Digging In PushN on! 270-320

Last Update 6-17-2021, my routines are not written in stone and the events do require that I make modifications to them at times. I pay attention to my body and how’s it’s recovering and don’t push it. I would rather skip a day than not be able to run or ride at all. I focus on getting it done right and from time to time will take a complete rest day. The last 30 days have been brutal in my personal life but life stops for no one, so let’s dig in and keep going. – JT

Chapter 1: 21 Day Self Goal 01-30  / Chapter 2: Bike on 30-60 / Chapter 3: Keep On KeepN 61-90  / Chapter 4: KeepN Up! 91–120, Chapter 5: PushN On 120–150 / Chapter 6: TryN and Still Flyin 150-180 /  Chapter 7: DropBars and BookN it! 180-210 / Chapter 8: Switching Gears 210-240Chapter 9: RoadTripN and Events 240-270Chapter 10: Digging In PushN On 270-320

The pending chapters are 300-330 / 330-365. Closing in on that 365!

You are here – Chapter 10: Digging In PushN On 270-320

Day 293: 6-21-21: ( )

Day 292: 6-20-21: ( )

Day 291: 6-19-21: (Maryland )

Day 290: 6-18-21: ( Maryland )

Day 289: 6-17-21: ( La Plata, Maryland )🏃 JT-Run day: Dis: 20.07km June Session Five, Duration: 01:46:23, Pushing: No, Temp: 14C, Humidity 65%, Avg Pace: 5:17/km, Max Pace: 3:54/km. I had to slow my pace down to make sure I could control my numbers and finish the distance. I ran 16k twice a week for about three months, so this is not that big of a leap. The last 2km were tough, and my legs were telling me to cut this shit out. Lol

A great run with some really good numbers, this is not a normal session, I was just taking advantage of the beautiful weather up here. I am used to running in that damn Florida sauna, so this was awesome 👍!

Day 288: 6-16-21: ( Road TripN again) did some waking and photo stuff at Jekyl Island Georgia before heading on up to Maryland. Got her about 730m a long rode got started at 1 am

Daily steps: 11780

Day 287: 6-15-21: ( Local Trail Florida) 🚴 JT-Cycling (see notes) Dis: 36.76km, Pushing: NO, Temp: 24C, Humidity 84%, Duration: 01:15:38, Avg Speed: 29.kph, Max Speed: 44.9kph, Avg Pace: 02:03/km, Max Pace: 01:15/km. Using a 1980’s Bianchi Campione road Bike spec are below

Session goals : (Goal #1) 30km. (Goal #2) all km-splits below 00:02:30. (Goal #3 ) 30k below 1 hour.

For context, I was given this bike by a racing photographer friend of mine. He knew my Cannondale got destroyed when I was rear-ended last month, so he gave this one. It is actually not a bad bike, but it is heavy compared to its carbon.

Bike Spec; 1980’s 63cm Bianchi Campione, 21.7 lbs after above adjustments: I changed the seat, tires (*Gatorskin) and added clip-in peddles. Everything else is original. The rear derailer does work due to a bad cable. I will order a replacement, so I only have two forward gears to work with. I use the smaller gear for pace recovery and the larger gear for digging in…. SO how did I do :)?

*FYI: for the record, Gatorskin tires can go suck rusty seat post; the roll resistance is horrible!!!

⏱ Session Results: Goal #1 36.77km Goal #2 All splits except #1 were 00:02:23 or less, and that first split came in at 00:02:33. Goal #3 NOPE 01:01:26, so I did not make the goal, but I shaved a couple of minutes off my last Felt time.

Details Goal #2 {all km-splits below 00:02:30} #1 did not make it at 02:33, but this bike took some getting used to. Once I got my rhythm, it settled down. 34 km-splits would drop blow 02:20, 15 would drop below 02:00, and 4 would drop below 01:50 with the best of the day coming in at 00:01:44. I did my session a bit later than normal, so it was a rough humid hot ride. I have to dig in and refocus more than once.

