Switching Gears 210-240

Last Update 4-16-2021, my routines are not written in stone. I pay attention to my body and how’s it’s recovering. I focus on getting it done right but from time to time will take a complete rest day. Too clear everything out and come into the next day ready to go at it again. – JT

Chapter 1: 21 Day Self Goal 01-30 / Chapter 2: Bike on 30-60 / Chapter 3: Keep On KeepN 61-90 / Chapter 4: KeepN Up! 91โ€“120, Chapter 5: PushN On 120โ€“150 / Chapter 6: TryN and Still Flyin 150-180 / Chapter 7: DropBars and BookN it! 180-210 / Chapter 8: Switching Gears 210-240 /

The pending chapters are 240-270 / 270-300 / 300-330 / 330-365!

  • *4-3-2021: For April, revamped my weekly routines; The changes are that all daily walks will now be unweighted. The ride and run days will not be followed by an extensive walk other than a cool-down walk to lower my heart rate. All weight training will be performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays or as my schedule permits. All session goals I have in place will still apply to all workouts. JT weekly sessions page

** 4-14-21 Rest day walking sessions now applying goals: I will now apply a 1hr walk to and keep each consecutive split lower in time than the previous split. There is no specific time for each km-split; just keep them progressively quicker.

*** 4-15-21 morning exercise routine weight increase. My floor exercises I add ankle weights and it was at 2.5lbs each leg this has been increased to 4lbs.

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DAY 225: 4-16-21: (Local Trail, Florida)

DAY 224: 4-15-21: (Local Trail, Florida) ๐ŸƒJT-Run day: Dis: 6.05km+ (see notes) April Session Six, Duration: 00:28:29, Pushing: No, Temp: 21C, Humidity 83%, Avg Pace: 4:42/km, Max Pace: 3:58/km – #hokaoneone Carbon x2 – a reminder, I don’t run for speed, looking for consistency.

๐Ÿ—’ Session 6k Goal: Keep all km-splits 00:04:59 or less and the session below 30 minutes. Session Results: All six splits were 00:04:55 or less. 6k came in under 30 minutes at 28:29

โณ This was a fantastic run and felt awesome, but I always find it weird how your legs begin to give minor pains and cramps before you make your run. Its kind of like your mind is trying to say โ€ฆโ€œOh shit, here we go again, let’s try and fake him out.โ€

It clears up pretty quick once I get going, so the skull melon has to shut the hell up and get with the program. It jumped on board quickly, and Iโ€™m thrilled with this session. I applied some lessons learned and was determined to get my focus issue under control. I wonโ€™t have another run session until next week, so I was determined to have a good day. No personal best, but that’s ok; it damn sure felt good.

* Distance note (total run distance was 9.15km at 00:44:32 Avg Pace: 4:51). I was using my new run location and adjusted my path so that the new route removes a crosswalk I got stuck at on session 5. I start and stop at the same point and needed to run the new path in full at least once to see the distance. This allows me to run it using the landscape to keep me focused on how far Iโ€™m into the routine. This enables me mentally to maintain motivational focus during my session. It sounds odd, but it works for me.

JT- http://www.jtnorton.com : (Cannondale got new tires today)

๐Ÿšถ Walk time: 00:22:20 (this is a separate session)

DAY 223: 4-14-21 (REST DAY) No Run or Ride:

๐ŸšถFast Walking Time: 01:00:04 6.36km Avg Pace: :09’26″km Max Pace: 08’09″km : Morning routine and walk only.

 ๐Ÿ—’ Session Goal: (1hr) I was doing good #1 through #4 at lowering the pace time, but it jumped up on km-split #4 to 9’22”, so I push my pace and drove it back down for #5 and #6. with identical 9’14”.

*Rest day walking sessions now applying a goal: A 1hr walk time for each session and keep each km-split lower in time than the previous split. There is no specific time for each km-split; only pushing the pace keeps them progressively quicker.

