March 7th 2021 A good day! Day 185

Sunday Morning, 3-7-2021, I was trying to decide where to go for my day of riding. My brother was home with my mom, so I did not have to get in a hurry to get back. I was coming off back-to-back recovery days after mishandling one of my 10-mile runs on the 4th. I was a bit behind, but I finally headed out officially and decided as I backed out of the driveway to go to Van Fleet State Trail – Mabel Trailhead. 7891 CR 772. Webster, FL 33597, to do my March test run to check my workout progress.

My weekly workout sessions are done on a local trail near my home. I have used this trail so many times I’ve lost count. Awhile back, the crosswalks kept screwing up my routines, so I isolated a section of the course that took the crossing out of play. So when heading out, I turn around just before the crossing, then come back to the start point, and do this eight times, giving me my 22 miles (36km). The actual distance is usually 22.33 because I start and stop the routine at the point of activating, not by the session’s mileage. I always go a bit further than my session is set to anyways, whether it is a run, ride, or walk. These workout sessions are done in the mornings before “normal” people get up, so it’s usually not that busy. I don’t do my ride sessions on the weekend at this local trail because the “not paying attention” people are out in droves, but once a month, I go to Van Fleet State Trail and see how I’m progressing.

JT by JT 3-7-21

I use Van Fleet State Trail because there are no hills out here to assist me, so it all just me and the Cannondale. There are usually not many people out here, even on the weekends, and the first road crossing is like 30km out. The road is not a big deal, so I can usually keep grinding out to my 36km stop mark. I do not ride for speed; I ride for pacing and consistency, and I control this by feeling my pace and physical exertion, so when I feel things tightening up, I will keep a steady pace until my body settles in. Then I get up out of the saddle and power into it for as long as I can. When I first started doing this, I could not stay in it very long, but as time has gone by, and once I get my rhythm, I can usually push for about 10 to 15 seconds and do it at least twice per kilometer. I will also “punish myself” because if I getΒ even the brief thoughtΒ of backing out or slow down, I will get up and push it again, reminding myself that I mean business.

I decided to do my fast walk first to get the body warmed up and would log in 8.01km HOKA ONE ONE are for walking and I use Bondi 7, my Carbon x2 are only for running.

🚴 JT-Cycling: Total Daily Distance: 79.13km / 49.17mi, Pushing: YES 36 km of it. Temp: 16C / 60.7F, Humidity 51%, Duration: 01:04:56, Average Speed: 33.3kph/ 19.1mi, Max Speed: 42.8kph / 27.5mi, Averge Pace: 01:47/km – 2:53/mi, Max Pace: 01:24/km – 2:15mi.

I kept my max speed down and got my average rate up, and maintained it. For the record, I do not use energy gels, pre or post supplements for my workouts. I drink water 98% of the time but drinkΒ GatoradeΒ Zero when I need something with flavor after a long ride. I use a camel pack when riding, and it only has water in it. 🚴 Just as a reminder, I’ve had a few goals that I have been after for a while, so lets compare and see how well I did.

  1. Imperial Cycle Full session is 22 mi-splits
  2. 01-mile: 0:02:45 Feb/17/21 πŸŽ–Unchanged
  3. 05-mile: 0:15:29 Feb/17/21 πŸ‘‰ 00:14:26 πŸ†
  4. 10-mile: 0:31:18 Mar/2/21πŸ‘‰ 00:28:50 πŸ†
  5. 20-mile: 1:02:22 Mar/2/21πŸ‘‰ 00:57:53 πŸ†
  6. # of mi-splits below 3 minutes / 00:02:59 or less = Five on Mar/2/21 πŸ‘‰ 21 πŸ†
  • Metric Cycle Full session is 36 km-splits
  • 01k 0:01:38 Feb-17th 2k21πŸŽ–Unchanged
  • 05k 0:09:29 Feb-17th 2k21πŸ‘‰ 00:08:53πŸ†
  • 10k 0:19:23 Feb-17th 2k21πŸ‘‰ 00:17:51πŸ†
  • 20k 0:38:56 Feb-17th 2k21πŸ‘‰ 00:35:51πŸ†
  • 30k 0:58:19 Feb-17th 2k21πŸ‘‰ 00:53:43πŸ†
  • # of km-splits below two minutes / 00:01:59 or less: Twenty Four Feb-25th 2k21 (of a 36 split session) πŸ‘‰ALL 36 πŸ†

πŸ—’ Extra note: my 10 mi-groups, I got both below 30 minutes! 1-10 at 00:28:50(πŸ†), and backed it up with 11-20 coming in at 00:29:03.

πŸ—’ Extra note: The personal best, I’m most proud of is the 5-mile goal under 15 minutes. Just because I have been so close for weeks during my workout sessions. What stunned me was that I did not get just one of them … but I GOT ALL OF THEM under 15 minutes!

01-5 miles at 00:14:26
6-10 miles at 00:14:24 (πŸ†)
11-15 miles at 00:14:26
16-20 miles at 00:14:36

Now I want 13’sπŸ’ͺ😊

I have been working hard to set goals to make my workout sessions produce results, and man, did it ever produce today. I use running to augment my cycling by increasing my endurance and ability to stay at it. My walking is to bring everything down at a slower pace or assist in recovery to help get rid of soreness. I add weight my walks to force myself to push them out of low intensity but also keep my posture correct. I pay more attention to my posture when I add weight to my walks. I still do unweighted easy walks to completely relax once a week. This was a fantastic day and I’m over the moon proud of myself,😊 but NOW it’s time to beat these personal best! πŸ†

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