NOW I did have another first today! Lol. I was digging in trying to get the 30k below 1 hr, and at precisely at the 28k mark, the chain popped off the front sprocket, so I reached down at 26mph and managed to put it back on without stopping. LOL, I was pretty proud of myself.

Day 286: 6-14-21: ( Local Trail Florida) JT-PushWalk: (rest day activity) Dis: 10.36km Duration: 01:42:41, Temp: 23C, Humidity 97%, Avg Pace: 9:54/km, Max Pace: 8:32/km. This is from time to time on my rest days, because there is no ride and no run. No goals for this stuff, I just get the pace as low as possible but maintain a walking cadence. Bondi 7 Hoka One One

Day 285: 6-13-21: ( New Smyrna Beach Florida) 🏃 JT-Run day: Dis: 37.94km June Session Four, Duration: 00:31:03, Pushing: No, Temp: 27.1C, Humidity 63%, Avg Pace: 5:08/km, Max Pace: 4:19/km. Running on the beach is a pain in the ass. It will take some getting used to. I don’t get over here much, but a nice change of scenery. I was not after session goals today, just getting 6k done. Double Tap Sunday 6k Run and a 36k ride


Double Tap Sunday (Edgewater/ New Smyrna Beach bike path, Florida) 🚴 JT-Cycling Dis: 37.94km, Pushing: NO, Temp: 31C, Humidity 63%, Avg Pace: 02:57/km, Max Pace: 01:34/km #felt #hybrid. This was not a session day; it was just a ride in an area I have never been to. A couple of quick stops along the way, and one-stop was to get a turtle out of the adjacent highway. It got rained on a little bit, but it was a quick shower, then back to the sunshine of Florida.

Got some walking in too, for cool down and to lower the heart rate (3.31km)

I stopped my bike ride to move him out of the highway adjacent to the trail. 6-13-21

Day 284: 6-12-21 (Local Florida) walk only: 01:15:00 7.13 km hot as hell out here today

Day 284: 6-11-21 (Local Trail, Florida) 🚴 JT-Cycling Dis: 36.93km, Pushing: NO, Temp: 25C, Humidity 89%, Duration: 01:18:56, Avg Speed: 28.0kph, Max Speed: 38.2kph, Avg Pace: 02:08/km, Max Pace: 01:34/km #felt #hybrid

(New Goals using Felt Hybrid) (Goal #1) 30km. (Goal #2) All KM-splits below 00:02:30. (Goal #3 ) 30k below 1 hour

Session Results:

Goal #1 36.93km

Goal #2 All 36 km-splits were 00:02:28or less with the best of the day being #23 at 01:53.

Goal #3 01:003:54 so I did not make the goal but showing consistency just need to build on it.  

Session Split details Goal #2: Overall, it was a good solid session, even though one km-spilt got close to goal time #24 at 00:02:28. The Hybrid is heavier. The remaining 35 km splits were all solid times.  31 of them at 00:02:20 or less. 7 were 01:59 or less. It was a good run, but damn, this Florida heat is brutal.

Walking Data: This followed the bike ride; 5.09km 00:54:18 with an average pace of :10:40.

Day 283: 6-10-21: I had to take my car back to repair shop, they did not do something right. I just wet or with them and heading back  home to get some work done. My little sister came by and we shot the breeze for awhile. I reorganized my shed looking for something and found it. It is crap ass hot today, this summer is going to suck a big time!!.

*They got the car done and it finally rides fantastic.

Day 282: 6-09-21: (Local Trail, Florida) 🏃 JT-Run day: Dis: 6.15km+ (see notes full 7.17 ) June Session Two, Duration: 00:30:12, Pushing: No, Temp: 26C, Humidity 80%, Avg Pace: 4:54/km, Max Pace: 4:19/km.

(June Run goals) (Goal #1) 30 minutes minimum. (Goal #2) Keep the focus on the 6k  with each km-split 00:04:59 or less. (Goal 3#) 6k session distance below 30 minutes.