{Got my Cannondale back all new cabling.}

DAY 222: 4-13-21 Run day: (Local Trail, Florida) ๐Ÿƒ April “extended” Session Five, Dis: 10.05km (*see notes), Duration: 00:49:19, Pushing: No, Temp: 17C, Humidity 90%, Avg Pace: 4:54/km, Max Pace: 4:19/km [ #hokaoneone Carbon x2 ] @hokaoneone

 ๐Ÿ—’ Session Goal: km-splits 00:04:59 or less and 6k under 30 minutes. The first Six Kilometers is session distance, and today was not a stellar day. In part because I changed my routine location and got stuck at a crosswalk. The 6k portion still came in under 30 minutes, but it was an ugly 00:29:46. The best km-split of the day was #2 at 00:04:35.

   ๐ŸŒŽ The run path I used today is a new run location, and overall, the session felt excellent, but once I heard 00:05:02 at #5 and then 00:05:09 on #6 in my headset, I knew this session was getting pushed out some more. I refocused and drove the next 3 kilometers back down into the fours but was careful not to sacrifice my form. 

   ๐ŸคŸ Iโ€™m not disappointed in the session, but I need to adjust the path for this new location to remove that damn ๐Ÿคฌ crosswalk. Anyone following this JT-crap knows Iโ€™m not particularly eager to stop once I get going. ๐ŸŒž

It was still a good day, and Iโ€™m looking forward to the next run to apply some lessons learned from this one to it.

๐Ÿšถ Walk time: 00:25:37 (this is a separate session)

DAY 221: 4-12-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) ๐Ÿšดโ€โ™‚๏ธ JT-Cycling April Session Five: Dis: 36.73km, Pushing: NO, Temp: =18C, Humidity 97%, Duration: 01:12:28, Avg Speed: 30.4kph/ 18.8mph, Max Speed: 43.2kph / 26.8mph, Avg Pace: 01:58/km โ€“ 3:10/mi, Max Pace: 01:23/km โ€“ 2:14/mi

This was a suck Monday and I had a hard time right out of the gate today. Even my morning home routine was tough to get through. One of those days where you donโ€™t feel like but get off your ass and do it anyways. #noexcuses #justdoit

๐Ÿ—’ 36k Session Goals; km-splits 00:02:20 or less and keep the 30k below 1 hour. Results: All 36 km-splits were 00:02:20 or less, 22 were 00:01:59 or less, and 5 were 00:01:49 or less, with the best km-split of the day coming in at 00:01:44.

As noted above, all 36 km-splits were below the session mark but I had a hard time getting my act together and km-split #1 would hit dead on the session goal time of 00:02:20. I refocused and finally got my act together, but I was still definitely not all with it today. I was focused for the most part but it was just one of those days where you just donโ€™t feel like it.

GROUP TIMES: 5k= 00:09:41 (#16-#20) and a rare moment popped in today because one 5k group did NOT hit the 9-minute window (#21-#25) and would drop in dead on 00:10:00 minutes. 10k= 00:19:36 (#11-#20) all three were 00:19:43 or less. The 30k= was almost a full minute off its normal time, so itโ€™s clear this was not a normal session but it’s under an hour so Iโ€™ll take it at 00:59:01!

There was a lot of debris still laying around from the storms that rolled on Saturday. The city has not gotten around to cleaning it up yet, but it did not impact me that much. There is a downhill wooded stretch that I could not utilize to make up some time because it was trashed. I could not hold my line going through this area but thatโ€™s fine because today was not a good day mentally anyways. There is always next time because Iโ€™m nowhere near done yet.

Storm debris here was not too bad, but for a bike pushing 20mph, a small item can send you flying.
Bike Service “sSIX” is going for a complete Cabling replacement.

๐Ÿ—’ I have an aggressive riding style during the week and my bike takes a beating, so I service it every three months. Just like my car I do like multiple people working on my stuff, so only one person works on my bikes. I found Regino last year and he does awesome work at a great rate. Plus he is a mobile service and comes to me. We did some service work before my Pan Florida Cancer 62-mile ride in March 2021 but the cabling still needs to be done. It was not an issue for the charity ride because it was an easy ride compared to what I normally do. We are doing that today, and since Iโ€™m not riding Tuesday or Wednesday I will just let him take the bike and make it easier to work on.

