Chapter 7: DropBars and BookN’ It! 180-210

Last update 3-31-21:

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You are on Chapter 7: DropBars and BookN it! 180-210

Chapter 8: Switching Gears 210-240.

Most cyclist/runners don’t do their routines like this, and I’m not training for any race or event. There is a personal aspect to all this, but that story is for another day. I’m doing this for myself and have set goals to help keep myself motivated. This is also my off-season from racing, and let’s me focus on something I’ve wanted but never went after.

The way log my sessions means I can run the same path over and over, and it’s never the same twice. (for me anyway) The reason I use the same route each time for my ride and run routines is so I can compare the sessions and see improvements or where they need to be made. Once a month I will usually go to Van Fleet trail and test my progress and personal strength since there are no hills to assist me.

Saturday is an open day for biking, kayaking, flea market, hiking, or just making it an extra rest day, etc.… A fun day to reward me for sticking to all this. I DON’T DO CHEAT DAYS, so it not one of those days. Sunday is back to being my official rest day.

Run/Jog data: Mon and Thurs (yes, it’s a non-stop run) 10 miles (16km) per routine, (shoes are Hokaoneone Carbon x2)– 22 Benefits of Jogging * see note below for a distance change.

Cycling: Tues / Wed / Fri. Minimum 35km per session using the same start and endpoint so it ends up being a bit more. 15 benefits of bicycle riding This is not a casual rides through the park watching flowers, butterflies, and sunshine, I press these routines and work them hard.

Walking (5k) data: These are not daily totals; I start and stop the app at the parking location following my daily sessions. 10 Benefits of Walking I also do Fast Walks to push the pacing time as low as possible. Most walks are weighted with an extra 9.9kg for every day.

Running Carbon x2 / walking Bondi 7

* My running routines will change because, on 3-3-21, I reached half of my personal goal. To reach the second part of this journey requires reducing the amount of cardio I’m doing. There have been tough days, crap days, painful days, and awesome days. I have dropped 61 lbs to prove that hard work pays off, and I have never been in such good shape, but there is plenty of work left to do.

** as of 3-8-2021, My early “at home” morning routines have gone through a small change, my squats are now weighted with 30 lbs, and I changed my resistance bands to ultra-heavy. My session is still 45 minutes, but it runs over a bit if I need to hit all my reps. (I use 3.5 ankle weights when doing my morning routines and have been for several weeks.)

*** 3-23-21: walking weight increased to 14.9kg (33lbs)= 6.8kg each arm & .6 each ankle. I don’t always apply the weights or shorten the 5k distance; it depends on how my body is recovering from my rides or runs.

DAY 209 03-31-2021 (Local Trail Florida) Rest Day : NO run no rides – Walks Only. (2 sessions)

Session 1: Steps: 7,779 / Distance: 6.69km Weighted: YES: extra 13.6kg 6.9 each arm (no ankle weights): Avg Pace: 9:13km, Max Pace: 08:20km Session 2: Steps: 4,719 / Distance: 04.07km Weighted: NO Avg Pace: 9:53km, Max Pace: 08:52km

DAY 208 03-30-2021 (Local, Florida) 🚴 JT-Cycling: (Min-36km) Distance: 36.95km, Pushing: Yes / Partial: Temp: 20C, Humidity 95%, Duration: 01:11:42, Avg Speed: 30.9kph/ 19.2mph, Max Speed: 46.7kph / 29.0mph, Avg Pace: 01:56/km – 3:07/mi, Max Pace: 01:17/km – 2:03mi. #ridecannondale #cannondale #tryandkeepup #jtnortoncom

🗒 Session Goals; km-splits 00:02:20 or less and keep the 30km below 1 hour.

This was a rough one just because Florida was being Florida again. Hot,humid, muggy and once again feels like I was cycling through a sauna. “It it was it is” and a day of cycling is always good, so I will take it any way it comes. I could fell my pacing dropping off after 5k so I began digging in ever kilometer to try and save the ride session. The conditions were just nasty as hell and once the sun cleared the clouds it just went full Florida on me. There was very little wind so I had no relief of any kind as I peddled away. I really began to feel it around 16 kilometers but got up and kept my pacing by digging in.