Session Results: Goal #1 (30+ minutes done) Dis; 6.15 km, Goal #2; Km-splits five and six were off the mark today. #5 came in at 00:05:13, so I pushed it slightly and at least got #6 down to 00:05:00. I’m still a bit drained from the weekend, so once I get back to my routine, I should be able to get the numbers back down. Goal #3: 6k was 00:29:19. Not a great time, but it’s below the goal so that I will take it.

It was hot, humind and nasty out so it was pretty ugly. I just need to get start a bit earlier next time.

I did my ten-minute cool-down walk and then did the 1K push lap (making the total run distance 8k+). My 1k extra lap time was way off and came in at 00:04:42. Not a great time, but I’ve had worse days. I am still having issues with my car, so I am a bit more annoyed than usual, which never helps.

Day 281: 6-08-21: (Rest Day, Florida )  Step count: 9728,  Car repair day, This sucks because it always seems to be something, but I have to fix it, or it will cause me problems. I have a Maryland trip coming, so I have to spend the money. I got some more rest, still drained. It has been a rough couple of weeks, and I think it is catching up with me.

Day 280: 6-07-21: (Drive home back in Florida )  Step count: 7483; I got in at a rare time on Monday at 5:55 am. I could not rest because I had to unload the car and then go to the dentist. My lower jaw is killing me, so I have to get this done. Once back home, I got some rest and woke up to a cool surprise in the mail from Dusty Brazel and WhatAGraphic. #Racefamilyisfamily

me and mamma

Day 279: 6-06-21: (Rockingham, NC)  Step count: 20131,  AHDRA Day 3 A JT partnership team brought home the big win! in Pro Fuel Nitro Harley!!! The rain was coming, so the team worked with their opponent Jim Martin to get the bikes ready as quickly as possible. They had to push it a bit but got up to the line and got the Pro Fuel Final match-up done. LSR would bring home the big win and the belt. I got on the road early at 430 pm, so I would get moving and get as far as possible before stopping for some rest. This would help get me home a bit quicker since I had an appointment to get to on Monday.

Day 278: 6-05-21: (Rockingham, NC)  Step count: 24108, AHDRA Day 2 Hot day but still beautiful. Pushing content, and it was doing really well. I’m surprised to find the online traffic for Harley events is much higher than other events. We had a good turnout for spectators as well, and it is always a good time at these events.  Got more conversations for the podcast done: Rich Vreeland, Johnny Vickers, Water Halonski, and Michael Beland Try And Keep Up! The Podcast

Day 277: 6-04-21: (Rockingham, NC)  Step count: 14720,  AHDRA Day 1 Not a lot going on testing days, just getting content and staying focused on getting content up. Rockingham is a cool track, and many Top Fuel Bikes were already parked and ready to go.

Day 276: 6-03-21: (South CarolinaStep count: 12286,  JT Run Day (Trail) 5.1km Congaree National Forest Avg Pace: 5:45 Max Pace: 4:55. I don’t normally run through the woods, but I figured why the hell not. A lot of fun, but Jez us meatloaf the horse flies sucked! 😆 I stopped a second spot on the way out Sandhill Wildlife Management area and hung out here for a while today. It’s a pretty cool place even if it was a bit rainy but being outdoors is always a good place.

Day 274: 6-02-21: (Rest, Florida) Step count: 16834, Getting ready to head out for another event. Not feeling like it much lately but have to go and get back at it. Loaded up the car and got things organized for the trip out.

Day 273: 6-01-21: (Local Trail, Florida) 🏃 JT-Run day: Dis: 7.21km+ (see notes 8.23km) June Session One, Duration: 00:34:06, Pushing: No, Temp: 22C, Humidity 84%, Avg Pace: 4:43/km, Max Pace: 3:59/km. My Time gap between Average and Max grew a bit this go around. I had to pick up the pace because I lost focus and almost missed a goal split time. I got everything back under control and had a good session.

(June Run goals) (Goal #1) 30 minutes minimum. (Goal #2) Keep the focus on the 6k  with each km-split 00:04:59 or less. (Goal 3#) 6k session distance below 30 minutes.

