10 miles= 00:31:57, 20miles= 01:04:27. I’m will striking some goals real soon; I can feel it and see it coming!

💪Looking forward to more improvements next week; I love this stuff! #bikeondudes and #bikeondudettes

Walk Data: Steps: 11277 / Kcal: 525 / Distance: 5.74 miles (9.25km) Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm. I did this session before my cycling session.

DAY 165 02-11-2021 (Local Trail – Florida) 🏃Run day : (Feb#3 2k21) Running (a session is 10/mi – 16/km minimum) Distance: 10.26 miles (16.52km) Pushing; OH HELL NO, Duration: 01:29:26, Kcal: 1087, Temp 64.3F / 17.7C, Humidity 100%, Average speed 6.8mph (11.0km) Max speed 9.0mph (14.6km) Average Pace 8:04/mi or 05:24/km Max Pace: 6:28/mi or 04:06/km:

👉Run Notes: Holy horse turds and hand grenades, batman, 😵this run sucked! The sun came up with a vengeance and started bearing down like a hooker on payday. I had to slow this session down and then got stuck at a malfunctioning crosswalk going out and coming back. I don’t like to stop and won’t pause my routine when it happens; the numbers are what they are. There is a section of the path that runs through a marshy area, and on days like this, it just sucks big time. The air moisture was so thick and just made the run pulverizing.

🇺🇸 Overall I was still surprised by the ten mi-splits; 7 made the session goals of being in the eight-minute window, #2 hit 07:45, but I had to slow things down because I knew pretty quick this was not going to be a low time day. It was clear mother nature woke up on the wrong side of the bed and took it out on us runners. I had two rare nines today mi-splits #7 at 09:04, and #8 came in at 09:20, in part because of that damn crosswalk.🤬

🌎 For my metric peoples; The 16 km-splits all did reasonably well considering how crappy the session was. They all stayed in the five-minute window except three, #2 04:40 #3 04:51, and #4 04:59. I had to slow things down because, as mentioned above, I knew it was going to be a tough run because it was just thick, sticky, and a sweaty, nasty mess. My shirt and camel pack looked like I threw them in a lake. Not every day can be a fantastic run in the park with butterflies and rainbows, and I got it done.

💪I’m proud of myself for this session, considering how harsh the conditions were. It damn sure pushed my determination to its limit because there were numerous times where I just wanted to stop running and walk, BUT I PRESSED ON and did not let mother nature beat me. A good day but it was one hell of a fight to get it done!🎖

Walk Data: Steps: 9533 / Kcal: 388.7 / Distance: 4.74 miles (0.00km) Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 164 02-10-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Cycling: (Minimum 22miles / 35km) Distance: 22.9miles (30.86km) Pushing: NO Temp: 69.8F / 20.4C / Humidity 94%, Duration: 01:13:10, Avg Speed: 18.7mph / 30.2kph, Max Speed: 26.5mph / 42.6kph, Avg Pace: 3.11/mi – 01:59/km, Max Pace: 26.5/mi – 01:24/km. Notes: This was a good day, but it could have been cleaner, and it was humid again, which did not help matters any. I could feel the moisture in the air building as more and more of the sun came out. I got out of my pacing a few times but forced myself to dig in and get back in it. I saved the session and making it one that didn’t piss me off.

My 22 mi-splits all came in below the session goal of 00:03:30 except #21, which came in at 00:03:39. I know exactly where I feel out on this one and how to correct it in my next session. I did manage two-minute mi-splits #3 at 00:02:58 and #7 also at 00:02:58. It nice to see the two-minute mi-split times showing up more often. My group time was pretty close to yesterday, which was surprising considering this run could be executed a lot better. 5 Miles 00:15:47, 10 miles 00:31:38, 20 miles 01:03:28. I’m closing in on some goals; it’s only a matter of time and persistence.