Of the 36 km-splits in this session all of them were below the session goal (00:02:20), 23 of them were 00:01:59 or less, 4 were 00:01:49 or less and the best of the day goes to splits #23 that came in at 00:01:37. My km-group times were; 5k= 00:09:11, 10k= 00:18:54, 15k= 00:28:31, 20k= 00:38:19, 30k= 00:57:41. No personal best for today but I realized early in the session it was not going to be one of those days. On days like this I just stay at it and go for a solid session and get it done.

My mi-groups were: 5miles: 00:015:03, (all four 5 mile groups were in the 15 minute window) 10 miles: 00:30:37 (1-10) the second 10-mile groups came in at 00:031:08 (11-20) The best mi-split of the day went to #2 at 00:02:53, I would get only five mi-splits below 00:02:59. not great mile time cluster but will do better next time.

Walk Data : Steps: 5112 / Distance: 4.05km Weighted: YES: extra 13.6kg (arm weight only NO ankle weights) I could really feel the run from yesterday and the ride today so I cut this down to 3km.

DAY 207 03-29-2021 (Local Trail Florida) 🏃Run day: (March#6_2k21) Dis: 8.04km, Duration: 00:38:08, Pushing: No, Temp: 22C, Humidity 94%, Average speed 12.6km/h, Max speed: 15.3km/h, Avg Pace: 4:44/km, Max Pace: 3:54/km [ #hokaoneone Carbon x2 ] my final run for March

  🗒 Session Goal: Keep all km-splits 00:04:59 or less. Reminder, I don’t run for speed; I run for consistency. My run days did not have session goals until recently, but I feel they should be in place since I have reduced the distance. By having plans for my routines, I do better with them in place. Even small victories mean a lot to my self-confidence. Just do it the correct way and make your plans about long-term success, not short-term, feel-good ego-stroking.

  🤘 This routine was another excellent run, but I could have been a bit more focused. I did ok, but a few times were off, and I kept having to reel it back in. My target distance is 6km, but right around 4km, I got pressure on my right side. This discomfort is nothing abnormal because it would happen from time to time on my 16km sessions. I added two more kilometers because I know it clears around 6km and I don’t like to stop when a session is pushing back. I wait and regain complete control before stopping. As with prior sessions, it cleared just before 7km, so I went on to 8km just for good measure.

  🤘 I had a couple of km-splits running close to missing the session goal, but it’s because I still need to correct my pacing and focus harder. Both keep getting away from me, but I would get all my km-splits below the session goal at the close of the routine. The best of the day came in the right at the start with a 00:04:24, personal best🏅. Km-splits #6 and #7 were close to the session mark, so I pushed it slightly, got the #8 back down, and resolved the issue mentioned above. I had plenty of energy to work with but need to manage my sessions better. 

  🖖I would get a personal best for my 1km-split🏆 and the five km-split group at 00:23:16🏆. I will also add the 8km times to my personal best list since I run this distance from time to time. I’m delighted with the session today and look forward to my next run.🌞

My walking sessions were a bit odd today: I broke them into four groups. Two pre-walk before the run, one cool down walk straight out of my run, and then a walk session with weights to close the morning.

Session 1 & 2 : (weights .6kg per ankle) #1: 11:15min at 1km, #2: 06:13 at .54km after switching into my running shoes. Session #3 (no weights) 22:23min at 2.21km. Session #4: (weighted 13.6 kg 6.8 per arm) 00:52:00min at 5.2km.

DAY 206 03-28-2021 (Local Trail Florida) Rest Day Walk Only no weights at 3.2km. Kept it simple and just enjoyed the stroll.

DAY 205 03-27-2021 (Fort Myers, Florida) Pan-Cancer Ride. 62 miles (99.7km)

Oh man this was so much fun, a few of us in our mileage group formed a team and worked together. The team grew by two more by the time we got back. It was fantastic being with fellow cyclist. They are awesome people that I’m honored to now know.

The ride was an easy pace so I had slow it way down, compared to what I usually cycle at during the week. That was the awesome part because I got to have fun and get go know my fellow cyclist. THE BEST DAY I have had cycling to date. I Loved it.

* I tried to make a pre-ride Friday party but got hung up at the house too long on 26th, and there was an accident on I-4 so I rolled straight to it today.

We got it done!!!! (Me to the far left)

DAY 204 03-26-2021 (Local, Florida) No Ride No Run. I have a long ride coming up Saturday so this is my second semi-rest day before the ride.