Session Results: Goal #1 (30+ minutes done) Dis; 7.21 km, Goal #2 All km-splits were 00:04:57 or less with the best of the day going to km-split #3 at 00:04:28 Goal #3: 6k is almost back down where it should be at 00:27:52.

I did my ten-minute cool-down walk but then did the 1K push lap (making the total run distance 8k+). My 1k extra lap time is still off and came in at 00:04:21. I’m happy with it but would like to see it back in the teens. The target goal here is 00:03:59 or less, but I will stay at it and know it is only a matter of time and work.

Day 272: 5-31-21: (Local Trail, Florida) 🚴 JT-Cycling Dis: 36.77km, Pushing: NO, Temp: 24C, Humidity 85%, Duration: 01:19:00, Avg Speed: 27.9kph, Max Speed: 39.3kph, Avg Pace: 02:08/km, Max Pace: 01:31/km – Memorial day last ride for May #felt #hybrid

(New Goals for Felt Hybrid) (Goal #1) 30km. (Goal #2) All KM-splits below 00:02:30. (Goal #3 ) 30k below 1 hour

Session Results: Goal #1 36.77km Goal #2 All splits except #1 were below 00:02:30 and it came in at 00:02:36. Goal #3 did not make the goal but I did shave 2-minutes off of the last session’s time.

Session Split details Goal #2: #1 did not make the session goal as noted above. The rest went OK and several surprised me. The Hybrid is heavier so I am having to work a lot harder. The remaining 35 km splits were all 00:02:28 (#33) or less with 11 of them at 00:01:59 or less. The best of the day would be #32 at 00:01:46.  It was a good run but Florida is beginning to show its summer ugly side so it was sweaty and nasty. There were a lot of people out today but not where it caused a problem.

Walking Data: This followed the bike ride; 4.19km 00:42:55 with an average pace of :10:13.

I use Bondi 7 & Carbon x2

Day 271: 5-30-21: (Florida Local trail) Fast Walk day 01:23:52 8.34 km Avg pace 00:10:03

Day 270: 5-29-21: Life stops for no one, a day for the family.

JT Fitness Information

Daily Routine I get up at 4:45 am do 1 hour of floor exercise and weights; then I do a 36k ride or 30-minute run, usually about 6 to 7 km.

Monday: home routine + ride
Tuesday: home routine + run
Wednesday: home routine + ride
Thursday: home routine + run
Friday: home routine + ride
Saturday is an open day (run or ride and I usually go somewhere new)
Sunday is a rest day but from time to time I will go out anyways.

Most cyclists/runners don’t do their routines like this, and I’m not training for any race or event. There is a personal aspect to all this, but that story is for another day. In a Nutt shell… I’m doing this for myself and have set goals to help keep myself motivated. It also lets me focus on something I’ve wanted but never went after. I have never been in better shape and proud of what I have accomplished so far.

The way I log my sessions, allows me to run the same path section over and over, and it’s never the session twice. (for me anyway) I do this so I can compare the sessions, see improvements, or where I need to make adjustments. Once a month I will go out to another trail called Jan Van Fleet trail and test myself. There are no hills out there to assist me and the first road crossing isn’t until about 30k out.

My events do throw a wrench into my workout schedule so I do what I can base on the day. My morning routine gets down no matter what.

Run/Jog 30 minutes minimum with time focus on 6k portion: Twice a week and it’s a non-stop run, using Hokaoneone Carbon x2. – 22 Benefits of Jogging I was running 16k up until the beginning of March 2021, but reduced it to begin more weight training. There are times when I’ll go beyond the 6k goal and 30 minute stop mark but will not usually exceed 8k in total distance on any given day.

Cycling 36km: Three times a week and use the same start point and endpoint location for my sessions when I’m home in Florida. I don’t plan on changing this session any time soon because there are several goals I want to achieve. Since the Cannondale was destroyed in an accident up in Virginia, I had to modify the goals a bit for the Felt Hybrid that I now have to use because it is heavier and a bit tougher to hit my goals from the Carbon bike.

Walking 20minutes every day with a 1 hr hour once a week 10 Benefits of Walking HOKA Bondi 7

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