LSR Nitro Harley ManCup March 2021

JT / Try & Keep Up! partnership family includes some outstanding companies and teams. Another member of our family stepped it up this past weekend.

We want to give a massive shout-out to Walter Halonski and LSR Nitro Harley / Lucas Oil for making it to the Man CupNitrous Express Pro Open finals.

Walter March 2021

Now we all know that when you run this class, you have to deal with machines of all shapes and sizes. Walter is always up to the task and would end up facing off against Chris Garner-Jones and one beast of a machine. This is drag racing, and anything can happen, but Chris would indeed make another impressive run to take the big win.

We are incredibly proud of Walter and team LSR Nitro-Harley for their Man Cup finals appearance. Walter and I spoke in length afterward, and he has nothing but mad respect for Chris and that beast of a machine he was driving!

“The only thing tougher than that machine we were up against is Chris Garner-Jones himself. They have created an amazing motorcycle, and he did an amazing job driving it. I’m pretty sure they are from another planet.” with a smile – Walter Halonski.

Walter Halonski 3-2K21

Nitrous Express Pro Open

Winner – Chris Garner-Jones 3.980 @ 186.72mph

Runner-up – Walter Halonski 5.110 @ 145.66mph


Man Cup Exoticycle Motorsports, Inc.Nationals

presented by MPS – Motorcycle Performance Specialties

March 2k21 at Orlando Speed World Dragway


Team Try and Keep Up! 2021 /

JT Norton / T&KU 2021 Support Services: / Schnitz Racing / PGZRacing / LSR Nitro Harley / Vantine Nitro-Sports / APE Race Parts / F@ST Andie Rawlings / WhatAGraphic / Cannondale / Robert Parker Racing 211 / Ignit Racin.


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