Last Update 5-25-21:

Mechanicsville, Maryland with the 27th annual PFR Spring Nationals on April 23-25, 2021 First to perfect .000 JTNorton 100.00 cash bonus 2021 winners page!

ww.jtnorton.com @schnitzracing / @dragbikecom 2021 : #tryandkeepup #jtnortoncom

1st .000 reaction Robert Parker Saturday
1st .000 reaction Bill Maturo Jr Sunday

 Next up is 35th annual MTC Engineering Summer Nationals on May 21-23, 2021!

First to .000 Saturday

First to .000 Sunday no one got for Sunday. It rolls over to the Saturday next XDA!

Maryland International Raceway located in Mechanicsville, Maryland for the 4th annual Superbike Showdown on June 18-20

TAKU! Podcast:  https://tryandkeepup.buzzsprout.com/

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