Metric followers: The 36km-splits all came in well below the 00:02:30 session goal time. In fact, all 36 came in below 00:02:20 again with twenty-one of them below the two-minute mark, the best of the day was km-split #23 that dropped in at 00:01:42. I was not really happy with my concentration and focus today, but it still turned out to be a solid ride. I also have been tweaking my saddle, and today it was a better ride. My group times for the day: 5k= 00:09:41, 10k= 00:19:44, 15k= 00:29:33, 20k= 00:39:26, 30k= 00:59:12 Yeah baby… I got that 30k again under 1 hour and even beat my time from yesterday. Plenty of things I can improve on, but I will take it as a good ride. I love this stuff! #bikeon

Fast Walk Data: Steps: 11192 / Kcal: 561 / Distance: 5.9 miles (9.49km) Avg Pace: 15:00/mi – 9:19/km. Max Pace 13:54/mi – 8.38km Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 163 02-09-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Cycling – Cannondale (Minimum 22miles / 35km) Distance: 22.91miles (36.87km) Pushing: NO Temp: 68.8F / 20.4C / Humidity 100%, Duration: 01:13:23, Avg Speed: 18.7mph / 30.1kph, Max Speed: 28.8mph / 46.4kph, Calories: 814, Avg Pace: 3.12/mi – 1:59/km, Max Pace: 2.04/mi – 1:17/km. A great day on the cannondale, but I did my walk session before the bike ride because I was not too fond of the weather conditions and knew it would blow out once the sun got kicking, and it did. I had to deal with a bit more traffic than usual, but they were all cyclist and believed in etiquette. I intended to push it a bit harder, but there were too many cyclists out today.

The ride session is 36 km-splits; All km-splits were under two minutes and twenty seconds, now my session target time is two minutes thirty seconds, and I will make that the new session mark if the remaining sessions this week are like this one. Of the 36 splits, nineteen of them were below two minutes, with the best split of the day going to #26 that came in at 1:43. A really nice section was #4 through #8 that stay below two minutes, which was awesome to see. My group times came in at 5k=00:09:59, 10k= 00:19.44, 15k = 00:29:42, 20k= 00:39:18, 30k=00:59:18. (I GOT that 30k sub-1hour! Now I need to do it two more times before setting a new 30k goal.)

The ride session is 22 mile-splits (mi-splits); It was a great day; I did have to apply some pressure a couple of times to pass another cyclist so I wouldn’t have to deal with them during some upcoming curves. The best mi-split of the day would be #16 at 00:02:51. My session goal is to keep the mi-splits below three minutes thirty seconds, the only one that did not make the cut today, and it was #21 at 00:03:45. I drove #22 down to 00:03:00 just in case you’re curious, lol. My Group times for the day 5-miles= 00:15:45(PB), 10-miles= 00:31:39 (PB), 20-miles=01:03:35(PB). I’m knocking on the door of my five and ten-mile session goals. So damn close today, but I’m patient; I know they are coming.

Fast Walk Data: Steps:11698 / Kcal: 520 / Distance: 5.96 miles (9.59km) Avg Pace: 16:03/mi – 9:58/km. Max Pace 14:40/mi – 9:07/km Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 162 02-08-2021 (Local Trail – Florida) Run day : (Feb#2 2k21) Running (a session is 10/mi – 16/km minimum) Distance: 10.28 miles (16.54km) Pushing NO, Duration: 01:22:58, Kcal: 975, Temp 57.1F / 13.8C, Humidity 85%, Average speed 7.4mph (11.9km) Max speed 9.2mph (14.8km) Average Pace 8:04/mi or 05:00/km Max Pace: 6:28/mi or 04:01/km. Immediately after the run session I did an unweighted .75/km cool down walk before going into the weighted walk session.

The worse enemy you will ever face when going after your goals is the enemy within yourself. It was another day where it was almost like there are two people in my head. One side is lazy as hell and is always trying to excuse not to do something or slow down. The other one is the dominant one that I embrace, and it steps up to take charge. I love doing this stuff and GOT IT done!.