DAY 220: 4-11-21 (REST DAY) even on a rest day, I still do my morning exercises and a walk, just no cycling or running. ๐Ÿ—’ Walking Time: 01:00:06 6.29km Avg Pace: 00:09:33km Max Pace: 00:07:37km [ #hokaoneone Bondi 7 ]

DAY 219: 4-10-21๐ŸƒRun day: (Local Trail, Florida) April Session Four 2k21 Dis: 9.68km, Duration: 00:47:43, Pushing: No, Temp: 21C, Humidity 86%, Avg Pace: 4:55/km, Max Pace: 4:04/km [ #hokaoneone Carbon x2 ]

๐Ÿ—’ I figured since I usually do a ride on Saturday, let’s do a run this time instead, but I also used a different route.

๐Ÿ—’ 6k Session Goal: I did keep all but one of the six km-splits below 00:04:59, and it was #5 that popped in at 00:05:00. That is fine because I wasn’t shooting for the moon today, anyhow. The 6k portion came in at 00:28:51, which is below the 30-minute session goal mark.

 โŒ›๏ธ I just wanted to run some more and was not that worried about the times. (But always record them) For the record, though, I have cleaned up my stiffness big time, so I’m indeed a happy camper.๐Ÿ˜Ž

 ๐Ÿงฐ๏ธ I changed the alerts to pop in my headset for empirical distance to get them every mile instead of kilometers. I was enjoying this run, so I went ahead and pushed it out to six miles. (9.86km) I forced myself to stop at this point so I can stay within my new exercise plan. 

A good day indeed!๐ŸŒž

๐ŸšถWalk time: 00:28:38:07 (this is a separate session)

DAY 218: 4-9-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) ๐Ÿšดโ€โ™‚๏ธ JT-Cycling April Session Four 2k21: Dis: 36.94km+ ( See Notes) , Pushing: NO, Temp: 22C, Humidity 68%, Duration: 01:12:36, Avg Speed: 30.5kph/ 18.9mph, Max Speed: 42.3.0kph / 26.3mph, Avg Pace: 01:57/km โ€“ 3;09/mi, Max Pace: 01:25/km โ€“ 2;16/mi. *Note: After the session was complete, I took an extra 6km cruise just to enjoy the morning. (total ride was 42.11km) [ #ridecannondale SuperSix ] 

๐Ÿ—’ 36k Session Goals; km-splits 00:02:20 or less and keep the 30km below 1 hour. All 36km-splits were below the 00:02:20 goal. 19 were 00:01:59 or less, 9 were 00:01:49 or less, and the best of the day came in at 00:01:46 on Km-split #23.

โณ My group times were: 5k= 00:09:37 (#16 – #20) all seven 5k groups were 00:09:56 or less, 10k= 00:19:28 (#1-#10) all three 10 k groups were 00:19:47 or less. 20k was 00:38:59 (#1-#20), and the ever wonderful 30k= came in a bit slower today at 00:58:46.

โ˜•๏ธ Yesterday was not a good day personally because of some stuff I had to resolve, and the baggage that came with it spilled over into today. It always takes me a bit to shake off โ€œthe partsโ€ that really did not need to come up, but Iโ€™m glad the issue is resolved. There are daily things we all have to do deal with that can impact our day, but it’s no excuse not to keep at it. I still got my morning routine done and then went and got after it on the bike. It helped a lot, as another solid session gets added to the log. No personal best for the day, but that’s ok; there is always the next ride. #rideon #keeppeddling

๐ŸšถDaily Walk complete: 35:07 minutes 3.13ish/km *my smartwatch turned into a stupid watch today and screwed up my walk data. so I had to sort through it some. (this is it own session)

DAY 217: 4-8-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) ๐ŸƒRun day: (April Session Three 2k21) Dis: 6.05km, Duration: 00:28:58, Pushing: No, Temp: 18C, Humidity 83%, Avg Pace: 4:46/km, Max Pace: 4:17/km [ #hokaoneone Carbon x2 ] (8.07km total run distance )

๐Ÿ—’ Session Goal: Keep all six km-splits 00:04:59 or less and keep the session below 30 minutes.

