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Updated: 4-11-2021


   I’m working to schedule the JT-Talk’s. We had one talk get rescheduled just because life stuff happens. We will get them done and once more people see how I plan to do these, they will have a better understanding of how they are going to work.

   I’m eager to get them started but I’m not a jerk about it because people have lives and we have to work around it. I’m not a reporter and want to get to know the person. My approach to everything is how the audience likes it, not how people “think” it should be done. I only care about our audience and how we as their media representatives present them. JTalk-Tuesdays is for our guests and Thursdays is for anything I want to run my piehole about.

My goal is gather and save as many human stories as I can.

The new podcast is coming hold on tight.

We will have two airing days a week. Tuesday and Thursday and will have event news and recap segments. J-Talk Tuesdays will feature conversations with an assortment of interesting people who follow their passion no matter the risk. It will be a conversational style format and not so much of an interview.

   I will not ambush ANY guests because I will treat each with the utmost respect they deserve. The guests will range from sportsman racers, tuners, photographers, pros, legends, and even the very series promoters/managers themselves. If you want to learn something and be entertained, this will be the place to be in 2021.

I will have a second segment on Thursday for the other JT stuff we get into or experience as the season unfolds. All segments will be in the JT style of doing things, including event updates and news as I experience it. Special Podcast segments will also be created while we are at events themselves.

I’m willing to travel anywhere needed to get the people we all want to hear from. We will begin with an audio-only podcast, and if the support is there, I will advance to a video version as well.

If you would like to support this program, email me at jaked35mm@hotmail.com.Advertising spots now open, per segment or bulk segments. Since I will be traveling to meet our guests face to face, it will help me with these expenses. I have lined up seven well-known personalities, all ready to kick it off, and once our recording sessions are complete, I will begin airing them. Support will also allow me to advertise this platform more aggressively to expand its reach.

We have already spoken to the following people and are scheduling recording times based on their locations with my event schedule.

Larry McBride  recording date is set

George Bryce  recording date is set

Richard Gadson

Chris Moore  recording date is set

Dystany Spurlock 

Dave Vantine

Chris Hand

Andy Sawyer

Mitch Brown

Andie Rawlings

Pablo Gonzalez

and many many more…….

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