Today I tried to focus a bit more on my foot strike and leg form because it kept getting away from me last time. The new breathing technique is second nature now, and I don’t have to think about it anymore since I also use it with my other sessions. I made sure to run tall and keep fluid consistent pacing in my stride, and the run felt great. From km-split #2 through km-spilt #10, I kept my pacing under five minutes, with the best lap of the day coming in at 00:04:38. Making sure to hydrate at every other km-split and kept enough water in the session’s camel pack for the session. I was pleased with the entire routine because all 16 km-splits came in below 00:05:30, and as mentioned above, nine were below the five-minute mark. My group times for the day were 5k = 00:24:02, 10k 00:48:34, 15k 01:14:43.

For my non-metric followers (America): A JT run session is made up of ten, 1 mile-splits, which was a good session. A harder focus on my stride and foot strike served me well today because it makes the entire session more comfortable. Up to this point, I prefer my session mi-splits stay in the eight-minute window, but I don’t try and be lazy about it. As I get better, things will improve but reading these things; you might think I run off my data. I review my session by the data, but when running, I pay attention to my body and apply pressure when possible, but when the normal strains of exercise border on outright pain, I back it off, but don’t stop. Just a reminder I don’t run for speed; mine is about consistency and endurance. Of the 10-mi-splits, the first six were under eight minutes, with the best mi-split #2 coming in at 00:07:28. The worse mi-split of the day would be #10 at 00:08:35. It was a good day, and look forward to the next run.

Fast Walk Data: Steps: 8431 / Kcal: 500 / Distance: 4.19 miles (6.75km) Avg Pace: 16:20/mi – 10:09/km. Max Pace 14:28/mi – 8:59/km Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 161 02-07-2021 (Rest Day – Florida) I still do my daily walk and morning exercises, just no ride or run.

Fast Walk Data: Steps:11740 / Kcal: 626 / Distance: 6.18 miles (10.52km) Avg Pace: 15:13/mi – 9:27/km. Max Pace 14:00/mi – 8:42/km Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 160 02-06-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Cycling- Cannondale (Minimum 22miles / 35km) *Distance: 22.91 miles (36.87km) Pushing: A little bit but too many people out today. Temp: 62.5F / 16C / Wind5: 8mph 12kph, Humidity 79%, Duration: 1:15:20, Avg Speed: 18.2mph / 29.3kph, Max Speed: 28.1 mph / 45.3kph, Calories: 865, Avg Pace: 3:17/mi – 2:02/km, Max Pace: 2.07/mi – 1.19/km.

For the record my data is reviewed and logged in metric form because that is how the official world records it. This was another one of those days when I almost talked myself out of going but after reading myself the riot act about being lazy, I went and got it done.

This was a solid run and managed to get the average speed up but kept the max speed down. I did trim a little bit off my 5-mile target time of sub 15 minutes as it came in at 16.02. I also closed up that pesky 10-mile sub-30minute target time as it came in at 32:16. Now I could push harder to hit the goals, but keep in mind I’m riding for the entire 22 miles (36km) not just a section of it. Every mile-split (Or km-0split) time is very important because I want to maintain time throughout the entire session. I managed two more sub-three-minute mile-splits as they would pop in at #3 02:57 and #20 02:53. I had a couple of mile-splits not come in below 03:30 so I will need to work on that. Those mile-splits were #18 and #21, it was in part to high traffic on the trail today but I did a good job getting back into my pacing once clear.

For the rest of the world, there are 36 km-splits and they all would come in below 00:02:20 except one, at #24 at 00:02:28. Now I understand it was due to the traffic out there today but it still annoys me anyways, Lol. Of the 36 km-splits, sixteen would come in below two minutes with the best of the day being #23 and it would come in at 00:01:40. My km-group times for the day are 5k=00:09:36, 10k=00:20:01, 20k=00:40:27, and 30k=01:01:00 Missed the sub 1 hour SHIT!