Results: ALL km-splits were below the session goal but this was not a good routine. It was not bad data wise but as with the last couple sessions Iโ€™m still having a hard time staying focused. I do have an idea to correct this and will apply it on my next run. I always look for ways to do this better and then make those adjustments stick. I did an extra 2km just to enjoy the beautiful weather and clear my head.

Daily Walk complete: 29:43 minutes 3.09km (this is it own session)

DAY 216: 4-7-2021 (REST DAY) even on a rest day, I still do my morning exercises and a walk, just no cycling or running. Walking Time: 23:33 Minutes 2.37km

4-6-2021 Amelia Island A1A a cool little park I found.

DAY 215: 4-6-2021 (SEE NOTES, DOUBLE TAP DAY) . ๐Ÿšดโ€โ™‚๏ธ JT-Cycling April Session Three 2k21: Distance: 36.87km+, Pushing: NO, Temp: 16C, humdity 82%, Duration: 01:10:41, Avg Speed: 31.2kph/ 19.4mph, Max Speed: 45.7kph / 28.4mph, Avg Pace: 01:55/km โ€“ 3:05/mi, Max Pace: 01:18/km โ€“ 2:06/mi. – NOTES two rides completed today but the second was a casual ride. [ #ridecannondale SuperSix ] 

๐Ÿ—’ 36k Session Goals; km-splits 00:02:20 or less and keep the 30km below 1 hour. = All 36km-spilts were below the 00:02:20 goal. 27 were 00:01:59 or less, 12 were 00:01:49 or less, and the best of the day came in at 00:01:41.

My km-groups were; 5k= 00:09:22 (#26-#30) all seven 5k groups were 00:09:40 or less, 10k= 00:18:59 (#21-#30) The other two 10k groups came in 00:19:11 (#1-#10) and 00:19:15 (#11-#20), and we canโ€™t forget that wonderful 30k which came in at 00:57:25…

๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿฆฒ๏ธ I went into this session wanting to manage it better than last time. This means backing off the pressure on the first half of the session but maintain a consistent pace and rhythm so I can keep it up throughout the entire routine. It was a great session, and Iโ€™m delighted with it. I found a North Florida location where I could get my Covid Vaccine shot done by appt, so I shot up (pun intended) there and got that taken care of. I got the Moderna One, so itโ€™s the first of two shots, and since I get a flu shot every year anyways, I figure let’s get it done.

๐ŸšฒSession Ride Orlando, Florida, had to drive up for some business, get my Covid vaccine shot (1st of 2 Moderna), and then get to a Casual Ride #2 in Fernandina Beach, Florida, before heading back home.

๐Ÿšฒ Cycle ride Casual #two 4-6-21: On the way up, I saw a great opportunity to experience a new cycling location. So I parked at Big Albot State park and decided to get some more cycling in. I went 14 km South on A1A and crossed over a cool bridge. Many cool military helicopters were flying around, and I spotted a warship heading out to sea. The big cargo container ships are pretty damn impressive too. It was fantastic, and on my way back, I shot pasted my parking spot to get some extra kilometers in. Yesterday was a great day of riding, and when I go back for my second shot, I want to go there another area. A beautiful little town with a beautiful but narrow trail, when you on that section, the roadway bike lane is larger, so traffic is no big deal.

Daily Walk complete: 42:51 minutes 4.02km (this is it own session)

DAY 214: 4-5-2021 (Local Trail, Florida) ๐ŸƒRun day: (April Session Two 2k21) Dis: 6.1km, Duration: 00:28:44, Pushing: No, Temp: 11C, Humidity 100%, Avg Pace: 4:42/km, Max Pace: 3:43/km [ #hokaoneone Carbon x2 ]

๐Ÿ—’ Session Goal: Keep all km-splits 00:04:59 or less and keep the less below 30 minutes.

Was a good run and it felt great, the new form is helping. I still was not as focused as I should have been, but there is a lot going on this week. All six splits were 00:04:52 or less, and I will not make any goal changes for another week. I still need to work on my focus and want to make sure this new stride stays put because it feels great. The new stride is causing me an increase in speed, so Iโ€™m having to slow myself down to make sure it does not get away from me. This is normal because I have changed my stride numerous times since I started running. I work on the form first and once I have it down it’s time to let it go. Slowing yourself down is a pain in the ass but personally find it more useful to make sure it’s correct first.

