April Running 2k21

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Most cyclists/runners don’t do their routines like this, and I’m not training for any race or event. There is a personal aspect to all this, but that story is for another day. In a Nutt shell… I’m doing this for myself and have set goals to help keep myself motivated. It also lets me focus on something I’ve wanted but never went after. I have never been in better shape and proud of what I have accomplished so far.

Run/Jog 6k: Mon and Thurs (yes, it’s a non-stop run) – I ran 16k up until the beginning of March, when I reduced it to begin more weight training. There are times when I will run beyond the 6k goal, but I will usually note why in the session descriptions. *Saturday is an Open day so that an extra run day could get thrown in, like on 4-10-2021.

My running shoes are Hoka OneOne Carbon x2 and my walking shoes are Hoka OneOne Bondi 7

Carbon x2 and Bondi 7
Official bike if JTNorton.com 2021 (Super Six)

The way I log my sessions, allows me to run the same path section over and over, and it’s never the session twice. (for me anyway) I do this so I can compare the sessions, see improvements or where I need to make adjustments. Once a month I will go out to another trail called Jan Van Fleet trail and test myself. There are no hills out there to assist me and the first road crossing isn’t until about 30k out.

Saturday is an open day for biking, kayaking, flea market, hiking, or just making it an extra rest day, etc.… A fun day to reward me for sticking to all this. I DON’T DO CHEAT DAYS, so it not one of those days. Sunday is back to being my official rest day.

Cycling 36km: Tues / Wed / Fri. I use the same start point and endpoint location for my sessions. 15 benefits of bicycle riding .Idon’t plan on changing this session any time soon. There are several goals I want to achieve and it should take a while to get them.

Walking (20minutes) 10 Benefits of Walking

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