This was a great day and had the potential of being a lot better but there was too much traffic today and more than one rider that has no regard for cycling etiquette at all.

Fast Walk Data: Steps: / Kcal: 481 / Distance: 5.2 miles (8.37km) Avg Pace: 14:58/mi – 9:18/km. Max Pace 13:43/mi – 8:31/km Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 159 02-05-2021 (rest day & 2nd followup for collarbone) I broke it back in October 2020. Update: the bones have fused, and it’s healing up. I have a green light to begin adding more weight and increasing my routines. I got my daily walk done after my appointment.

Fast Walk Data: Steps: 9912 / Kcal: 521 / Distance: 5.19 miles (6.3km) Avg Pace: 15:11/mi or 9:26/km. Max Pace 13:46/mi – 9.33/km Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 158 02-04-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Cycling- Cannondale (Minimum 22miles / 35km) *Distance: 28.69 miles (46.17km) Pushing: NO. Temp: 51.7F / 10.5C / Wind: 4mph 6.4kph, Humidity 51%, Duration: 1:36:23, Avg Speed: 17.5mph / 28.7kph, Max Speed: 25.8 mph / 41.6kph, Calories: 1017, Avg Pace: 3.21/mi – 2.05/km, Max Pace: 2.19/mi – 1.26/km.

    Ok, I had a serious brain fart 🧠💨 today and ended up doing an extra lap on this ride session. I was so focused on what I was doing and actually enjoying the “ride-pain,” it did not register until my watch called out a lap that was over my session minimum. I just stayed in it, making today’s session come in at 28 miles / 46 km. I absolutely loved this ride, and it felt fantastic.

It was chilly heading out today.

   I will start for my metric followers today; The extended distance gives me 46 km-splits. I prefer they are at or under two minutes thirty seconds, and the only one that did not make the cut was #43 2:31. I also keep track of my one-minute splits, and 17 would come in under two minutes, with the best km-split of the day being #23 at 01:43. No personal best for the day, but that is fine because of the extended distance and solid consistency; I’m thrilled with this session. My group times for the day would be 5k = 00:09:54, 10k = 00:20:24, 20k = 00:40:48, 30k = 01:01:46, 40k = 01:23:08.

There are 28 mi-splits in this session for my American followers, and I want them at or under three minutes thirty seconds. Four of them would not make the cut today, #15 03:38, #21 03:47, #23 03:43 and #27 03:43. I had no personal best for the day, but that’s fine; I’m delighted with the session. My group times for the day are, 5 miles = 00:16:20, 10 miles = 00:32:41 20 miles = 01:05:59.

My follow-up doctor’s appointment is tomorrow for my collarbone; hopefully, I will get a green light and start pushing these routines. I love this stuff, and tomorrow will be a rest day because I feel I have earned it this week. Lol.

Fast Walk Data: Steps: 10058 / Kcal: 501 / Distance: 5.24 miles (8.44km) Avg Pace: 14:52/mi or 09.14/km. Max Pace 13:13/mi – 08:12/km Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm. I did this walk before my ride so it would warm up a bit. It was 39F / 3C when I started the day with a lot of frost on the ground.

DAY 157 02-03-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Cycling- Cannondale (Minimum 22miles / 35km) Distance: 22.93 miles (36.9km) Pushing: NO. Temp: 44.5F / 6.9C / Wind: 10mph 16kph, Humidity 48%, Duration: 1:17:37, Avg Speed: 17.7mph / 28.5kph, Max Speed: 26.0 mph / 41.9kph, Calories: 839, Avg Pace: 2.23mi – 2.06/km, Max Pace: 2.18mi – 1.25/km

   Another cold day so I did my daily walk first to warm up and allow the sun to come up a bit more. The wind had a bite to it again, and this made for an annoying ride. I need to upgrade my attire for these rides cold-weather. I also need googles instead of glasses; my eyes were drying out because the cold wind is annoying. This was a solid ride, and that is what I was expecting because of the weather today. I just pressed my pacing and made sure I got a solid run in for the day. I managed to log in a solid low 3 minute time for all 23 mile-splits. All 23 would come in under 3:30, so I’m happy with the session today. No personal best, but that’s ok. I’m in striking distance of a few of them.