** Bike service with chain replacement Cannondale

JT-Fast walk: Distance: 7.17km, Pushing: yes: Temp: 22C, Humidity 98%, Duration: 01:08:09, Avg Speed: 6.3kph, Max Speed: 6.8kph, Avg Pace: 09:29/km , Max Pace: 08:42/km. Avg heart rate: 130bpm Max Heart rate 144bpm. Yes, this session was weighted at 13.6kg at 6.8 on each arm – no ankle weights this time. Using HOKAOneOne using Bondi 7.

Typical Florida muggy and gross again, but it was a great session. I want the Average Speed and Max Speed to be close together on these walks. I have no real session goal for my fast-walks; I want to get them as low as I can without sacrificing posture and pacing. I’m now carrying a considerable amount of weight, so posture is my primary focus. If it gets too ugly, I will slow it down and even stop altogether and get my sh*t together before continuing.

I stay extremely focused when I do these, so hopefully, these “path people” don’t take it personally when I don’t reply. I have no idea why some people think they need to talk to everyone out on the trail; not all of us are out here for a casual stroll. You can tell who is really working out and who is just tired of sitting around the house. I’m glad they are out no matter the reason; I don’t really need to have a discussion with any of them if I sound like a d*ck; sorry because I mean no offense, but I take what I’m doing seriously.

DAY 203 03-25-2021 (Local, Florida) No Ride No Run. I have a long ride coming up Saturday so this is my first of two semi-rest days before the ride.

JT-Fast walk: Distance: 11.09km, Pushing: NO: Temp: 23C, Humidity 85%, Duration: 01:39:15, Avg Speed: 6.7kph, Max Speed: 11.2kph, Avg Pace: 08:57/km , Max Pace: 05:20/km. Avg heart rate: 104bpm Max Heart rate 132bpm. (No weights)

DAY 202 03-24-2021 (Local, Florida) 🚴 JT-Cycling: (Min-36km) Distance: 36.96km, Pushing: NO: Temp: 16C, Humidity 98%, Duration: 01:13:04, Avg Speed: 30.3kph/ 18.8mph, Max Speed: 44.4kph / 27.5mph, Avg Pace: 01:58/km – 3:07/mi, Max Pace: 01:21/km – 2:19mi.

🗒 Session Goals; km-splits 00:02:20 or less and keep the 30km below 1 hour.

Typical Florida hot, humid, and gross, but hey I’m cycling so it’s a good day regardless. I did not do any digging in or pushing, and just focused on form and pacing. I could have been and bit more focused and got sidetracked a few times thinking of non-riding stuff. I got it together and hit my session mark but could have done it better. No personal best today but it was not one of those days, maybe next time.

All 36 km-splits came in under the session goal (00:02:20 or less), 23 came in below 00:01:59 or less, 3 came in below 00:01:50 or less. The best split of the day goes to #23 at 00:01:44.

My Km-group times are: 5k= 00:09:40 (#1 through #5), 10k= 00:19:38 (#11 through #20), 20k= 00:39:19, 30k= 00:59:10. All three 10k groups were in the 19-minute window. Five of the seven 5k groups were in the nine-minute window, and the two that missed it both came in at 00:10:01. It was a solid day and an excellent workout, so I’m a happy bald guy old guy.

Walk Data (Steps: 8486 / Distance: 5.2km Weighted: YES: 13.6 kg (6.8 each arm) no ankle weights today. The additional weight is really pushing the walk, but it usually does for about a week.

DAY 201 03-23-2021: 🏃Run day: (March#5_2k21) Dis: 7.04km, Duration: 00:33:31, Pushing: NO, Temp: 17C, Humidity 95%, Average speed 12.5km/h, Max speed: 15.0km/h, Avg Pace: 4:45/km, Max Pace: 3:59/km [ #hokaoneone Carbon x2 ]

🗒Session Goal: Keep all km-splits 00:04:59 or less. Reminder, I don’t run for speed; I run for consistency.

🤟 This routine was a great run, but I had to force myself to stop at 7km. I changed my exercise program to reduce my cardio, so I’m still making myself adjust to it. The weather was a bit nasty because of fog, mist, hot, high dew point, and high humidity, but at least it wasn’t raining. 😊 I could have been a bit more focused, but I did get all seven km-splits below the session goal, but I will do better next time. 

👉I will do two more sessions at the current session goal of 00:04:59 per km-split or less before lowering it to 00:04:50 or less. This current goal will be too easy for me to meet moving forward. I need to make a few pace adjustments before I make the change. 

