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Event AHDRA: Atlanta Dragway 500 E. Ridgeway Rd. Commerce, GA 30529 Two Day Event

Cycling Location: Rockdale River Trail Monastery of the Holy Spirt trailhead. 2625 Highway 212 SW Conyers, GA 30094 Distance 34.11km / Temp: 12c Humid: 88% / Average Pace: 22.7km/h / Max Pace: 60.7km/h #ridecannondale #tryandkeepup #jtnortoncom

I got my cycling ride in coming to this event on Saturday, “Rockdale River Trail,” parking at the south end at Monastery of the Holy Spirt. This trailhead sits just outside the Monastery gates and is relatively small, but it’s open from dawn to dusk. It is not for the novice cyclist because the hills are brutal at times. They are not long stretches, but it’s enough to test your abilities, let you train for uphill climbs, and give you a workout. The scenery is gorgeous, and the downhill stretches are a lot of fun. I had to slow things down because I’d never been here before and did not know the trail. I would love to go back again now that I know what to expect. A must-do for any cyclist, so put this one on your list; if I lived closer, I would be here a lot.

Coming up from the Monastery of the Holy Spirt trail access point will make it easier on you because the hills are not so brutal coming back, BUT the return will still test you, so be prepared for it. I would strongly suggest clip-in peddles because you will need them. If you are new to clip-in, peddles hold off and practice a bit more first. I do not suggest a novice do this because it is tough at times; seasoned cyclists will have a good time here. Die-hard uphill riders won’t have an issue but still have fun. Plenty of places to stop and adventure and enjoy your day, make sure to slow down and enjoy them too.


LSR Nitro Harley FACEBOOK / LSR Nitro Harley WEBSITE

I was here at this AHDRA event assisting LSR Nitro-Harley / Lucas Oil, who would get two qualifying passes on the books for Saturday—then going into their third. That is when something broke, but it was normal wear on the machine. They worked on the LSR/Lucas OIL Nitro Harley machine late and then finished up Sunday morning and went to work grabbing win lights. They had it together, and Preston Bartlett would indeed bring home the Pro Fuel Win! They had to defeat Rockstone, number one qualifier Kirby Apathy and then Jim Martin in the finals.

The forecast was way off for Saturday, and it turned out to be a fantastic weekend. I got to meet a whole new group of racers, and as always, they were excellent. It is a shame that this drag way is scheduled to be turned into development, so every race left here will give us memories for years to come. It is a great place, and I love the times I have spent here.

Pro Fuel Winners
Onboard JTNorton / Dragbike.com helmet camera 4-18-21 vs Kirby Pathy
Onboard JTNorton / Dragbike.com helmet camera 4-18-21 Round 1 Preston vs Rocky 4-18-21

Balch Racing Facebook

Also Congratulation to my Friend Michael Balch on his Nitro Funny bike win 201mph

AHDRA April 2021 Winner Nitro Funny bike Michael Balch

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