Daily Walk complete: 35:51 minutes 3.11km (this is it own session)

DAY 213: 4-4-2021 (๐Ÿ‡Local Trail, Florida) ๐Ÿšดโ€โ™‚๏ธ JT-Cycling April Session Two 2k21: Distance: 36.75km+ (*see notes), Pushing: NO, Temp: 16C, Humidity 70%, Duration: 01:11:43, Avg Speed: 30.7kph/ 19.1mph, Max Speed: 43.8kph / 27.2mph, Avg Pace: 01:57/km โ€“ 3:08/mi, Max Pace: 01:22/km โ€“ 2:12/mi. [ #ridecannondale SuperSix ] 

I decided to do a bike ride today since Iโ€™m getting ready to apply a routine change to my weekly fitness plan. I treated the first part as a normal session but added an extra lap just for the hell of it but made it a casual ride. (Full Ride was 48.16km)

๐Ÿ—’ 36k Session Goals; km-splits 00:02:20 or less and keep the 30km below 1 hour.

The session went very well but I need to adjust this saddle (seat) again, but not because Iโ€™m doing anything wrong. I have discovered that as my cycling performance grows, my riding style is evolving. Iโ€™m always paying attention to my pace, posture, cadence, and anything else that could improve my routines.

I stop doing what does not work and try new things to see if they do work. Something as simple and hand positions can improve or tank your rides. I have changed my glove style three times since I started riding because my cycling has become more aggressive. Two hardware changes that are coming are an aero helmet and carbon wheels. Ok now Iโ€™m just running my pie-hole, so let’s get back to the session.

All 36km-splits in the session were below 00:02:20, 25 km-splits were 00:01:59 or less, 7 were 00:01:49 or less with the best km-split of the day going to #32 that came in at 00:01:37. My km-group times: 5k= 00:09:33 (#1 – #5) all seven 5km groups were 00:09:59 or less, 10k= 00:19:17 (#21 – #30) all three were 00:19:32 or less, 20k= would drop in at 00:38:55 and the ever-popular 30k was 00:58:12. There are a few things I need to adjust from this other than the seat. I could have held my lines better and managed the middle portion of the session. I am getting ready to have all the cabling replaced on my bike to keep him fresh. #ilovethisstuff.

Daily 20 minutes walk completed. *I don’t have any family in the sense that Easter is a big deal anymore. Since I’m not a church-going religious type, it’s just another day for me.

DAY 212: 4-3-2021 (COMPLETE REST DAY) No workouts of any kind. I was just making a store run and cleaning. I’m changing my room around to regroup the environment. Then I will get more racing stuff done. Not in a good place at the moment, but not every day is sunshine and roses.

DAY 211: 4-2-2021 (Local Trail Florida) ๐ŸƒRun day: (April Session One 2k21) Dis: 6.54km, Duration: 00:31:38, Pushing: No, Temp: 9C, Humidity 61%, Avg Pace: 4:50/km, Max Pace: 4:08/km [ #hokaoneone Carbon x2 ]

๐Ÿ—’ Session Goal: Keep all km-splits 00:04:59 or less. I would drop this to 00:04:49, but I feel a sub-30-minute goal would be a better plan for the shortened distances.

๐Ÿค˜ This was a gorgeous day, and the run felt great; I kept trying to talk myself into running further, but I must stick with โ€œthe planโ€™ and forced myself to stop. Five of the six km-splits were below the session goal. That first kilometer just wanted to be a pain in the neck and came in at 00:05:02. I finally found that pacing correction I have been after, but it was late into the run. I will apply it to the next run, but once I got it, damn, that #6 km-split felt good.

๐ŸŒž Pre-run weighted walk: 14.9 kg (with ankle weight) at 2.21km / 2614 steps – – Post-run weighted walk 13.6kg (no ankle weight) at 2.55 km / 4921 steps. * This will be the last weighted walk for my routines.