A good day running is always awesome; I have increased my walking weight amount to 14.9kg. I did a walk session of 2.08km before the run then 5.08km after the run. I can feel it today, but in a good way. #lovethisstuff

DAY 200 03-22-2021: Full Rest Day: I did not do any kind of workout other than cleaning / unloading my car. I have to get some post-event work done from the Man Cup Motorcycle Drag racing series event. This was a smaller event, so my steps are nowhere near where they usually are. But I got my workout and then some because there are always lots of kneeling, bending, and moving quickly to get in position for a shot or a video.

I aggravated my right knee Friday morning, 🤬 so it was a bit more of a struggle than usual. The trick is to keep walking, or as I like to say, “ walk it off ” because it’s not my first rodeo with this thing. My knee is something I’ll have to address at some point but I just can’t afford to right now.

DAY 199 03-21-2021 (Workday 3 of 3,) Orlando Speed-world Dragway, Florida) no run no ride today. Daily Steps: 22,097 / 892kcal / 17.39km

DAY 198 03-20-2021 (Work day 2 of 3,) Orlando Speed-world Dragway, Florida) no run no ride today. Daily Steps: 20,088 / 817kcal / 16km

DAY 197 03-19-2021 (Work day 1 of 3, Orlando Speedworld Dragway, Florida) 🏃Fast Walk Morning (local trail before heading out, no run or no ride) Steps: 9774 / Distance: 8.42km Weighted: YES: extra 10.4kg: Avg Pace: 9:30km, Max Pace: 07:55km. (0.6kg per ankle 4.5kg per arm}

Daily Steps: 28,704 / 1159km / 22.96km ( this is counting my routine above) Samsung Active 2 step count. “my watch”

DAY 196 03-18-2021 (Local, Florida) 🚴JT-Cycling: (Min-36km/22mi) Distance: 36.85km / 22.9 miles, Pushing: Yes *see notes: Temp: 21C, Humidity 97%, Duration: 01:11:34, Avg Speed: 30.9kph/ 19.2mph, Max Speed: 41.4kph / 25.7mph, Avg Pace: 01:56/km – 3:07/mi, Max Pace: 01:26/km – 2:19mi. 🗒 Session Goals; km-splits 00:02:20 or less and keep the 30km below 1 hour.

🤟 I started this session a bit out of touch with reality and it took a few splits to get this mess under control. I missed my 1st 5-mile group of 15min or less, (came in at 00:15:25) so I began pushing it after that to make sure I met my session goals. I did back off a bit on the downhill sections some so I could apply more pressure on the uphill sections to keep those times down. I like the results from this change and will apply it to a couple more sessions, to see if it something I want to make permanent. It was still a good ride and I met my goals but several times could have been better. Of course, it’s turning into stereotypical Florida, so the heat, sun, and humidity were up early too which would have Tarzan b*tching too. I did not do my walk before the ride this time just because I wanted to get at it before it got too damn hot.

⏳: Session km-splits: All 36 were below 00:02:20, 22 were 00:01:59 or less, 12 were 00:01:49 or less. The best km-split of the day was #29 at 00:01:40. My group times were: 5k= 00:09:23 (all seven 5k groups were in the 9 minute window) 10k= 00:19:09 (all three were in the 19 minute window) 20k= 00:38:27, 30k= 00:57:55.

⏳: Session mi-splits: All 22 were below 00:03:30, 6 were 00:02:59 or less. The best mi-split of the day was #16 at 00:02:42(🏆) a personal best by 2 seconds. My mi-group times were 5-miles= 00:15:21 {#16 through #20} 10-miles= 00:30:58 {#1 through #10} 20-miles= 01:02:17.

Fast Walk Data: Steps: 8454 / Distance: 7.08kmWeighted: YES: extra 9kg: Avg Pace: 9:23km, Max Pace: 08:48km I did not add the ankle weights for this session, since I was pushing my pace.

DAY 195 03-17-2021 (Local, Florida)🏃Run day: (March#4_2k21) Distance: 8.68km, Duration: 00:42:40, Pushing: NO, Temp: 21C, Humidity 86%, Average speed 12.2km/h, Max speed: 16.3km/h, Average Pace: 4:54/km, Max Pace: 3:40/km #hokaoneone Carbon x2. Session Goal all km-splits in the 00:04:49 or less. Reminder, I don’t run for speed, I run for consistency.