I realized my follow-up appointment for my collarbone is Friday so I will swap my ride and run sessions for Thursday. 

   For my metric followers (the rest of the world), The session was solid, and I saw some more improvement in my consistency differentials between my km-splits. Again, I don’t cycle for speed, so it was nice to see the times narrowing. My session has 36 km-splits, and 12 of them were below 2 minutes, with the best #23 coming in at 1:47. The rest were all below 2:20 except #24 it came in at 2:27. No personal best for the day, but that’s fine; it’s not always about that when I head out. I know quickly if it is going to be one of those kinds of days. I took a short cooldown ride after I was done (6km) to chill for a bit on the bike. A good day and I am happy with how it went.

Fast Walk Data: Steps: 10272 / Kcal: 509 / Distance: 5.24 miles (8.43km) Avg Pace: 15.51/km or 09.50/mi. Max Pace 13:36/mi – 08:27/km Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 156 02-02-2021 (Local Trail, Florida Feb#1 2k21) Running (a session is 8 mi / 12.8km minimum) Distance: 8.41 miles (13.53km) Pushing NO, Kcal: 804, Temp 42.7F / 5.5C, Winds {see note below}Humidity 63%, Average speed 7.3mph (11.7km) Max speed 9.0mph (14.4km) Average Pace 08:11/mi or 05:05/km Max Pace: 6:39/mi or 04:08/km. *since I’m now doing 3 run sessions a week, I have reduced the distance to 8 miles for each session.

  First of all, this wind sucks donkey balls! I dealt with winds of 15mph to 20mph (24kph to 32kph) and gusting to 30mph (48kph) at times. So clearly, Mother Nature wanted to push me around today and add an extra chill to the run. As mentioned in my session note above, this is now an 8 mile / 12.8km session because I’m now doing three sessions per week instead of two tens or 16km. This was not one of my better days, even though I did manage to keep everything in the eight-minute window mile-splits. I also got three 7 minute times, with one being deep into the session at mile-split #7. For my metric followers, I would keep everything within or below the five-minute window for km-splits.  Four came in the four-minute time frame #1, #2, #3, and #4. It was not a horrible day, but this weather sucks, and I would even prefer running in the rain over this crap. I stayed as focused as I could and got the session done. I just kept fighting to regain form and focus whenever I got a blast of cold 30mph / 48kph air.  I will rest up today and do better next time. It still felt great when it was all said and done, and that’s what I love about running. When the daily conditions are not working in your favor, but you get it done anyways, IT IS AWESOME! I LOVE this stuff!

Walking Data: Steps: 10325 / Kcal: 614 / Distance: 5.29 miles (8.51km)  Avg Pace: 10:02/km & 16:10/mi. Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 155 02-01-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) Cycling Day (a session is 22mi / 36km min) Distance: 22.93 miles (36.91km) Pushing NO, Kcal: 872, Temp 60.7F / 15C, Humidity 92%, Average speed 17.8mph (28.7 km) Max speed 27.1mph (43.6km) Average Pace 03:21/mi or 02:05/km Max Pace: 02:12/mi or 01:22/km. Best km-spilt (#35) 01:40 & Best Mile-split (#5 & #22) both at 02:55.

   I was kind of all over the place today; it was a little messy and was one of those off days. It was not that I could not get my crap together. It was keeping it together that was the problem today. The times and split gaps were not awful, but this could have gone a lot better. There is a part of my session path with two straight sections with a slight curve, and I use this area to get my pacing back or shit together when I’m off my “session” like today. In these two sections today, I had to deal with a massive headwind, and once I hit the curve, it turned to a crosswind. I still did ok with pacing but had to dig in to keep it. It was still a good ride overall, but I’m looking forward to my next one, so I can clean this up. I need to adjust my saddle again; I’m moving around too much.

