JT/ TAKU! 2021Keep in mind; I’m not a reporter or an official track photographer. I’m here to support and promote because, for some weird reason, I get a kick out of running around like a crazy person. (But there is a method to what I do)

“What is said between us stays between us.”

🔇I have been doing this long enough to know what stays private and what can be public. If I’m not sure, I WILL always ask permission first before it is made public. Confidentiality also applies to partnerships no longer with me.

I do my best to try and treat everyone fairly, but my current partnerships do come first.

🕺Yes, I get busy at events, but please don’t hesitate to stop me, say hi, or ask me about something I may have forgotten, or you’ve been curious to ask me.

If I have done something or you’ve heard something that pissed 🤬 you off, PLEASE talk to me, so we clear the air.

🌎 I’m not saying everyone should join hands around the campfire and sing “happy-happy-joy-joy” songs, but If we all work together, we can have fun and follow whatever passion gives our lives meaning.

We will also show the rest of the world how the family gets it done! Thank you -JT 👊


2021 JT-Family:

Schnitz Racing / / Dystany Spurlock / APE Race Parts / Pablo Gonzalez Racing / JT’s Auto & Cycle Racing, / Vantine Nitro-Sports / LSR Nitro-Harley / LumBee Racing / Robert Parker Racing / Ignit Racin / Fast Andie Rawlings and WhatAGraphic. 1 Silent Partnership 2021 & 2022 2 Silent Partnership 2021

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