My 5k came in at 00:24:17 and got 6 of 8 to meet my session goal. The km-splits off were #4 at 00:05:02 and #7 at 00:05:00. So I got some work to do to get them down. This run felt great, and I was going to only run to 6k but it felt really good so I pushed out a bit more just for the hell of it. I have to force myself to stop now because I have to reduce the amount of my cardio but doing. Slowing down has been something I’m not very good at. lol. I did a pre-run walk and then an after-run weighted walk, so I got it done today and then some. #hokaoneone Carbonx2 / Bondi 7

   I’m in mid-seven minutes per mile for my American followers and the six-minutes per mile are coming but it’s not something I’m pushing for because I know it will come in time. I would rather it be something I could consistently do than something I get every now and then.

Walk Data (3 sessions *see notes below) : Steps: 11,242 / Distance: 10.05km Weighted: YES: extra 1.3kg (left and rightankles): Avg Pace: 9:32km, Max Pace: 08:43km

*Pre-run walk weighted ankles only  (session 1 ), short cool down walk after run no weights (session 2) full after run walk weighted +20 lbs (sesson 3)

DAY 194 03-16-2021 (Local, Florida) 🚴JT-Cycling: (Min-36km/22mi) Distance: 37.07km, Pushing: NO: Temp: 20C, Humidity 90%, Duration: 01:12:24, Avg Speed: 30.7kph/ 19.0mph, Max Speed: 47.7kph / 29.5mph, Avg Pace: 01:57/km – 3:03/mi, Max Pace: 01:15/km – 2:01mi. 🗒 Session Goals; km-splits 00:02:20 or less and keep the 30km below 1 hour.

Well, this is my first cycle session after completing the NHRA🏍 event last weekend. I walked out of the house and knew this would be a rough ride because the humidity and heat were already building. I decided not to do my walk before my ride because I had a gut feeling the trail might get busy, and it was the right call; I have to love gut feelings.

🤟All 36 km-splits were below 00:02:20, 21 were 00:01:59 or less, and 12 were 00:01:49 or less. I will run the week at the current session goal before dropping it to the new goal of 00:02:20 per split. This session was just a rough ride because of the heat and humidity, but I met my goals and worked for better pacing and breathing. I’m happy with the cycle session today.

⏳My km-group times: 5k= 00:09:03, 10k= 00:18:59, 15k= 00:28:51, 20k= 00:39:28, and 30k= 00:59:59.

⏳My mi-group times: 5-miles 00:15:00, 10-miles 00:30:53, 20-miles 01:02:17.

🎖This mile group is very cool because it’s the first five-mile in 15 minutes while using my weekly session path💪. It is not a personal best, but it is a goal I have been after for awhile using my weekly routine course. I would get six mi-splits under Three minutes, so it was a challenging but excellent session.


DAY 193 03-15-2021 (Local, Florida) COMPLETE REST DAY: I’m not doing a damn thing today. Lol just unpacking a new getting things set up for this weekend. Do some yard work for mom and make a store run for some things she needs.

The NHRA events are nice because I’m usually just working for one team and or so I have some down time between qualifying sessions and get to do PR for the team. I will answer questions and talk with fans, when the racer are getting ready. I make sure they understand the hero cards and make sure they know how to navigate the various online resources for additional information we have available. The full motorcycle events are a much busier day for me because I’m moving around a lot more, the XDA racing series is by far my busiest event.

DAY 192 03-14-2021 Work Day with Time change ( Gator-nationals Gainesville, Florida) Step Count: 13,233: Daily Calorie Burn: 2148

WD 4 of 4 Final day of Racing. #nhra #tryandkeepup #pablogonzalez #prostock #motorcycle

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Pablo Gonzalez

DAY 191 03-13-2021 Work Day (Gator-nationals Gainesville, Florida) Step Count: 21,261: Calorie Burn: 2425

WD 3 of 4 : 2nd day of qualifying. Qualifying day for the racers Q2 at 12 and Q3 is at 4pm – #nhra #tryandkeepup #pablogonzalez #prostock #motorcycle

Morning Walk Data: Steps: 6152 / Distance: 5.12km Weighted: YES: 22.5 lbs (9.9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm . 1.5 lbs each ankle. .