Fast Walk Data: Steps: 10081 / Kcal: 553 / Distance: 5.22 miles (8.41km)  Avg Pace: 9:50/km & 15:50 /mi. Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 155 01-31-2021 (Local Trail, Florida)  Run Day (10 miles/ 16km minimum) Data: Distance: 10.27 miles (16.54km) Pushing NO, Kcal: 996, Temp 59F / 12C, Humidity 87%, Average speed 7.2mph (11.7kph) Max speed 9.2mph (15kph) Average Heart Rate: 158bpm, Average Pace 8:14/mi / 5:07/km.  

   Sunday is normally a rest day, but I had to move that to yesterday to be there for my 2021 Partner LSR Nitro Harley as we celebrated their 2020 championships. This was normally a bike ride, but I have decided to change my weekly routine in February beginning today. I normally do two 10 mile sessions (16km) a week. I will now do three sessions on Sun, Tues, and Thurs. I will leave the sessions at their current distance, but if my body needs to adjust, I will move the distance down to eight miles (12km) each.

   Today was an ok, but I need to focus harder on my form. Breathing and the distance itself is not a problem. I kept all 10 of the mile-splits in the low 8-minute window but did have two that were a bit too fast. #2 at 7:36 and #3 at 7:54, but I got things slowed down for the rest of the session. For my metric followers, all 16 of my km-splits came in the low 5’s except #2 through #5; they got stuck in the 4’s with the lowest being 4:34/km. I got it slowed down, and the session went well, not stellar, but a good solid run, and that is what I wanted today. Tomorrow will be a bike ride, and I may do a long ride, but I will see how much work I get done today first when I’m running; my aftershock head set calls out my distance and heart rate per kilometer not per mile. (I use these because it allows me to hear still everything going on around or coming up on me.)

Walking Data: Steps: 8259 / Kcal: 538 / Distance: 4.2 miles (6.7km) Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 154 01-30-2021 (REST DAY)  I needed to do some logo concept drawings for a client today, pick up a birthday present for my youngest son and attend an event for one of the motorsports teams I’m partnered with. I will get my sessions in tomorrow, but my morning exercise routine is done. A busy day…

DAY 153 01-29-2021 (Local trail, Florida) Cycling (a session is 22mi / 36km min) Distance: 22.96 miles (36.96km) Pushing NO, Kcal: 829, Temp 51F / 10C, Humidity 58%, Average speed 17.8mph (28.6 km) Max speed 26.6mph (42.8km) Average Pace 03:22/mi or 2:05/km Max Pace: 2:25/mi or 01:23/km. Distance notes: 5 mile 16 minutes 43 seconds, 10 mile 33 minutes 24 seconds (getting close to that sub-30) For the rest of the world : 5k 10 minutes 04 seconds, 10k 20 minutes 52 seconds 20k 41 minutes 44 seconds 30k 62 minutes 40 seconds (getting close to that sub 1 hour)

This was a really great ride session, and it was fantastic coming off a great run yesterday to back it up with this today. I did my walk session before the ride (see data below), so needless to say, I was about as loose and warmed up as I was going to get. Lol, I also really didn’t feel like riding in the cold again and figured I would have some extra sun for the bike ride. I added some air to both tires to make it a shift ride and had tons of energy left when done. I even took a short cool-down sightseeing bike ride. (an additional 8.36km or 5.19mi) I held my lines well, my breathing was spot on, and I stayed focused. I managed another two mile-split time that came in at 2:58. This is not a personal best, but considering I was maintaining low 3 minutes deep into the session, it just shows me that it’s only a matter of time before they become commonplace. My best km-split was at 23 and came in at 0:01:41. I would also end up with 11 additional km-splits below 2 minutes. So I’m pleased with the session today. Looking forward to my fun ride tomorrow. I love this stuff.