Day 210: 4-1-2021 (Local Trail) ๐Ÿšดโ€โ™‚๏ธJT-Cycling April Session One 2k21: Distance: 36.74km, Pushing: Yes *see notes, Temp: 20C, Humidity 93%, Duration: 01:10:40, Avg Speed: 31.1kph/ 19.3mph, Max Speed: 45.3kph / 28.1mph, Avg Pace: 01:55/km โ€“ 3:05/mi, Max Pace: 01:19/km โ€“ 2:07/mi. [ #ridecannondale SuperSix ] 

๐Ÿ—’ I planned on doing a run today but changed it up. My knee was acting up this morning, so I did a bike ride instead. It will be nice when I get this thing fixed.

๐Ÿ—’ Session Goals; km-splits 00:02:20 or less and keep the 30km below 1 hour. I’m considering a goal time drop to 00:02:10 or less but will wait one more week.

๐Ÿ˜ฐ This session was brutal, and it was ALL MY fault. DON’T change your damn routine once you get it set where you want it. I have a separate morning routine for a run-day than for a ride-day. I did not revert to a ride day routine and paid the price for it. This crap was ugly, ๐Ÿฅต๏ธ but I kept at it and pushed through. Usually, when I push a session, I’m in a good zone and looking to get some good times, but NOOOOOO, not today! I had to push to save this from turning into a real mess. I managed to get my numbers, but I had to stay on it.

  โณ All 36 km-splits were below the session mark of 00:02:20, 25 km-splits were below 00:01:59. Nine were below 00:01:49, and the best km-splits of the day go to #32 at 00:01:40. 

โฑ My km-group times are: 5k= 00:09:25 (#16-#20) all seven 5k-groups were 00:09:39 or less, 10k= 00:19:06 (#21 โ€“ #30) all three were 00:19:17 or less. 20k= 00:38:25, and the ever-popular 30k= 00:57:31. There was no way I was getting any personal best today; I did not have the extra energy for it. I’m proud of myself for digging in and finding the strength to still put up a good session. I love this stuff!

   โณ All 22 mi-splits were below 00:03:20, six would get below 00:02:59, and the best of the day would come on #16 at 00:02:49.

  โฑ My mi-groups were: 5-miles= 00:15:17 (#16-#20) all four 5-mile groups were 00:15:36 or less, 10-mile= 00:30:43 (#11-#20) the second 10-mile group would come in at 00:30:57, and the pesky 20 miles came in at 01:01:40. I want to get this below one hour, but it’s coming, but it damn sure wasn’t going to be today.

๐Ÿšดโ€โ™‚๏ธThis ride was an excellent session by the numbers, but holy bat sh*t and rubber hand grenades ๐Ÿคฌ , this was a tough one. I still love this stuff!

JT Fitness Information

Most cyclists/runners donโ€™t do their routines like this, and Iโ€™m not training for any race or event. There is a personal aspect to all this, but that story is for another day. In a Nutt shell… Iโ€™m doing this for myself and have set goals to help keep myself motivated. It also lets me focus on something Iโ€™ve wanted but never went after. I have never been in better shape and proud of what I have accomplished so far.

Official bike if JTNorton.com 2021 (Super Six)

The way I log my sessions, allows me to run the same path section over and over, and itโ€™s never the sesson twice. (for me anyways) I do this so I can compare the sessions, see improvements or where I need to make adjustments. Once a month I will go out to another trail called Jan Van Fleet trail and test myself. There are no hills out there to assist me and the first road crossing isn’t until about 30k out.

Saturday is an open day for biking, kayaking, flea market, hiking, or just making it an extra rest day, etc.โ€ฆ A fun day to reward me for sticking to all this. I DONโ€™T DO CHEAT DAYS, so it not one of those days. Sunday is back to being my official rest day.

Run/Jog 6k: Mon and Thurs (yes, itโ€™s a non-stop run) (shoes are Hokaoneone Carbon x2)โ€“ 22 Benefits of Jogging I ran 16k up until the beginning of March when I reduced it to begin more weight training. There are times when I will run beyond the 6k goal, but will usually note why in the session descriptions.

Cycling 36km: Tues / Wed / Fri. I use the same start point and endpoint location for my sessions. 15 benefits of bicycle riding .I don’t plan on changing this session any time soon. There are several goals I want to achieve and it should take a while to get them.

Walking (20minutes) 10 Benefits of Walking

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