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DAY 190 03-12-2021 Work Day (Gator-nationals Gainesville, Florida) Step Count: 15,866: Calorie Burn: 2504

WD 2 of 4: 1st day of qualifying Q1 is at 4 pm.

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JT-Run: (March #3_2k21) 5:33km at 4:33/km. I found a path through the pits and up to staging lanes and did this loop three times.

Got my 5k+run in this morning before everyone got up, using the NHRA PITS. LOL awesome stuff. Here helping @dragbikecom and @nhra pro stock motorcycle racer Pablo Gonzalez Racing

DAY 189 03-11-2021 Work Day (Gator-nationals Gainesville, Florida) Step Count: 7286 Calorie Burn: 1949 an easy day .. rest day lol:

WD 1 of 4: I got my morning routine done, now off to help NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle racer, Pablo Gonzalez. Today is an easy day of getting ready for tomorrow’s 1st qualifying round. This is more like a rest day (for me) but I still get my walking in.

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Pablo Gonzalez and Antron Brown 3-10-21

DAY 188 03-10-2021 ( Local Trail Florida ) JT-Cycling: Weekly Session (Minimum 36km) Distance: 36.89km / 22.92mi Pushing: Yes Temp: 22C , Humidity 44%, Duration: 01:11:05, Avg Speed: 31.1kph/ 19.3mi, Max Speed: 48.5kph / 30.1mi, Avg Pace: 01:55/km – 3:06/mi, Max Pace: 01:14/km – 1:59mi. Session Goal: all km-splits below 00:02:20.

Back to my weekly sessions so my session goal are back in place. This will be the only session I get this week because I have an event that will tie me up for a few days. I will still get my morning routines done just maybe not my session rides. I will have the bike with me just in case I can, but probably not a full workout session.

Today was a good day and I was pushing this routine a bit more than normal. I was focus on digging in and maintaining speed. I had a a couple splits drop off a bit so I had to push for speed to make up the time. I could feel my energy fading around 30 km but keep pushing it, because I’m not out there to stare at trees and butterflies. Lol

For my metric peoples: All 36 splits were 00:02:20, 24 were 00:01:59 or less, 10 were 00:01:49 or less, 2 were 00:01:39 or less, with the best split of the day being #23 at 00:01:29 (🏆) My km-group times were: 5k= 00:09:04, 10k= 00:19:03, 20k= 00:38:16, 30k= 00:57:24. It was a good solid day and I am very happy with the results.

My mi-group times were: 5-miles= 00:15:05, 10-miles= 00:30:41, 20-miles= 01:01:10. 21 mi-splits were the session goal of 00:03:30, but the one that didn’t make it was #21 which came in at 00:03:41. Mishandled a hill and it cost me some time, I was still very with the results.

DAY 187 03-09-2021 (Local, Florida) 🏃Run day: (March#2 2k21) *routine change see notes below, Distance: 6.76km Duration: 00:33:30, Temp: 19C, Humidity 54%, Average speed 12.1km/h, Max speed: 14.7km/h, Average Pace: 04:57/km, Max Pace: 04:03/km #hokaoneone Carbon x2.

I’m increasing my weight sessions so I need to reduce the amount of cardio. I created a new start and stop point for the new run sessions so 6.76km will be the ballpark distance as I move forward. I will press these a bit harder and push them when everything feels good. The run today was not a problem but I was not pushing it that hard. I had some trouble staying focused with everything I have going on this week. Will do better next time. Of the six km-splits the best km-split time of the day goes to #2 at 00:04:46 which I did match again on #6 at 00:04:46. So I’m happy with the day.

Fast Walk Data: Steps: 8253 / Distance: 7.08km Weighted: YES: extra 1.3kg (left and righg ankles) : Avg Pace: 9:32km, Max Pace: 08:43km This was done before the run, to get everything warmed for the new run session.