FAST WALK Distance: 5.7mi (9.18km) Steps: 10908 Calories: 555, Avg Pace: 15:15/mi or 9:28/km. Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 152 01-28-2021 (Local trail, Florida) Running (10 miles/ 16km minimum) Data: Distance: 10.37 miles (16km) Pushing NO, Kcal: 994, Temp 53F / 11C, Humidity 69%, Average speed 7.5mph (12.2 km) Max speed 9.5mph (15.3km) Average Heart Rate: 154bpm, Average Pace 7:53/mi / 4.54/km (follow up cool down walk: steps: 10282, 5.29mi / 8.51km, Kcal 515 Avg pace: 16:35(/mi) using Hokaoneone Carbon x2

Let me start with this first; this began as one of those days where I did not feel like it. I was making mental excuses but finally got my ass out of bed and took a deep breath, saying to myself out loud, “Get the hell up and do this!” I did my morning home routine before heading out. I was still trying to make mental excuses by talking myself into doing only 8 miles instead of 10. Once parked, I stopped my mental whining and told myself again, “You’re doing your ten miles d**k head now get to it!”

I got out of the car and got to it, and before the first split was done, my shitty mental attitude was gone and was off running. It turned out to be a fantastic run session for me. The new breathing technique settled in nicely by split 3, and then it was just like a walk in the park. My heart rate was on point, but I did have to keep adjusting my posture and form, but that is always a work in progress. I was focused and held my lines really well, with a couple of moments where some unless thoughts popped into my skull, but I quickly shook them off and refocused.


Up to this point, my best over average pace for a full run session was 8:12 (/mi) 5:05 (/km) with an average heart rate of 162. I completed this session with an average pace of 7:53 (/mi) 4:54 (/km) with an average heart rate of 152, which is pretty damn close to where I want it. A bit lower would be nice, but if I maintain this for a couple more sessions, I’ll be able to begin speed increases again. I’m delighted with my session today and how I handled my crappy attitude. What is also funny is that I settle into my session around split 2 and then usually settle into the session a second time around 8. (Like when you get a second wind). The session felt so good, but I had to talk myself out of adding more splits to the session. There is a plan to my routine, and I will stick to it. Most of the time, your biggest obstacle is yourself, don’t let laziness get in the way of something awesome. #noexcuses

*Signed up for Strava app and will begin using it more beginning in February. There are some challenges I want to try out there. Testing it this week to get use to it. It does not sync with my watch, which sucks, so if I can figure that out, I may use it more. Data is essential to me, and without my heart rate being including it’s worthless; I will update once I figure it out.

DAY 151 01-27-2021 (Local trail, Florida) Rest Day Fast Walk : Distance: 8.43 miles (13.5km) Steps: 16196 Calories: 822, Avg Pace: 15:46min/mi. Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (32kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm. I decided to rest up today and just do a walk because my legs are still feeling that last run. It is not that bad but still don’t want to push my luck.

DAY 150 01-26-2021 (Local trail, Florida) Cycling – #rideCannondale Minimum 22miles / Distance: 30.9 miles (48km) Calories: 1167. For my 150th day at this I decided to just go riding. Was not worried about the data today, just started riding in a new direction, but I still keep track of the miles and calories burnt.

Red shouldered Hawk 2021 by JT

Walking Data: Steps: 8456 / Kcal: 430 / Distance: 4.22 miles (6.7km) Weighted: YES: 20 lbs (9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm.

DAY 149 01-25-2021 (Local trail, Florida) Run day (10 miles/ 16km minimum) Data: Distance: 10.32 miles (16.6km) Pushing NO, Kcal: 1032, Temp 64F / 17C, Humidity 100%, Average speed 7.3mph (11kph) Max speed 9.2mph (14km) Average Heart Rate: 162bpm, Average Pace 8.12/mi / 5.05/km (cool down walk: steps: 8398, 4.2 miles / 0.75km, Kcal 443) FULL Official blog posting click here

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