March run #2

DAY 186 03-08-2021 (Local, Florida) Recovery day, fast walk only

Fast Walk Data: Steps: 9558 / Distance: 8.04km Weighted: YES: extra 1.3kg (left and righg ankles) : Avg Pace: 9:46km, Max Pace: 06:08km

DAY 185 03-07-2021 (James Van Fleet, Mascott, Florida) 🚴 JT-Cycling: This was a great day. (Minimum 36km/22mi) Total Ride Distance: 79.13km / 49.17mi, Pushing: YES 36km of it. Temp: 16C / 60.7F, Humidity 51%, Duration: 01:04:56, Avg Speed: 33.3kph/ 19.1mi, Max Speed: 42.8kph / 27.5mi, Avg Pace: 01:47/km – 2:53/mi, Max Pace: 01:24/km – 2:15mi. I managed to keep my max speed down and got my average speed up and maintain it. For the record, I do not use energy gels, pre-workout supplements during my workouts. I drink water 98% of the time but will drink Gatorade Zero when I need something with flavor after a long ride. I use a camel pack when riding and it only has water in it

Holy CRAP! What an excellent day, a bunch of personal best!

🚴 Just as a reminder, I’ve had a few goals that I have been after for a while coming into today, like to get my 5-mile group below 15 minutes and my ten-mile under 30 minutes. For my km-groups, my main goal is to keep my 30km under one hour. Well, I destroyed a ton of personal best 🏆 today so let get started with metrics first.

🤟Metric group times: 5k= 00:08:53 (PB), 10k= 00:17:51 (🏆), 20k= 00:35:51 (🏆), 30k= 00:53:43 (🏆). All 36 km-splits were under 2:00 minutes (00:01:59 or less) and 30 of them were at or below 00:01:49. The best split of the day was #9 at 00:01:42.

🤟 Imperial group times: 5-miles= 00:14:26 (🏆), 10-miles 00:28:50 (🏆), 20 miles= 00:57:53 (🏆). 21 of the 22 mi-splits (🏆) were below three minutes (00:02:59 or less) The one that missed the mark was #20 at 00:03:01. The best of mi-split of the day was #6 at 00:02:48.

🗒 Extra note: Now for my 5 mi-groups went below 15 minutes ALL of them! 1-5 at 00:14:26, 6-10 at 00:14:24 (🏆), 11-15 at 00:14:26 and 16-20 at 00:14:36.

🗒 Extra note: Then my 10 mi-groups, I got both of them below 30 minutes on all of them! 1-10 at 00:28:50(🏆), and backed it up with 11-20 coming in at 00:29:03.

Fast Walk Data: Steps: 9807 / Distance: 8.01km Weighted: YES: extra 9.9kg : Avg Pace: 10:16km, Max Pace: 09:05km

DAY 184 03-06-2021 (Local, Florida) Another Recovery day, I increased the morning weight session to 45 minutes and the amount of weight being used. No, ride or run today.

Fast Walk Data: Steps: 10,533 / Distance: 8.42km Weighted: YES: extra 9.9kg : Avg Pace: 10:30km, Max Pace: 08:21km

DAY 184 03-05-2021 (Florida) I’m doing another rest day to allow my muscles to cover from the run yesterday. I have now reached half of my personal goal, and now it’s time to go after the second part of this journey. I’m proud of myself, and all this is just a beginning.

Daily Walk: 30 minutes / no weights

DAY 183 03-04-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) 🏃Run day: (March#1 2k21) A session is 16km min. Distance: 16.59km Pushing; NO, Duration: 01:30:28, Temp: 13C, Humidity 84%, Average speed 11.0km, Max speed: 13.7km, Average Pace: 05:27/km, Max Pace: 04:22/km #hokaoneone Carbon x2.

Today was an off day because I struggled to keep my form and smooth pacing. It was not bad enough that it was a problem, but I wanted to push this routine. I needed the focus to do it, and I would rather wait than push an off routine. The routine was not pretty, but I managed to stabilize it and get all 16 km-splits in the five-minute window. (My session goal) Some were a bit high (5:30’s and one ugly 5:53), but I really do not set a specific goal for them other than being five minutes. Even though I had some issues, I’m still proud of myself for staying at it and turning it into a solid routine, but clearly, there would be no personal best today. My day running is always good.. so I‘m happy.

My group times were; 5k= 00:26:31, 10k= 00:53:17, 15k= 01:21:23 I’ll do better next time.

Fast Walk Data: Steps: 9735 / Distance: 10.01km, Weighted: YES: extra 9.07kg, Avg Pace: 9:36km, Max Pace: 08:00km

DAY 182 03-03-2021 (Rest Day) Have some stuff to do with my mom today.

Fast Walk Data: Steps: 11543 / Distance: 10.01kmWeighted: NO: Avg Pace: 9:36km, Max Pace: 08:00km kept it at 92% low intensity! Awesome and it was a beautiful afternoon walk.

DAY 181 03-02-2021 ( Local Trail Florida ) JT-Cycling: This is not a good day, hopfully the ride will help. (Minimum 36km/22mi) Distance: 37km / 22.99mi, Pushing: NO Temp: 18C / 00.0F, Humidity 82%, Duration: 01:12:12, Avg Speed: 30.7kph/ 19.1mi, Max Speed: 44.3kph / 27.5mi, Avg Pace: 01:57/km – 3:08/mi, Max Pace: 01:21/km – 2:10mi.

I was not having a good day; after my ride session, I took a casual cruise and went down twice because I did not unclip fast enough…lol. Scuffed up knee and elbow, nothing major, just having a hard time focusing on many problems not related to the cycling. (The ride helped a little) Not every day can be sunshine and butterflies, so I have to push through this and hope it works out.

As far as my session went, it turned out ok as I tried to stay focused and dig in some to chase off this mental crap. I would have 37 full km-splits today, and all were below 00:02:20 (my session goal). All but one got below 00:02:10 again, and the one that was off #24 came in at 00:02:17. For my sub-two-minute km-splits (00:01:59 or less), I would end up getting 22 splits below two minutes. The best km-split of the day goes to #23 that came in at 00:01:32. Not a bad day cycling considering the issues I’m trying to sort out. No personal best, but that’s fine. It was still a solid run that could use a little refinement, but that will wait until next time.

My km-group times were: 5k= 00:09:33, 10k 00:19:32, 15k= 00:29:07, 20k= 00:38:58, and my 30k= 00:58:27.

My mi-group times were: 5-miles= 00:15:40, 10-miles= 00:31:18, 20-miles 01:02:22. All mi-splits were below 00:03:30 except #21 that came in at 00:03:31. I would end up with five mi-splits below three minutes (00:02:59 or less), so it was still a good day, all things considered.

DAY 180 03-01-2021 ( Local Trail Florida ) JT-Cycling: (Minimum 36km/22mi) Distance: 36.82km / 23.09mi, Pushing: NO Temp: 24C / 75.1F, Humidity 65%, Duration: 01:12:14, Avg Speed: 30.5kph/ 19.0mi, Max Speed: 44.3kph / 27.4mi, Avg Pace: 01:57/km – 3:09/mi, Max Pace: 01:21/km – 2:10mi.

Today was a BLAHHHHH day, and I had a hard time shaken it off this morning. I got my morning home routine done and then grabbed my bike and just went at it. My mindset was, let’s just get a good routine and stay in it. It was clear by lap 5 that I was low on energy, and this routine would be a rough one. I did stay in it, and the back half {past #20}took a lot of work. A pesky 14mph headwind that kept gusting up did not help matters any. I got it done and was still surprised with the numbers that came out of this session. I did have more issues with this damn android platform, but the watch kept tracking well, and I got solid data for my post-ride evaluation.

All 36 km-splits were below the session goal of 00:02:20 and I would have 21 of them below two minutes. (00:01:59 or less) I also had 8 consecutive splits come in below two minutes and they were #2 through #9. The best km-split of the day goes to #16 at 00:01:40, not a personal best but getting close to it.

My km-group times were: 5k= 00:09:38, 10k= 00:19:19, 20k= 00:38:43, 30k= 00:58:33. They were close for the 10K group times, but I can see where I was running out of gas. 1st 10k was 00:19:19, 2nd 10k was 00:19:24, and 3rd 10K came in at 00:19:50. I just pushed through it and got some decent numbers for the first ride of March.

It was a tough day

My mi-Split times also came in pretty well but I did have one not drop below the 00:03:20 session goal and it was #14 at 00:03:22. I did drive five mi-splits below 3 minutes (00:02:59 or less). That is really awesome to see, even though I had to fight back to get them. The best split of the day goes to #16 at 00:02:49. My mi-group times were: 5-Miles= 00:15:24, 10-miles= 00:31:12, 20-Miles= 01:02:55.

Walk Data: Steps:2592 / Distance: 2.07km Weighted: YES: 22.5 lbs (9.9kg) = 10lbs / 4.5 kg right arm & 10 lbs / 4.5 kg left arm . 1.5 lbs each ankle. I got a late start. so I cut the walk short because I have to some work to get done for a team at home.

DAY 179 02-28-2021 kayaking. Little Econ River Kayaking review day 179 👉click here 👈

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